What is new for developers in Drupal 8?


One of the most reputed and prominent content management systems in the world, Drupal is going to launch its new version: Drupal 8. This latest version comprises many advanced features that allows web developers to do more tasks, with fewer steps, and with less technical knowledge of Drupal.  With a sophisticated file-based configuration management system, use of advanced Symfony2 framework and RESTful web services capabilities, the latest version of Drupal is using some of the best and most proven techniques and technologies available at present.

Drupal 8 has many advantages for developers, like:

  1. With new version, developers can put configuration under version control, track changes and update a production site cleanly
  2. Developers can also expose data as XML and JSON, and take advantage of advance RESTful web services
  3. Now developers can use several “best of breed” libraries like PHPUnit, Composer, Zend Feed Component, Guzzle and others.
  4. The latest release comes with an advanced OOP (Object Oriented Programming) approach to most parts of the system. It gives web developers high flexibility to change how Drupal behaves and swap out pieces.
  5. With modern PHP techniques, the new version includes components from the larger PHP community. It brings more efficiency and power to your themes and  modules.
  6. The new version will include various content import tools that enable you to import content from Drupal 7 or Drupal 6 websites into the new version.
  7. It also has PHPUnit for focused and prompt testing. Various tests are written or converted in PHPUnit.
  8. With more uses for fields and  entities in Drupal core, now there is only one API to learn to work with for contact form fields and menu items alike.
  9. The new version has a leaner core. Now, several single-purpose modules (which are not used as base components: Dashboard, Poll, Blog, Profile, etc) have been removed.

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Other New Features of Drupal 8

In addition to above features, Drupal 8 also has following new features like:\

More secure and Eye-catchy Theme Engine   

The new Drupal has a new PHP based theming engine called Twig, which is flexible, secure and quite fast. Now, you can easily create a more captivating and functional Drupal website using Twig theme engine. The templates of Twig are written in a syntax which is not as complex as phptemplate while being more secure.

Mobile friendly design

Drupal 8 is designed with mobile-first approach. All its themes are responsive and adapts to different sizes of the screen. Its themes also have “Back To Site” button that helps to go back to the last webpage you were at. Now, tables of any kind fit into different screen sizes without any hassle, and the new admin toolbar works efficiently on mobile devices.

Drupal 8 also allows you to select different styles for individual pictures. These plethora of styles will be used for different sizes of device.

Equipped with HTML5 Power

When it comes to web mark-up writing, HTML5 is considered as the de-facto standard. Now, it is available natively in Drupal 8, which gives you access to input fields like date, phone, email, etc. It also enhances the compatibility and functionality with hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets.

Multilingual ready

The latest version of Drupal boasts of extensive multilingual features and built-in translation features in admin panel. In addition, you can create web pages with block visibility and language based views filtering. You can automatically get translation updates from the community.

Editing makes simple    

With CKEditor (replacement for default WYSIWYG), Drupal’s latest version brings unexampled power into the hands of content editors. Now, content editors/creators can edit text in any page without switching to the full edit form and drafts can be created easily.

 New Fields

The Drupal 8 comprises five completely new field types. The new field types are:

  1. Email
  2. Date
  3. Link
  4. Reference
  5. Telephone

In addition, D8 has some minor changes too:

  1. Now, comments is available as a field (not in a setting)
  2. English (used for the field name) is more straightforward. For example, now the “Integer” is simply “Number”.

Tour Module

The explanatory text in Drupal 7 was hidden away under the “Help” link. Drupal 8 has separate “Tour” module. By clicking this link, you can see pop-ups that explain the working of Drupal.

According to Industrial Standards

Drupal 8 is built with the latest standards of PHP like namespaces, PSR-0 and traits. It also uses Composer, external libraries, Guzzle, PHPUnit, Zend Feed Component, Assetic to name a few. The latest Object-Oriented Code is predominant and is powered by Symfony 2


These new features of Drupal 8 will likely be great steps forward for the expansion of Drupal as a major CMS. With these features, no doubt, Drupal 8 will provide a better experience and performance to clients as well as developers. These changes definitely make Drupal websites easier to build, support, use and migrate.

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