Joomla 3.0 : Highly Demanded Mobile Friendly Version is Out!

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Joomla has marked a new milestone in its history by unveiling its latest version 3.0 and has set new path for itself to work on – Mobile platform. It is the latest upgradation of the extensively well-known free open source content management system that has been specially designed for the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Joomla as we all know is a user-friendly CMS platform to design and develop websites, blogs and many other useful web applications. It would not be fair to typify 3.0 version by claiming it to be just a mobile-friendly website, but on the other hand, facts cannot be denied. Hence, upgrading with the latest technology which is inbuilt in the 3.0 version that displays websites perfectly on mobile devices,  Joomla is set to put its foot on a new way – mobile-friendly websites. This technology enables a content to be displayed on a mobile screen just as clear as on a computer screen.

New Feature – PostgreSQL

Version 3.0 caters a new feature PostgreSQL that serves as a new administrator interface and also a template for front end. Although this version still supports MySQL server but the inclusion of this new feature has made Joomla a database independent CMS.

Tool Kit – Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap, a tool kit that is incorporated in the new version, comes for free while developing, creating and developing websites, blogs and applications over web. With more and more people surfing the net over mobile devices, it is quite predictable that by the end of 2015 the number of people surfing net over mobiles would be more as compared to the people surfing the net over computers. Keeping this in mind, Joomla incorporated Twitter Bootstrap in version 3.0. Twitter Bootstrap is highly popular and is recognized all over the world. It caters design templates and many interface parts of HTML like fonts, colors, texts, web page navigation, etc that would enable Joomla in accomplishing its goal of creating a mobile-friendly version for its users.

Mobile-Friendly Version

With more and more people surfing the net over mobile devices nowadays, Joomla would definitely experience the success phase with the launch of this latest mobile-optimized version. With success comes fame! Accordingly, Joomla would surely gain more popularity in future. Moreover, people demanded a CMS version that would enable them to read the content clearly on their mobile screens, hence, this launch would also increase the usability of Joomla. Joomla authorities gave credit to the Joomla community by saying that each version of Joomla is developed by the suggestions of Joomla Community.

Other Captivating Features

If we count, there are about 15 new features in Joomla 3.0 version. The well-known features cater the option of copying templates, changing the names of the users on their profiles, and ability to install language package directly from extension manager. By doing the direct installation, a user can easily manage different languages.


With the increasing demand of millions of users for a mobile-friendly version, Joomla came up with 3.0 version which was a mixed effort of both Joomla community and Joomla developers. The high rise in demand for such a version was observed from the thousands of suggestions and feedbacks. These suggestions and feedback was also collected from Joomla extensions. An estimate of 3 percent of blogs and websites over the web use Joomla as their CMS platform and about 30 million downloads of this version has been observed till April ,2012. Joomla is expected to gain more fame and popularity after the release of version 3.5

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