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10 SEO Tips for WordPress

10 SEO Tips for WordPress

If you are planning to launch your site or blog in WordPress, Search Engine Optimization would be one of the important things in your mind. WordPress and SEO go hand in hand as it is considered to be one of the most SEO friendly content management systems. Search engine algorithms have changed over the past few years and to earn your place in the top of the search results you need a well-defined strategy and understanding of the ecosystem. Here we shall explore the top ten WordPress SEO tips that would help you promote your blog or website.

1. Choose SEO Friendly Theme

Begin by choosing a theme that is SEO friendly. There are thousands of free and premium themes for you to choose from and you should find one that is SEO optimized. It should have a clean structure that uses proper and valid HTML and correct use of the canonical URL Meta tag. These are two major factors that have a bearing on how your site is indexed by the bots.

2. Keyword Research

Keywords and key phrases are basic ingredients for optimization. There are a number of keyword research tools that help you find the right set of keywords for your blog or website. Don’t run behind highly competitive keywords although they have large search volumes. Ranking in the third page for keywords with millions of searches won’t do you much good. Rather choose keywords or key phrases that have moderate search volumes and are less competitive

3. Content Is Always The King

Any kind of optimization is only effective when it is backed up by quality content. Write quality content with keywords that add value to the content and make it easily readable and understandable. Always target the visitors while writing the content and not the search engines. If you can’t write the content, get it written by a professional writer.

4. Change The Permalink Structure

The default permalink or URL structure in WordPress would be www.example.com/?p=3423 and you need to change it and insert keywords or title of your post to make it SEO friendly. It can be something like ww.example.com/my-first-post

5. Install SEO Plugins

Third-party plugins solve most of your SEO related problems and help you optimize the site without any problem. WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEO Smart Link, Google Keyword Planner and Open Site Explorer are some of the best SEO plugin for WordPress that you can try and explore.

6. Social Media Sharing

Sharing content on the social media allows you to promote your content, products and services exponentially. Make use of a plugin that allows users visiting your site or blog to share the content across different networks and you would immediately gain from it.

7. Create A Sitemap

A sitemap makes it easy for the search engine spiders to index your site. You can create an XML sitemap using plugins such as Google XML Sitemaps. There are other tools that allow you to create a sitemap with equal ease.

8. Image Optimization

Image searches can generate large volumes of traffic for your website or blog and hence all the images used should be optimized. Make sure all your images have Alt Tags and proper image description to gain in this regard.

9. Use Infographics

They are one of the best ways to promote your content. Interesting infographics are shared on the social media and other platforms and this can drive in tons of traffic to your blog or website.

10. Keep It Up-To-Date

Nothing hurts your SEO score as much as outdated content. Your regular visitors should be greeted with something new every time they visit the site or blog. Regularly publishing fresh content also attracts the search engine spiders which index your site high on the search results.

These 10 tips offer you just the essence of how to optimize a WordPress site and for detailed understanding you can consult dozens of WordPress SEO guides that are readily available on the Internet. To derive maximum mileage from your optimization program, it would be wise for you to hire the services of a professional SEO company.

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