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Key Strategies For Mobile Application Development

With the increased use of mobile devices, the technology of business has changed in a big way.  With the IoT market adding on to the mobile penetration, the need of a mobile application is a must for every business. The technology inside mobile devices is completely different from that of a PC and the development of applications differs too. The mobile devices provide a huge opportunity for businesses to engage with customers.  More and more companies are looking to develop mobile applications and have a presence in the mobile space.

Here are some key strategies to make your mobile application development a success:

Choosing Mobile Web Or Mobile App

The mobile web is a development technique that helps hosting of applications online and making them accessible as mobile devices.  The publishing of an app from an app store can be avoided in this process – as it is a time consuming process. The mobile web has to be developed on a single platform and is compatible across operating systems and devices.

Mobile applications on the other hand ensure that the customer is using the app on the mobile device on a continuous basis. Applications can be worked on, while offline as well.  The device capability can be easily integrated into the application.

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Once can make a choice between developing on the mobile web or choosing mobile applications depending on the business requirements.

Data Security

Another important aspect of developing for the mobile device is the security of data. The data from an application must flow in a secure manner between data centers, devices and the cloud. With more and more companies going in for BYOD, the importance of data security has increased many times over.

Engagement and Interactivity

There is more and more emphasis on the usability and interactivity of applications rather than downloads. Making the application more and more useful to the end users should be the goal of business.  The usability issues must be rectified on a regular basis so that there are least number of glitches in the usability of the application.

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Cloud Technology

Cloud has changed the way mobile apps are deployed and maintained. Integration, testing, development and data storage, all become simplified with the help of cloud technology. The cloud makes mobile development – scalable and cost effective.

Experiential Strategy

Making the mobile application good looking, is not the end goal. The end goal is to make the mobile application work well for the users. This comes from understanding of what all the user is looking for, from the mobile application.

Understanding The Objective or The Business Model

The key to the success of a mobile application is to understand what you are looking to achieve from it. Here are some key questions the one must ask:

  1. Is the mobile app looking for paid conversions or just free usage?
  2. Are there alternative means to monetize the app (that is, other than subscriptions)
  3. What should be the benchmarks for the download volume?
  4. How much revenue can be targeted in the first few months?
  5. What are possibilities of integrating with existing apps and services?

Here are some of the functionalities that one may wish to consider for application development:

  1. M-Commerce
  2. Social Networking
  3. Location Based Services
  4. Mobile Payments
  5. Recognition of Objects

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Here is an Infographic that would help further in devising your mobile app development strategy:


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