100K Websites Active On WordPress [INFOGRAPHIC]

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From family bloggers to the most trafficked websites, each of them uses WordPress as it is the most reliable technology. WordPress is something that does not need any introduction and you all would agree to this. Few months ago an analysis was conducted to check which technology is highly opted by the most popular sites. With no surprise, WordPress came out to be the highly used technology by 100K active internet sites.

An Infographic has been framed showing the usage of WordPress among the 100K sites:

Wordpress Infographic1

Other than using text, this Infographic is visually based, that shows a downward flow of information at the beginning of it. The black and red bar chart displays WordPress cores and plugins publicly released by month. This Infographic also lays out the different versions used by the internet sites and this layout shows that version 3.2.1 is by far the highly-used version of WordPress. If we scroll down we can see a list of top 20 WordPress sites. Then at the end of the graph, a small map shows that 61 percent of WordPress installs in the top 100K are hosted in USA.

We hope this Infographic provided you with a good knowledge of what we are talking about.

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