Why is Sharepoint application development so relevant today?

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For businesses looking to develop enterprise applications, Microsoft Sharepoint is one of the most powerful platforms. The platform is a web based one and primarily helps in document management systems and collaboration.  Websites using Sharepoint could have a feature of shared documents or dedicated applications. Here are the top benefits of using Sharepoint for enterprise application development:

1. Simplicity of Administration
Microsoft Sharepoint platform offers a central administration console for managing each of the features of the platform, from a single place. One can also use this feature to ensure backup and restoration, manage appropriate security and perform Sharepoint upgrade.  

2. Customization
Sharepoint enables development  teams to build custom applications with ease.  Sharepoint provides the right tools for customization and building of a robust business application. Sharepoint is completely customizable and can be used to showcase your company branding.

3. Collaborate Effectively
With Microsoft Sharepoint, it is easier for teams and all those concerned with the project, to be aware of the work in progress at all times.  The platform allows team members to connect with each other and share information with great ease. When information and knowledge are shared easily, the application development process automatically becomes more efficient.

4. Simplified Consolidation of Websites
Microsoft Sharepoint proves to be a cost saving platform for your project. The platform enables businesses to develop websites in a single umbrella, creating economies of development for the business. Suppose your business has multiple sites and intranets and extranets, all of these can be consolidated using Microsoft Sharepoint. This does not just save on costs, but also improves efficiency in the organisation. The platform also helps facilitate integration with other Microsoft Services, that your business may already be using.

5. Microsoft Sharepoint Helps You Develop Secure Platforms
While developing applications using Microsoft Sharepoint, one can ensure that the application data is safe and is not used by unauthorised parties. The platform allows for in depth permission management helping to enable complete security of your application. The security features of Microsoft Sharepoint include both broad and narrow level features.

6. Usability
Microsoft Sharepoint is very easy to use. It helps faster development of apps and websites making customization, very simple too. Sharepoint really helps in situations where the business is very dynamic and needs changes very quickly.

Sharepoint offers various features for any business to choose it over other platforms. The platform provides the complete rights to a portal after the installation process. Apps developed using Microsoft Sharepoint are easy and faster to scale up. The additional tools in this platform allow easy customization and personalization. The data stored in Sharepoint applications is completely safe and one can use the platform for easy collaboration among teams.

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