Techs & Apps To Help You Plan A Better Event This Year

If you are planning a business event this year and want to make it exceptional, you must look for some good supporting techs and apps. Be it your annual conference or an occasion to invite prospects for business presentation, if  it is hi-tech and well organised, then makes a ravishing impact. Luckily, today, we are blessed with a host of mobile-focused event apps, content and networking tools in this modern business world. However, it becomes a difficult task for you to choose and pick the right techs/apps for your event as there are plenty.

Therefore, you need to use only the productive event organizing techs/apps that can help you to achieve the success for the respective event. Moreover, these apps are usually developed by the top mobile app developers across the world. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top mobile apps and techs in order to help you plan a better event in 2018.

Check out the list of top 9 event planning mobile apps below:

1) Eventbrite Organizer App

This app is developed to cater the professional-level meetup needs. This app will not work at all if you are planning a family reunion. But if you are hosting an event where you plan selling tickets then it will make the experience awesome for you and semi-professional too. The best part about this app is that it lets you do all from doing check-in VIP guests to counting up unsold tickets on your smartphone.

Using this app, you can have sharp-looking event listings, become able to generate and sell digital tickets and provides a number of ways to contact attendees. However, all this functionality costs you. For its Essentials plan, you need to pay 1 percent of your profit along with $1 per paid ticket. For its Professional plan, you need to pay 2.5 percent plus $2 per paid ticket.

In spite of the higher price, this plan provides more ticket types, more detailed sales analytics, amazing goodies and the option to sell tickets on your own website. For its premium plan, there is an even higher tier. You will get additional features like 24/7 phone support, on-site staffing. But you can also contact the production company to know the exact price of all its versions.

Note: Can be downloaded from Google play store as well as Apple play stores

2) Google Glass/Smart Watches

The various popular tools like Smart watches and Google glass from tech giants naming Samsung and Apple are a clear indication of the future popularity of wearable tech. The possibility of incorporation in the planning of events is actually endless. Wearable technology has the enough potential to renew everything from the site inspection process to food and drinks.

Travel instructions, appointment updates, contact information and facial recognition software are just the beginning of very real ways using which event planners will soon be able to use this technology.

3) Google Calendar App

Due to rising popularity of Google accounts, it makes the company’s calendar app as the obvious choice for this purpose. This app lets you create events, invite people, friends & family members, add details who have Google accounts with themselves.

How this app creates an event?

First of all, open the application and press the big red plus button in the lower right corner of the screen in order to start a new event. Once you have entered a date, location and time, you can add guests via the Invite People (Android option) or Add Guests (iOS option) link. Only guests(invited) will see the event in their own Google Calendar applications. If you want to include more people, you can allow those guests to invite more people, a good option that appears when you start sending invitations.

In addition to this, Google Calendar has some nice bonus features. For instance, it allows you to create a Google Hangouts video call to which all guests can join, which allows you to talk about prepayments in advance or to include people who can not attend in person. You can also send mass emails to everyone who comes if you need to contact your guests.

Note: Available to download on both platform iOS and Android.

4) Virtual Information Booths

Virtual Reality(VR) is another major and relatively new form of technology which is capable enough to change the future of events. In fact, Virtual information booths are a new event trend in conferences and meetings. For instance, BizBash employed two of these useful virtual assistants at its Innovation Expo held in October to answer the frequent asked questions of the attendees and disseminate specific information about the stands to attendees.

Hence, the virtual reality is a good way to improve the participation of attendees during events. By combining the uses of virtual reality along with the portability of the wearable technology, this will the future of event management.

5) Doodle App

It is one of the best event apps that can help you plan a better event. It happens most of the time when you want to meet your friends but the date you decide doesn’t work for all. Ultimately, it becomes hard for you to organize such meeting on a particular date. Doodle app is developed to solve this problem. Using this app, you are allowed to suggest some dates and timings to the people for a meet-up and then the people who are invited(not necessarily having own Doodle accounts) can vote the option which suits them most.

Doodle app makes the whole process very easy and simple with a clean and intelligent interface. Moreover, it incorporates features such as integration with your existing calendars (Apple, Google or Outlook), a private messaging thread for each defined event and pushes notifications. In order to add even more skills, including the removal of ads and emails that automatically remind guests of RSVP, you have an option for upgrading to a premium account for $39/year.

Note: Download on both platforms iOS as well as Android

6) Meetup App

It is another amazing event planning app that makes you out of the house in order to make you able to meet with the people who share an interest with you over the app. In fact, you can use this app for creating your own gatherings. This app works at its best when have planned to meet up with people you don’t know much yet, rather than close friends.

This app works in the following ways to plan a better event:

First, you have to create a group by tapping Browse (for Android) or Meetup (for iOS) then followed by the Plus icon. Now, you can set various parameters for the new group and also write the blurb explaining what is your goal, why you want to connect and whom you would like to meet. However, these meetups will be between people who share common purpose, goal, identity, interest, and activity. At last, you can now begin creating specific events for your people to attend.

However, this app costs you $15 per month which it is premium subscription. But you can also a 30-day trial of the subscription tier of this app.  

Note: Available on both platforms Android as well iOS

7) Projection Mapping

This event tech is going to scale up to the next level of event planning. This tech has already fallen like a wildfire in the industry and now it will go several notches in the near future. The main key to this is the 3D content mapped on 3D surfaces with multiple projection sources. From using the desktop projectors and printing of 3D models of buildings to provide customers with real miniature previews of the brand’s 3D projection mapping projects, up to the creation of interactive 3D projection mappings that will change according to the actions of the audience. Moreover, the future of this technology for the events industry is seeming endless.

8) Facebook App

Facebook is a universal app used by millions of people around the world. Therefore, everyone has an account on it and thus the event planning aspect of this app is very easy to use. However, this app might have few issues with its News Feed, but the better network can help you with this while organizing an event.

How this app works for the event planning:

At first, open your application, touch the menu button (3 horizontal lines), choose Events(option) and then select Create. In the beginning, you only have to fill in the name and time of an event, but you can also add other details, such as a cover photo, a location, and a description that tells the guests what is happening and why so. You can also find out who can see these details. For this, set an event as private and will only be visible to the guests or you can configure it for the public, and anyone can see it.

Once the event page is working, you can also take advantage of other valuable Facebook tools. For instance, you can send messages to all the guests at the same time, or verify who has seen your list of events but has not yet responded. Moreover, guests can post messages and photos on the event page, making it easy for everyone to be aware.

Note: You can download this app on both platforms iOS as well as Android.

Furthermore, we have shortlisted some major industry events that were happened in 2018 using such techs/apps. These are listed below with their event launch date that will help you find any event throughout this year.

App Builders: It is a mobile technologies conference in the heart of Europe. It has discussed emerging trends in the mobile industry and network with the community by taking help from their 25 talented speakers.

Date: 16 – 17 April 2018

Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Apps World Evolution: This event is a part of London Tech Week’s new festival of technology ‘TECHXLR8’. It focusses on utilizing next-generation technology.

Date: 12 – 14 June 2018

Location: London, UK

Casual Connect Europe conference 2018: IT took place in London to explore how creativity and business can merge to create games analyzing various things like game design, social casino, next-generation technology, esports etc.

Date: 29 – 31 May 2018

Location: London, UK



So far we have seen the top 5 mobile event apps which can help you plan a better event in 2018. Some of the major events have been listed above that are either already took place or will be organized soon. These event apps are developed with the help of mobile app developers from the top mobile app development companies like ValueCoders (a leading software development company in India) can be the best choice for you as they are providing best software development services to their clients since 2004.


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