How do ValueCoders develop a world-class food delivery app for food lovers?

Mobile apps are the highlighted version of technology development that transforms every vibrating idea into a real-life experience. Getting everything at your fingertips using agile technology and the intelligence of mobile developers reflects the pioneering version of mobile app development.

From online shopping to food order management systems or from medicines to groceries, every fundamental requirement of people fulfills with the advanced facet of development. Therefore, efforts are made to bring comfort and advancement to users’ lives to make more informed and mindful decisions.

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As you know, pandemics widens the digital landscape and accelerates the use of mobile apps. According to a Statista report, there were roughly seven billion mobile users in 2020, and it is expected to reach 7.49 billion by 2025.


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Before jumping starting into app development, let’s have some eye-opening data on the revenue of food delivery apps.

CB Insights reveals that Global Food Delivery App Value was $100bn in 2020 and will reach $300bn by 2027. The ReportLinker’s report “Online Food Delivery Services Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030” talked about the complete scenarios of the online food delivery services market. According to the report, the food delivery market is expected to reach $192.16 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 11%. 

GoFoodie: Online Food Ordering Software

In this write-up, my effort is to bring the utmost dedication of our app developers into the limelight and describe their contribution to the development of the food delivery system. 

GoFoodie: an online food ordering app based on Android technology that addresses users’ needs and fantasies for tempting food items. Our developers put their enthusiasm into developing the food delivery app to ensure a robust connection between users and their nearest restaurants. 

The vision of our app development team was to meet the clients’ requirements by successfully addressing the users’ choices. Through this app, one can place an order to enjoy its meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, in a few clicks.

What Technologies Were Used By Developers To Build The App?

By delivering more than 4200 projects with a dedicated team of developers and software engineers, we achieve the rhythm of showing outstanding performance in every assigned task. 

In the development of the GoFoodie app, our developer’s utmost effort was to make the most dynamic and responsive application to provide a hassle-free digital experience. Through this app, users can place their orders for their favorite and mouth-watering food effortlessly.

In this project, our developers focused on developing interactive user interfaces to make uncomplicated navigation and management of the latest industry practices. The team of our Android app developers paid attention to developing an effective order management system so that it could handle location-based requests within a decided time.

Technology Integration:

Android (Operating System):

GoFoodie works on the Android operating system and allows users to explore the digital ecosystem. With the vision of providing an agile app experience, clients wanted to target Android technology. Moreover, the source code of Android works in an open-source format and makes advanced open standards in order to work across mobile phones and other smart devices. Android supports data saving, consuming less space, and capturing perfect shots with new digital tools.

API (Application Programming Integration): 

Smooth API (Application Programming Integration) implementation was meant to make excellent communication of the app with other products and services. Here, the prime function of APIs is to simplify software development by allowing applications to exchange data and functionality. Taking data from Google Maps to figure out the location of customers and restaurants, API helped in establishing their connection. 

Google Map:

Integration of Google Maps was also a vital part of the online food delivery app to fetch the location details and time of food delivery. We know the worth of Google Maps and their significance in our lifestyle. Through the web mapping platform, users can get real-time conditions of their food delivery status.

Location-based Fused API:

Another complete task was to integrate a location-based fused API into the application. Our developers used a location-based API to intelligently combine various signals to provide the location information.

Payment Gateways:

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Importantly, numbers project the popularity of mobile payments via smartphones and tablets. Our app developers were excited to integrate a payment gateway into the app for making real-time payments. In two steps, the implementation was made by our mobile app developers. One step was to share the input of users’ card details, and another step led to a payment transfer to the intermediary’s service. 

How Did App Developers Change Challenges Into A Digital Advantage?

Adding one more application into the Google play store, in which already thousands of apps are available, is quite a comprehensive task. The client was keen to have an android application, allowing users to choose from their favorite restaurants. 

Our android app developers had gone through some prime challenges while developing the app:

  • Addressing the daily food needs of people to take advantage of agile and personalized digital experiences.
  • Providing the plans to make the subscriptions or take a plan up to 30 days in advance.
  • Focusing on incorporating a bunch of features, including the online payment, into the application.
  • Make a solid reach for mobile users at peak times to raise the intention and brand value.
  • Projecting accurate delivery status based on an estimation of requested times, the customers’ location, and delivery area.
  • Developing a robust customer base with appropriate management of order requests, online payment, and brand identity. 

By taking a step-by-step approach, our developers have worked on the app. From creating the app’s roadmap to integrating all technologies to it, they have checked every significant activity to make the app more responsive.

While in the development phase, our software programmers and Android app developers team focused on implementing clients’ requirements into the food ordering software. We have developed a custom software app for our client called GoFoodie: a food delivery software through proactive research and designing.

Another Milestone: Food Delivery to Train Compartments

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Another development challenge was to make the app accessible to train passengers. We have to make the app functional in a running train and allow users to order food from certified FSSAI hotels or restaurants into the train compartments. 

Our developers thought of a location-fused API to integrate this feature into the food order management system in the development process. It was a big, challenging task for our developers to develop a location-based application for addressing the food requirements of users. 

Our app programmers paid attention to meticulous details of the application to integrate the necessary features on it, inlining the latest technologies. Their dedication and knowledge helped them to make efficient project delivery successfully.

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Go Foodie: A Final Creation Of Online Food Delivery

After putting intense dedication and time into the development, GoFoodie was ready to rock the digital world with advanced technology. It was built to propagate the experience of having desired food items in just a few clicks. Users are free to place their orders to enjoy their meal within their comfort zone by selecting the best option from a wide range of local service providers and restaurants.

Excellent features of GoFoodie:

  • Successful delivery of orders after making an effective telephonic communication
  • Proper handling of orders with SMS and notifications to update delivery status
  • Easy cancellation with properly managed payment curiosities
  • No minimum order value with free home delivery 
  • Digital wallet to manage payments, cancellations & keep a check on transactions
  • Delivery of hot food in disposable boxes

Final Thoughts:

GoFoodie app development was quite an exciting and challenging task for our Mobile app developers. They have gone through the complete app development process and are dedicated to providing the needed food ordering solution. 

Use GoFoodie to have the best food item on your plate. If you need technological insights on your upcoming project, feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Meet a creative team of developers and programmers at ValueCoders and share your queries for excellent outcomes.


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