Creating a Shopping Cart In the PHP Language

You need to have a good shopping cart program going if you have a business that wants to grow and thrive. A great shopping cart will allow people to add many items at once, adjust the quantity of items that can be bought and even remove those said items if necessary.

Best of all, the PHP coding language can be used when getting a shopping cart ready for your needs. Here is a look at what you can do to get this ready in the PHP language so it will be easy for you to get it all ready for your basic use.

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     1.  Start with the right form value

You must use the Book ID in the form of bid while the Quantity is in the form of qty. These have been properly cleaned in the PHP code to ensure that the values you have are run properly. Set up proper settings to create error messages if the information is not appropriate or otherwise difficult to use. Be careful as the proper form value can directly influence the overall functionality of your shopping cart.

  1. Adjust the shopping cart to create error messages when certain values do not exist

There may be times when values in particular do not exist for reasons like details being too complicated or variables being outside respected limits. These values must be reviewed carefully to ensure that your data is kept under control.

  1. Use the $cqty variable

This new variable may be added with the c being used to state that the variable is fully filtered and deemed to be safe to use within a MySQL query. A mysql_real_escape_string() function may also be added to filter out the form value being used here.  Add the $err code to allow the shopping cart to determine if the data that is entered into your program should be used or not.

This is a critical part of the PHP process as it identifies cases where errors might have been found and the process has to start over again or even restart as required.

    4 . Use the session_start() code when starting programs.

Any particular page or code for your shopping cart must start with this code piece to ensure that the data you are using is accurate and will be listed carefully.

  1. Don’t forget a good session_id() listing

This listing is required to ensure that the individual customer in the PHP process can be identified. This is to ensure that information is written properly and has not been lost in some way. In addition, you can use this for analytics process as you will get reports on individual users when getting this part of the program ready. This in turn will create the best possible setup for your system that you could ever ask for.

These steps must be used when getting a shopping cart set up in the PHP language. These are smart steps that can make a difference when trying to work on an appropriate retail site where the data is organized properly.


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