HTML5 Deployment – Hype or Reality?

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HTML5 is the 5th version of HTML standards, which is a web-based standard to build cross-platform apps that can run anywhere. The hype of HTML 5 seems to be making it as a major component in the future. But there are still some HTML developers who have not yet opted for HTML5 or have not clasped for the new standard.

Although HTML5 is gaining all the hype and popularity, but we should not forget that Flash still dominates the web and mobile applications. Yes, we all know that Flash is on the verge to end, but we cannot ignore the reality and just dream on about world becoming HTML based. The reality is that Flash is still used as a prime standard in many applications that we use in our daily basis.

Below is an infographic showing the reality of HTML5 vs the hype created about it. The facts mentioned in the infographic are not misleading by any means.

Yes, we all agree that HTML5 is going through an adoption phase, and it is breaking away from the pack of the native frameworks. We all can see the signs of change, Adobe itself is now switching to create HTML5 and some other web based tools for desktop and mobile applications. It also admitted that Flash is facing a dead phase and the last release of it will run on the Android Ice-Cream sandwich devices.

The infographic’s source is a Washington-state based Zipline games. Todd Hooper, the CEO of Zipline who believes that HTML5 will not be the future for web or mobile games says, “HTML5 was not created with games in mind and the working group …had no members from game companies.” This means HTML5 is not ready for games yet. Does that mean HTML5 is not the future? That is a bit difficult to predict.

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