Hiring Remote Developers? Remember These Tips

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With the raising talent pool of developers, it is not that difficult to find Remote Developers who can help you with the project you are working on. It has become so easy that there are hundreds of sites online which let you choose the developers ranging from different level of skill sets. But due to this huge pool, comes many unseen problems. You need to hire the right team with the right skills. In this article, we give you some tips on how to hire and build a remote developers team, choosing the right skill sets, the do’s and don’ts.The key ingredients to making a remote team work would be

The Team: When you are hiring remote developers, look for these qualities.


  1. A doer will have things done irrespective of the circumstance. You may have to just outline to them how the most crucial things need to be executed and apart from that, they will have it done.
  2. Trusted People: Trust is very important when hiring a team. If you can’t trust the person on the other side, you will spend your time and energy worrying what they are doing which in turn impacts your valuable energy. At a point, you will have to exhibit trust with the people you hire.
  3. Good Communicators: Unlike in a local office where the information required can be shared among people in person, remote team will have to do this in the written form. As a result, you will require people who have good command over language as communication is one of the most important part of their job.

Tools: Tools play a vital role when it comes to organizing the team and seeing to it that all the members are on the same page. When you are in the local office, you can just gather up the team and call for a team meeting and discuss and share all the important information. There are various communication tools that you can find on the internet which can help you with this process.

Process: To complete a good team, the last thing required is the process. When you have a good process, things get done even when some of them are absent. As the customer is the lifeblood of business, customer satisfaction is a must. When people who built the project provide the requisite support, it makes it easier for the problem to be solved. You can make the team interactive so that they can speed up the process and make their own work easier.

Choosing the right skill set

  1. The most important thing is to choose members that get the work done on time.
  2. As the communication within the team is not verbal, you require people that have excellent communication skills.
  3. Avoid sticking to people with same set of personalities. Mix the team with some people that are detail oriented and some that are big picture oriented.
  4. Every member on the team should be willing to learn and accept feedback. Not only should they be willing to accept feedback from the leader, but also from other team members as well.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. You should never make the mistake of taking recruitment and training lightly.
  2. Never use a complicated information management system. Try to keep it as simple as possible.
  3. Avoid micromanaging.
  4. Avoid enforcing day to day goals. Rather, set up long term or mid-term goals as it can lower the pressure on the team and make them more effective.
  5. Hire people from different backgrounds and culture. Everyone has their way of looking at things and it can make the process easier.

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