Step By Step Guide To Create a Responsive WordPress Theme

In today’s world of web development, responsive designs have become the smartest recipe to success. Each day new smartphones are being introduced in the market having different screen sizes and resolutions. To turn your business website into the most powerful marketing tool you need to ensure that you cater to the audience uniformly irrespective of the device they are using to browse your website. In this article we will discuss at lengths the basic things that go into making a responsive theme for WordPress. We will also talk about the role of media queries of CSS3.
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Experience The Latest WordPress Version on iOS

Creating ripples in the market, latest WordPress version of iOS has landed with a bang that anybody could have ever imagined. Yes, you read it right! The most awaited application of WordPress’s latest version has finally been launched on iOS. Not only this, it’s been bestowed as the `biggest update ever’. This news would have surely given a dose of happiness to those who manage their WordPress blog or site on iPhone or iPad.
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Mage: A Fast and Reliable Solution to Magento Data Import Woes

Magento developed by Varien, is an open source ecommerce web solution. Basic version of Magento, Magento Community Edition, is free of cost with limited features; that was launched on March 31, 2008. For advanced features, however, numerous paid plugins, themes and add-ons are available to make this platform appear stunning. Magento platform is based on PHP and MySQL, provides on-line shop owners an adorable, fascinating, featured and winning platform to do their business.

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5 Excellent WordPress Tools To Elevate Your Productivity

WordPress that started as a small Blogging tool has turned out to be a successful content management system (CMS) now days. WordPress provides the ability to an individual to create wonderful websites on his own, without any technical knowledge about HTML, CSS, web designing and other complicated languages. WordPress provides an Average joe or Plain jane with numerous themes and plug-ins to create custom websites and has made their life easier.

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Emphasize on Easy Navigation for Your Site

Easy navigation is as important to a site as is a good web design. In fact, without the former the latter will not earn you many hits. When a user visits your site, you have to ensure that he is not left confused, irritated and clueless. He should get what he is looking for in a matter of seconds and not loiter around the site frustrated. You will know your navigation is really poor if the visitors move out of the site without finding any specific information. The basic idea behind navigation is that it should help the visitor find the information he is looking for without having to waste much time on the site. It is important to maintain the ‘three click rule’ while setting the navigation of a site. This rule indicates that on an average a user should reach his destination within three clicks. If on any site a visitor has to click more than three times, it proves that the navigation plan isn’t good enough.

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PHP Security: Tips To Fortify Your Website’s Security

PHP or Hypertext Processor is a server-side scripting language, which is very popular among web developers, thanks to highly flexible syntax with flawlessly work in conjunction with HTML. It is a user-friendly programming language that works well with Apache web server and MySQL database. Its versatility puts it ahead of its competitors. One of the key things that a developer especially a beginner needs to keep in mind is the security which is often overlooked. Insecure coding leaves behind lots of loopholes that make the site vulnerable and this is what hackers are looking for.

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How to Make the Best of Your Business Website?

What do you understand by the idea of a perfect business website? Well, the idea might differ from people, but in the end the basic motive of a perfect business website remains the same. The idea is to create a website that guarantees you good earning, security and peace of mind. The roadmap to build a perfect website is simple enough and all you need to do is follow a few tips to accomplish your objective. Given below are a few tips that would help you in making the best of your business website:

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Plugins – Transforming Your Site into a Blogger’s Paradise

There’s every possibility that whoever reading this article is well informed that:

  • WordPress is the most popular blogging platform,

  • A blog’s core competencies are its content, design, navigability and plugin compatibility,

  • A plugin gives depth and variety to the WordPress blog’s functionality.

  • There are 1000 plus WordPress plugins available,

  • Plugins can be custom developed as well,

  • Too many plugins in the blog site is detrimental to its performance,

  • Cherry-picking the right plugins is vital in having a high performing blog

It’s not a difficult task to list out the popular WordPress plugins since there is a multitude of them. But have you ever wondered how these plugins make it to the top of the popularity rankings? The answer to the above question is also the criteria to base your decision on choosing the right combination of plugins for your blog.

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9 WordPress myths to Make Your Eyes Wide Open

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular content management system in the world. But the popularity has also attracted some criticism from many experts and some ‘not so experts’. Search the Internet and you would come across lots of false claims or rather myths about WordPress with little explanation and evidence. In reality, these are nothing, but exaggerated conception about the popular content management system. Let’s take a look at some popular WordPress myths which might have definitely opened your eyes when you first heard them.

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5 Useful Tips for Web Developers for Developing a Website

Creating the perfect business website which can successfully bring in more visitors and convert them into your customers takes more than black magic-it needs an efficient team of web developers. A good website can put your financial anxieties to rest. To be an effective player in the word of eCommerce, you therefore need to incorporate few strategies to ensure your site caters to the right audience.

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