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Tired of finding Developers on Job Boards? Here is the Solution

Job boards are now the most convenient way through which you can find people. Job boards list down the jobs that are open in the market, bring together thousands of resumes for you to choose from. All you have to do is screen them and choose the one that you want. However, when it comes to hiring developers it’s not that easy. Especially if you want to work with them remotely. There are simply so many disadvantages when it comes to job boards and developers. Let’s look into them:

Job Boards are flooded by a range of applications:

Developers need to carefully chosen. After all they are involved in creating websites, apps and what not. But when you go to job boards, you will find thousands of resumes which will not have the relevant experience, education and even the background. Most people are looking for jobs and tend to submit their resumes without even being relevant to the job. This all results in loss of time and effort for your HR Team. For many, filtering software can make things easier but it is still a frustrating thing.

People lie

Job boards can be effective for those companies that are looking for developers to work on their premises. However for those that want to work with them remotely, there is a big problem. People can easily get away by lying. You will have to be very meticulous in hiring developers. But interviews where employers are incredibly strict sometimes make the potential candidate nervous and reluctant to job. It is not easy to work on job boards in this regard.

The costs

Job boards free to those that want to apply to the jobs posted on them. However for employers looking for candidates, these boards charge money. Considering the problems listed above, you wouldn’t want to use them especially with the fact that you have to pay them.

But the problem that we began with is still there: Hiring developers to work remotely. So what can we do? For companies or entrepreneurs there is a ray of hope in the shape of ValueCoders. For any business that is looking for skilled developers that they want for their projects, they can get in touch with ValueCoders. ValueCoders brings about the best individuals that can help you in creating websites, apps for mobile and web and numerous other tailored solutions.

Compared to job boards, companies like ValueCoders is a blessing. Here’s why:

  1. Any person that is hired, is carefully selected through a meticulous process. This process brings the best to the table and removes the possibility of any bad employee joining the team. Also since you are going to be working with ValueCoders, you don’t have to worry about running this intricate process.
  2. Another reason why ValueCoders are perfect for you is the fact that they are only a call away. You only need to share your business needs and they will assemble their team of specialists for your project.
  3. Just like freelancers, you can enjoy their services on monthly basis. You don’t have to worry about them running away or something like that. They will bill you when the month ends and you can work with them for longer periods as well, if you are happy with the services.
  4. ValueCoders make sure that you get perfect insight into your project. Which is why they provide in-depth reports of the work done and the tasks that yet to be completed. They use proper project management tools to help you track the progress of the project.

Considering the problems that you face on job sites, ValueCoders is an ideal alternative. Not only do you get in touch with the right people but the fact they know what they are doing, makes them really valuable. So,  consider ValueCoders next time you are looking for remote developers for your project.

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