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Creating ripples in the market, latest WordPress version of iOS has landed with a bang that anybody could have ever imagined. Yes, you read it right! The most awaited application of WordPress’s latest version has finally been launched on iOS. Not only this, it’s been bestowed as the `biggest update ever’. This news would have surely given a dose of happiness to those who manage their WordPress blog or site on iPhone or iPad.

This new version caters amazing features that could drive WordPress lovers crazy. Along with improved navigation, WordPress now provides a better interface for iPad and iPhone users that has undoubtedly taken mobile blogging to a great height. Ease of use, improved interface and mobile blogging, all these are just a glimpse of WordPress new version’s offerings. Excited to know more? Just go through the detailed features of the new version to grab more information.


Improved Interface

As and when you open your WordPress with the new downloaded version, you would get a new and amazing screen that allows you to add blogs with new and exciting features through this application.

On the upper right-hand corner of your iPhone’s screen you will see a list icon, tapping on that icon will open the sidebar, unzipping all your blog’s content. Moreover, it will enable you to upload photos instantly and configure your settings with ease.

On your iPad’s screen you will see the sidebar on the first panel to the left, tapping on the items enlisted, the items will open in panels enabling you to dig further into the app.

Exhibiting Statistics

The new version enables you to view full WordPress statistics in your iOS leading to better control, more details and effective use of screen space. iPad with its big screen size beautifies this feature, as the panel in iPad expands to the size of two panels enabling a better and clear view of the stats.

Reader and Quick Photo Features

Both Reader and quick photo features are enhancing with the latest version. iPad seems to be a perfect match for the WordPress.com readers as its big screen allows easy navigation with better panel interface. You can now browse your favorite topics, check out new and fresh posts, and many more exciting things easily. It’s built-in camera supports the ‘Quick photo’ function quickly, which is already very popular in iPhone.


Discovering Friends

Who does not like to socialize? Everybody does! And to keep your interest and exciting level going, there is another interesting feature of the new version wherein you can find your friends from twitter or Facebook who use wordpress.com for blogging plus you can search and read their blogs on your iOS too.

Post Appearance

A writer would surely have an urge to see how his/her post looked like after being published. ‘Post Format’ is the feature that has been introduced now by WordPress for all iOS that enables you to choose how your post would look once published.

Easy Access of Tools, Preview, etc

With addition of buttons in the sidebar plus a Dashboard link for easy access of your WordPress Dashboard, site’s appearance has been enhanced to a great extent. Because of this amazing feature, you can easily access your tools, update themes and guide your users. With the amazing formatting features, you can see an enhanced and beautiful preview of your post on iPad now.

You would surely want to experience this change, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download the new, exciting and interesting app today!

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