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50 WordPress Tips and Tricks

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has been the most admired website development platform. Its highly flexible and customizing tools allow the users to develop a website of their preference. WordPress gives the opportunity to change the content of the site in the most convenient manner. But, despite of the presence of so many tools, it requires certain skills to make a great WordPress website.

WordPress tips and tricks

Here are 50 tips and tricks to help you cover every aspect of a WordPress site :-

    1. Use strong password and username while installing WordPress. By default, WordPress suggests “admin” as a username, but one should change it, as that would be more secure.
    2. Never edit theWordPress core file. It may result in permanent loss of themes in next updation.
    3. A frequent user of WordPress should check the “remember me” box while logging in to avoid the need of typing username and password every time they log in.
    4. While working on the website, one should use “coming soon” or “Under Maintenance” plugin that allows smooth maintenance without any hassle to the users.
    5. Don’t use username as author display name. It increases the security risk of your WordPress site.
    6. Understand the distinction between “permalink” and “pretty permalink”. Permalinks are what wordpress generates by default, while pretty permalinks are generated according to user’s choice and can be selected in the “settings” section.
    7. Delete the excessive themes and plugins. Their presence may affect the processing speed of the website.
    8. Change the tagline of website after installing WordPress. It provides a professional touch and can be done in general settings section.
    9. Only upload the actual theme file on wordpress, not the master zip file. Many of these files contain extra programs, that may be used to modify them, resulting in rejection from WordPress while uploading.
    10. Avoid using theme functions that change the website content structure. They may complicate the theme, changing process for later.
    11. Know the difference between install and activate. Install means the data have been uploaded to the server, activate means the respective theme or plugin is now functioning on the website.
    12. Saving an old widget that contains content or special settings, might be beneficial for later.
    13. Change the themes that do not support WordPress menus, or else it’ll make the designing process a lot harder.
    14. If a sub-item is not available on the menu of the theme, then one can add it by editing the navigation label with addition of some symbols like +, >, ? etc.
    15. If the dashboard doesn’t show other content, one can add more choices on the menu items by visiting the screen options tab on menu section and selecting the relative content.
    16. Edit the wordpress theme by Custom CSS plugin to enhance the look of the website.
    17. Don’t use the auto add feature for the menus. It might expose the site pages that are not intended for general visitors.
    18. To increase the loading speed of the website, optimize the images before uploading them on the website.
    19. Use the WordPress command line interface to ease the process of updating plugins, generating backup and setting up multi-site.
    20. To permanently delete the audio/video file, one should delete it from the media library, not from the page. Deleting from the page only omits the particular instance of the file.
    21. For successful auto embedding of a video/audio file, one should make sure that the code is present in single line in the text editor.
    22. To increase the embedded video size, one should use the embed shortcode.
    23. Choose the name of the category or tag wisely. Changing them later will require lot of updating of internal links and the search crawlers would not be able to update the details.
    24. While editing the website, open one tab of WordPress and one tab of the website to simultaneously see the live changes on the website.
    25. One can control the length of the excerpt by checking the box in screen options.
    26. Use the tags suggested by the WordPress to avoid cluttering of multiple tags.
  1. Use “All in one SEO pack” to improve the SEO of your WordPress website.
  2. Install the latest version of WordPress to improve the performance of the website.
  3. Be selective while choosing your plugins. Make sure they are coded correctly.
  4. Remove the WordPress meta information from the header.
  5. Use full screen mode to de-clutter the writing screen.
  6. Move WordPress configuration php file outside the root directory to add extra layer of security.
  7. Install a cache plugin to prevent the website from crashing during heavy loads.
  8. After installation, change the website address in WordPress to allow the users to access it.
  9. Activate Akismet to eliminate and trackback spams.
  10. Use complex security keys for website security.
  11. Use social media widgets to increase the fan base and show off followers.
  12. Schedule posts to maintain the continuity and periodicity of content.
  13. Don’t login to a self-hosted WordPress site by going to wordpress.com. Self-hosted
  14. Websites have their own domain, wordpress.com login is only for hosted blogging sites.
  15. Prevent directory listings as it can exploit a vulnerability in plugin, theme or web server.
  16. Use a fast WordPress theme for better working of the website.
  17. Find the right balance between speed and revenue while adding advertisements on your wordpress site.
  18. Enable gzip compression to decrease the loading time of the website.
  19. Minify and combine CSS and javascript files and reduce the number of HTTP requests.
  20. Use a WordPress formatting bar to create attractive content.
  21. Install responsive themes to make a mobile ready website.
  22. Limit the number of failed login attempts to protect the website from the hackers.
  23. Add breadcrumbs to the website, to add a supplementary navigation system.
  24. Use a content delivery network for fast loading of static content of the website.
  25. Schedule backups through plugins to make sure that all the data is protected from technical failures.
  26. WordPress plugins and attractive themes, make it easy to make a compelling website and with the correct knowledge of useful tips, one can make the best use of them.

Here are some interesting facts about WordPress that you should know about:

Interesting WordPress Facts

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