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Cost benefits of hiring offshore Android Developers

Cost benefits of hiring offshore Android Developers

In the past few years, Android has proved to be the leader in the mobile OS space. Moreover, the popularity of Android based mobile devices have given a huge flight to app development on Android OS which has become a lucrative option for businesses all around the world. It has now become one of the best methods of promoting brands, making money and advertising products & services. Almost 75% of the companies and entrepreneurs prefer to outsource their projects to offshore android developers. Statistics says that offshore app development reduces the cost by 40% to 60%. Apart from this there are many other benefits of outsourcing:

Hire offshore Android developers

No costs of infrastructure
Spending zero on infrastructure is perhaps the best advantage of hiring offshore android developers. Selecting an offshore Android app development team will spare you from maintenance and resource cost. This can be a huge saving for your business.

Pay hourly
You only pay for the working hours not for leaves. Offshore development companies provide a team of developers who charge hourly ranging from $15 to $45/hr, depending on complexity and expertise. This helps in hiring staff only for the duration of the project and save on costs of permanent employees.

Don’t have to worry for the salary of on-site developers
Forget about giving a large sum of salary to your permanent on-site developers. You can cut this cost by hiring hiring offshore android developers who get engaged with the contract of monthly development time.

Transparent billing system
There are numerous offshore companies who add hidden costs for completing. A transparent billing system enables the clients to check and verify bills which he/she has to pay at the end of the month.

Fully Manageable
The employees are fully manageable for your project. You will have direct control and complete involvement on your project. There are many useful tools which helps clients to get involved in the running project.  This adds to the productivity of the project and thereby saves on the costs.

Choose the best team of developers
When you are opting for outsourcing your project you get access to a large pool of experienced and professional android developers for the same. So you get the opportunity to interview and hire the best developers to accomplish your project. This saves on the time and cost of hiring.

Flexible development time
Loss of time leads to loss of money. In case of hiring offshore android developers, one can get the work done 24/7 as these teams can work in flexible shifts. This ensures, better productivity and utilization of time.

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