Some Points to consider when you are choosing ColdFusion Developer

With the increasing need of mobile and internet apps, the developers are always in lookout for platforms which offer ease of development and can be used for both mobile as well as end-to-end web applications. Once such platform, which is liked equally by the developers and business houses is the ColdFusion Development platform. It includes innovative features and allows companies to choose various software versions and editions.

Hiring the right kind of talent is very essential to get the project completed within the defined time-frame. Companies can choose to hire a full-time or a part time resource as per the project size and deadline. Here I mention some important points to be considered while choosing the right talent.

  1. ColdFusion as a platform continues updating its versions and hence the programmers you have shortlisted must be updated with the latest versions of the platform. The new versions are rich in features and makes programming faster and more efficient. The Project Managers should consider it a great idea to hire a resource with adequate familiarity with the latest versions of the ColdFusion platform.
  2. In most cases, the development languages do not work in isolation. The web programmers also make use of other popular technologies. These technologies such as JavaScript, XML, CSS, HTML and few others greatly enhance the compatibility of the application. One must also check the developers knowledge on these technologies as with the additional knowledge developers can incorporate additional features such as better database interaction, built-in AJAX widgets, enhanced image manipulation, far more stronger encryption libraries, integration with Microsoft Exchange Server, better archiving, multi-threading and much more.
  3. One more thing you should check is whether the programmer has knowledge of ColdFusion editors. There are different editors available most popular being ColdFusion Pad, Sublime Text, CF Eclipse, First Page and ColdFusion builder. These editors are excessively used in manipulating the CFML code and are are frequently used for the customization of apps and enhancement of their look and feel.
  4. Since the ColdFusion specialists are expensive resources, the project cost shoots up to a great extent. Hence most companies today choose to hire offshore developers or freelance programmers. While choosing such a talent one major area to focus on is the resource’s connectivity and availability. You need to know about their time zones, how many hours a day they can put in on regular basis, operating time and so on. You also need to ensure that they are easily accessible vial multiple venues for communication such as emails, phone calls, video chats, messengers, fax etc. You need to setup timings which are commonly agreed for information sharing and status reviews.

It is essential for the organizations to explore various options for hiring a ColdFusion talent. You have to do an internal analysis to come to a conclusion on whether hiring a full time resource is required or a freelance resource would be more viable. Of course this is a conscious choice and you need to decide it wisely.

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