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Advantages of Umbraco For Website Development

Advantages of Umbraco For Website Development

Umbraco makes use of ASP.net for development and it is one of the most popular platforms for  professional programmers. The platform is an open source one and has got a useful documentation for ease of development. The platform can be used to develop a range of small to large scale websites and web applications. More than 100,000 websites have been developed using the Umbraco platform. Here we are going to discuss advantages of Umbraco CMS platform:

Key Advantages of Umbraco platform

 1) The Umbraco platform is a powerful content management system. It is easy to develop and helps in creation of user-friendly websites.

 2) The Umbraco platform makes it easy to develop, websites and web applications in multiple languages.

 3) Data storage and editing is simple with Umbraco. The platform provides a fully featured environment for data management.

 4) The Umbraco platform provides different types of ready to use packages for ease of development.  

 5) Simplified management of web pages with Microsoft word or Windows Live writer.

 6) CSS, HTML and ASP.Net controls help in designing the product according to business requirements.

 7) You can easily add different media files such as Images, video and other files in the media library.

 8) The Smart Search feature is one of the biggest advantages of Umbraco platform is useful for making the site user-friendly.

 9) As a developer, one can take advantage of the limitless integration opportunities that the CMS has to offer. The API is simple to use using development tools and gives complete access to the CMS features.

 10) Since there is a feature for back office CSS and Javascript optimization, the editing experience on the platform is fairly simplified.

 11) The platform also features built-in cache and dynamic cache – making for a fabulous user-experience for site visitors.

 12) Importing content from legacy applications is simple with the Umbraco platform. The platform provides a well documented API for a simplified import process.

 13) Umbraco  provides a faster platform for editing content on your site or application.  Since the page load time of the platform is faster, the content editing is also faster.

 14) Umbraco is a .Net platform and one gets support in terms of .Net user controls.

 15) Umbraco provides a host of interesting features for making the website or the web application highly customizable.

 16) Content is one of the most important elements of any website. Umbraco makes content management and publishing extremely simple.

 17) Umbraco provides the familiarity of WordPress, making content publishing extremely simple.

 18) Umbraco is a search engine friendly platform and makes one can start with search engine optimization right away.

 19) Umbraco is easy and fast to develop and does not require major technical skills for adding functionalities to apps and websites.

Here are some usage statistics of Umbraco for different site verticals:

Advantages of Umbraco, webite usage


The above mentioned advantages of Umbraco should help you know enough about the CMS. Now, if you are looking to hire Umbraco developers for your website or web application, we can help. ValueCoders provides dedicated development teams for all kinds of Umbraco development projects.

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