Android: The Next Generation of Windows?

Android is an operating system which is precisely Linux based and is designed for the smart phones. After the android based phones came into the scene the market scenario has completely changed and this is the reason why it is suspected that someday android will take over windows.

Windows in the past and Android in the present?

Due to the flexibility feature which the android holds there has been a boom in the application development market. There has been versatility spotted in this fraternity after android came into existence. But this gave a rise to the malware issue and this was the case for Windows in the earlier times. The issues faced due to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) remains the same for Windows and Android. The daily functionalities are cut down by them in order to increase the profit margin and are loaded with useless applications before they are delivered to the customers. Another similarity among these two is they both offer devices cheaper than offered by iOS platform.

Why Andorid?

Many will agree to this point that smart phones have found a place in our life and are required by us in tiny chores. It is in their nature and the variety of the application that it comprises of, it offers enormous benefits. With the offset of Android there has been a revolution in the Smartphone market and this was different from what change windows brought to the market. The most important feature of Android was it offered support to third party software which was not available with windows phones. A virtual marketplace was designed which consists of over 2,00,000 applications. These can easily downloaded in any device. Multitasking was made easy with Android devices. These devices also supported Flash which was also impressive. The inbuilt browsers which were there had enhanced technology used in them which made the browsing faster as here the pages were compressed in order to enable fast loading and less data usage.

Dominance over the market

On the basis of a general survey it was found that 2.9% of the total Smartphone market were occupied by the Android in the year 2009. After two years the number gave a leap of approximately 18.6 % in the US alone. In 2012 Google claimed that around 3,00,000 devices add themselves to the Android family every year.

Why the future?

Though Android is new to the world and much younger than Windows but still both co-exist. But Android developer experts are pretty much skeptical about the present scenario and many suspect that Android will take over the market in next 10-15 years. Since Windows did the same to Apple and now it is needless to say that if history repeats itself then the same will happen with Windows. Android has got excellent opportunities for both the users and developers. It will be very much interesting to see what the manufacturers do in order to improve the technology Android devices use and that will decide its fate.

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