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iPhone 7 with no headphone jack: mistake or tweak?

The most awaited iPhone 7 is here. Until 7th Sept it was only rumors that reached our ears that it will come with no headphone jack. Now, after the final release when the full specifications are officially out, it is now confirmed that there is no headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and Apple marketing chief Phil  Schiller is saying that it’s “courage”.

However, this step puts a big question mark that is it a big mistake or a tweak towards advanced wireless technology? Lets find out.

First of all let’s see what are the technical reasons for which apple took this step ahead:

  1. A Lightning dongle can adapt the older devices
  2. It furthers Apple’s vision for better audio quality
  3. It frees up some more space inside the phone for other tech

A pair of Lightning earbuds, and an adapter for traditional headphone jacks, will be included in the box with the brand new iPhone 7.

On the other hand,  when a market survey was done in Australia, there was a negative feedback found about this controversial decision of Apple. Nearly 34% of people said that they are not even concerned about this fact. 35% of the concerned people said that they prefer an analog headphone jack at the first place. Hence, here are few points that  considerably states it is a big mistake and the risky step will cost  Apple in large:

1) Avoiding an well established standard is inconvenient:

The headphone jack is a well accepted standard for a reason —” it works”. It works so well that an entire ecosystem and millions of people have accepted it. The airpods and adapter are quite small and you might easily lose them. That’s because this new system is not convenient to you. To change this user habit may take years and that’s not the time that Apple has.

2) There was never a demand for this:

This is true that people use Bluetooth headsets. However, no one ever said they don’t want a 3.5 mm jack on their phone. In this era of consumer based marketing, an arrogant decision against public demand can cost Apple billions.

3) Bluetooth headphones are still in minority:

During the initial six months of 2016, wireless Bluetooth headphones get a market share 17% of all headphones sold in the U.S., according to NPD Group. Put another way, 83 % of the headphones bought by Americans so far this year were traditional wired headphones wih 3.5mm jack — a large majority.

4) The iPhone sales are already down:

Year over year, the revenue from iPhones dropped nearly 35% — or $18 billion — during the first half of 2016. This is the time to bring out with something more stable and convenient product. However, this courageous step doesn’t seem like getting positive attention.

Before becoming too negative to buy it, let’s look at the positive sides of ‘no headphone jack’ decision-

Apple has done it before:

Apple former co-founder Steve Jobs presented some of the most revolutionary products of our time and was renowned for his arrogance. It was some part of what made him so great. Even, an Apple iPod that doesn’t work without iTunes was a new idea. In-fact  nobody wanted another mobile OS. Still people accepted iOS vastly.

In 1998, Apple released the iMac G3 with the floppy disk drive absent. No one expected that would run the market on fire. But it did. People accepted the change.

Same thing happened with Macbook Air in 2008 with no CD-ROM drive in it. Now people hardly use a CD drive or those who do, are once in a while.

Confidently WaterProof with no headphone jack:

Apple is flaunting it’s waterproof feature very confidently. This ‘no headphone jack’ idea is also a  supporting reason for this. Hence, it can be considered that the idea is not only a reflection of arrogance.

Although, the response of the ‘no headphone jack’ decision has been negative till date, you can never be sure of Apple. Let’s wait for 16th of Sept this year until it reaches our hand. Then finally we will see if this is a real bad idea or a tweak.

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