5 reasons why Pokémon Go is ruling the app stores

Pokémon Go Agile software development teams

It’s only the last Wednesday (6th July) when Pokémon Go was released and it is ruling the Android and iOS app stores monstrously. It has already broken many records including more downloads than Tinder in just 2 days after release. Not only the download, but the engagement is also remarkable. More than 60% of the downloaders are using it daily.

Pokémon Go Agile software development teams

This game is released only in three countries till date- United States, New Zealand and Australia. You can get an idea what amount of madness it has created among masses in this photo-

playing pokemon go

So, what’s the reason this game is able to gain immense popularity in such a short time span? Moreover, how their strategies can help you to develop an app that makes your audience go mad? Here, I have explained the major five reasons why Pokémon Go left the other gaming apps way behind.

1) Large Number of existing fans:

The appeal of Pokemon is pretty much a generational thing. If someone didn’t grow up with Pokemon, that means he is more than 35 years old roughly. Since past three decades, 1000+ Pokemon episodes, 19 movies, and many special activities have been done. There is hardly anyone in this generation who hasn’t heard about this Japanese cartoon.

2) It’s the first ever Pokemon Game:

It’s the first ever Pokemon game for Smart phones. Nintendo, the maker company, has always been resistant developing its games available on mobile phones, instead preferring to promote its hardware. However, this time they have come up with something that is accessible to everybody and the fans are reliving the Pokemon fantasy once again.

3) “Primarily” it’s free:

The game is available free on Android and iOS app stores and can be enjoyed without spending a penny. A series that is already famous, releasing its first ever game that too free of cost. Isn’t it a great deal? Yes it is. Fans are downloading this game without giving a second thought. However, gamers can spend real money to buy PokeCoins to get access to more game items.

4) Augmented Reality, the new technological sensation:

Augmented Reality(AR), as we all know, makes an application more engaging to the users. And this is exactly what is making Pokémon Go so much interesting. Pokémon Go is an AR based game that tends the gamer to find Pokemon in the real world. This AR effect is so strong that people are finding Pokemon under office desk or even in the washroom.

Agile software teams

5) Social Media integration of Pokémon Go :

As Pokémon Go involves real world inside the game, people are sharing medias on the social networking platforms frequently. Images with pocket monsters found in their houses, schools, parking lot are being posted all over. Thereafter, everyone realized it would be amazing to take funny photos of their friends with Pokemon and post them on social media. This helped the game to go viral on Social medias.

Agile software development teams

Hence, now you know what’s making Pokémon Go viral. You can also develop a game or an app that follows this kind of strategies that engages audiences instantly and pushes them to share on social medias.

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