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7 Popular Internet Of Things Applications

The internet of things is one of the most talked about technology in this dynamic world of today. Devices are being used to connect with the internet to improve efficiency with which tasks are performed and work is managed. Here are some trending IoT applications:


Wearable technologies have started to make their presence felt in our day-to-day lives.  Wearables are helping people to live healthier lives and plan out their daily tasks etc. On the other hand they are also helping businesses understand the needs and requirements of the business. Here are some common types of wearable devices available in the market:






Wearables are providing a huge opportunity to businesses for advertising and content integration. Wearable technology can also be used as an extension of a brand’s social media strategy.

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Smart Retail

Every consumer is looking for more, better and more engaging brand experiences, while they walk into a retail store. The mobile devices are playing an important role in improving these experiences. Beacons are one of the most powerful ways in which retailers are using technology for enhancing the experience of the consumer. Beacons can be easily used to provide offers and discounts to customers using their mobile application.  Smart mirrors are also being used by retailers to help shoppers to try the dress virtually.

ERP and Supply Chain Management

The internet of things technology is increasingly being used for creating devices and sensors for better management of people and processes. The IoT is changing the ways businesses think supply chain. The devices provides solutions which help in automation of production as well as visibility of storage.  GPS and RFID technologies are being used to track the delivery and shipment of products.

Waste Management

Smart sensors are now being used to track waste level at the dumpsters and improves efficiency of waste management. Tracking the waste created by companies and households helps in reducing the level of waste and garbage created by these entities.


IoT devices are making healthcare faster and more efficient. Devices and apps are being used for patient monitoring and collaboration among doctors. Patient data can be easily gathered using smart devices which are connected to patients.

Smart Homes

Another useful application of the IoT is smart homes. Home appliances such as coffee makers and refrigerators can be easily tracked and controlled using IoT apps.  Similarly other appliances such as bulbs and computers can be turned on and off using IoT applications.

Smart Agriculture

The internet of things is fast converting Agriculture into smart agriculture. Information about various data sets such as those related to fertilizer applications, weather data and animal health are being used for  analysing the yield level in this sector.

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