Next.js 8 is Available Now With Better Build-Time Memory!

Next.js has reached version 8. Next.js is a React framework for static and server applications. The latest version includes features such as Server.js without the server, massive reduction in memory usage at construction time, the configuration of the environment at construction time, previous search performance improvements and a smaller initial HTML size. Next.js 8 allows serverless deployment, in which applications are divided into smaller parts, or lambdas, which allow the code to run on demand and expand automatically. In Next.js Version 8, each page in the page directory becomes a lambda without a server. A low-level API is available for serverless deployment. The same has been shown below:

The following are some of the updates Next.js 8 comes with:

1) Security improvements

In this version, a new configuration option ‘crossOrigin’ is introduced to ensure that all ‘script’ tags have the set ‘cross-origin’. Also, with this new configuration option, you do not need ‘pages / _document.js’ to configure the cross-origin in your application. Another security improvement includes removing JavaScript online. In previous versions, users had to include script-src ‘unsafe-inline’ in their policy to enable the Content Security Policy. This was done because Next.js was creating an online “script” tag to pass the data. In this version, the online script tag is changed to a JSON tag for a secure transfer to the client. Basically, this means that Next.js no longer includes online scripts.

2) Better build-time memory usage

The Next.js team, together with the Webpack team, has worked to improve the compilation performance and resource utilization of Next.js and Webpack. This collaboration has resulted in up to 16 times better memory usage without degradation in performance. This improvement guarantees that the memory is released much more quickly and that the processes under stress are not blocked.

3) Prefetch performance improvements

In Next.js 8, the “prefetch” attribute uses the rel = “preload” link instead of a “script” tag. Now, the previous search starts after loading to allow the browser to manage the resources. Next.js supports the previous search of pages for faster navigation. Previously, users had to inject a “script” tag into the “body” of the document, which caused an overload when opening pages. In addition to eliminating overload, this version also disables pre-fetching on slower network connections by detecting the 2G model of the internet and navigator.connection.aveData

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4) Serverless mode

The serverless deployment comes with several benefits that include more reliability, scalability, and separation of concerns by splitting an application into smaller parts. These smaller parts are also called as lambdas. To provide these benefits of the serverless implementation to Next.js users, this version comes with a serverless mode in which each page in the “page” directory will be treated as a lambda. It will also come with a low-level API to implement the serverless implementation.

5) Faster static export

In which static rendering through the next export will be faster on multi-CPU machines. Static rendering is done to output files that can be served directly without code execution on the server. The number of CPU cores will be detected automatically and pages distributed accordingly.

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