Top 21 Alternatives to ActivTrak: Pricing and Features


Have you been looking for an alternatives to ActivTrak that is better than the standard options? We’ve got you covered.

Though ActivTrak is a popular and well-known tool for monitoring internet activity at work. However, there are several alternative solutions to consider because they can provide a more flexible platform and protection against internal security threats and improve productivity, such as time theft/spy, user behavior analytics, multiple device support, employee chat monitoring, etc.

In this post, we’ll look at a few alternatives that you may not have heard of before. Read the full blog to know the best alternatives to ActivTrak that will provide you with all the missing features of ActivTrak.

Have you ever considered why you need ActivTrak alternatives? What’s the point of it all?

The answer is No.

Let’s have a look at why you might need an alternative to ActivTrak

Why do you need alternatives to ActivTrak?

1. Time-consuming tool

The objective of any performance monitoring software is to improve productivity and reduce time spent.

However, if understanding your time tracker is challenging, it is not wise to continue with the same tracking software. You should consider its alternatives.

ActivTrak is one of the most comprehensive time monitoring systems on the market. However, it can be complicated for novices. They can take some additional time to get used to it, which might suppress your product development.

2. Difficult to avoid distractions

When working from home or office, you’ll face a variety of distractions. Whether it’s a Facebook post, Instagram update, or YouTube video, there are always ways to get side-tracked!

Ideally, your time tracker should alert you to avoid these disruptions by giving little clues so that work may continue without interruption.

This may not be possible because two applications only keep track of the number of hours worked but not how many minutes were spent on particular sites. This makes tracking productivity more complicated than it was previously.

Let’s move to explore 20+ alternatives to ActivTrak-

Are you ready? Let’s dive right into them-

Top 20+ alternatives to ActivTrak

1. Interguard

Interguard is one of the most sophisticated employee monitoring software currently available because it can monitor multiple devices simultaneously.

Interguard can capture screenshots, get logs, and retrieve files from work, personal email accounts, and Facebook accounts.

What to look for-

● Better transparency with screenshot monitoring

● Web content monitoring

● Get real-time alerts


● Free Cloud Trial

● Cloud Hosted- $9/user/month

● Enterprise On-Premise: Custom pricing

2. Teramind

Teramind is a workplace productivity and insider threat detection tool that focuses on user activity monitoring. It has a number of remote team monitoring tools, although they are expensive because you must pay for at least five users.

What to look for-

● Clipboard and keystroke monitoring

● Real-time activity monitoring

● Easily identify insider threats


● Starter- $12/user/month

● UAM- $25/user/month

● DLP: $30/user/month

3. Workstatus

The Workstatus is the most excellent workforce management software on the market. It’s one of today’s best time tracking solutions. It will also allow organizations to keep track of several activities, how much time they spend on each activity, and other workplace details. It also includes a built-in GPS monitoring capability as well.

What to look for-

● Auto-detect potential poor-time usage

● Export customizable reports

● Social media monitoring to prevent distractions

● Provides idle time tracking for better productivity


● Free Forever Package: ₹0

● Starter Package: ₹366.07/user/month

● Scale Package: ₹732.87/user/month

● Enterprise Package: ₹1320.49/user/month

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a productivity management and timesheet software tool that helps you evaluate your company’s success quickly.

Its starting cost plan, however, lacks certain essentials such as several connectivity options and payroll administration.

What to look for-

● Easy to manage paid time-off for your workers

● Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac

● Easy to integrate with other tools


● Free Plan

● Basic: $7/user/month

● Premium: $10/user/month

● Enterprise:$20/user/month

5. DeskTime

DeskTime is a real-time automatic workflow management software that sorts the many applications you or our employees use into categories such as “productive,” “unproductive,” and “neutral.”

What to look for-

● Custom reports

● Absence calendar

● Invoicing

● Document title tracking


● Free Plan

● Pro- $7

● Premium- $10

● Enterprise- $20

6. Workpuls

Workpuls is a good employee monitoring software because it allows one to track what you’re doing on your work screen as if they were looking over your shoulder. You can see where the cursor is on the screen and whether or not that person is browsing Facebook on another website.

What to look for-

● Regular screenshots

● Computer activity tracking

● Verified attendance


● Employee monitoring- $8/month

● Time tracking- $10/month

● Automatic time mapping- $12/month

● Enterprise- Contact for pricin

7. Clockify

Clockify is the ideal employee automatic time tracking software to obtain more insights into your staff. It can track employees’ job-related information, such as visits to the business’s website, collaboration data, work reports, and much more.

What to look for-

● Record expenses

● Get Filtered and customized reports

● It monitors hours using a timer


● Basic: $3.99/user/month

● Standard: $5.49/user/month

● Pro: $7.99/user/month

● Enterprise: $11.99/user/month

8. TimeAnalytics

TimeAnalytics is a timekeeping software that automates tasks and gives greater accountability for your staff. It also provides information on what they do during the day, where they spend most of their time, and how much it costs per hour.

What to look for-

● Better projections

● Easy to monitor admin tasks

● Get accurate reporting


● Free: $0/person/month

● Starter: $4.99/person/month

● Optimum: $6.99/person/month

● Premium: $12.99/person/month

9. Time Doctor

The Time Doctor tool is designed to monitor how much time you spend on tasks. It also allows you to send alerts when a job is completed or started.

It lets users see where their colleagues are spending their time and whether their hours were correctly tracked.

What to look for-

● Tracks activities with screenshots

● It provides real-time data to improve productivity

● It enables transparency and accountability


● Basic: $7/month, 1 user

● Standard: $10/month, 1 user

● Premium: $20/month, 1 user

10. BeeBole

BeeBole is a free time clock software for your workers to keep track of their hours on the go.

It also has several management functions, including real-time notifications when employees punch in or out and the feature to approve or deny leave requests swiftly.

What to look for-

● Multilingual time tracking, multicurrency, and multi-device

● Automated timesheet reminders

● Absence tracking and Employee attendance


● Free trial: 30 days

● 5.99€/person/month

11. Harvest

Harvest is a useful time-tracking software for small company owners. You may easily keep tabs on how much time your staff has spent working, stay on track with your projects, and get reports. This tool may be readily modified to meet the needs of your business.

What to look for-

● Easy to integrate with other tools

● Get insight for better performance

● Automated reminders to track time consistently


● Free trial: 30 days

● Free: $0 forever, 1 seat and 2 Projects

● Pro: $12/seat/month, unlimited seats and projects

12. TogglTrack

Toggl Track is an employee monitoring software for small businesses. They provide configurable reports, sophisticated time tracer tools, and limitless users, in addition to allowing you to track your time, collaborate with other team members, discover real-time project insights on how your staff spends its time.

What to look for-

● Auto tracker

● One-click timers

● Background tracking

● Calendar integrations


● Free: $0

● Starter: $9/user/month

● Premium: $18/user/month

● Enterprise: Contact for pricin

13. Clicktime

Time and attendance software ClickTime enables businesses to keep track of their expenditures and charge their clients correctly. This program has many useful features, including multiple employee management, more accurate data entry with the ability to enter more than one job code for each client, automated detection of paid/non-paid hours, configurable reports, and logins from anywhere.

What to look for-

● Real-time dashboards

● 70+ Pre-built reports

● Get a mobile app for easy tracking


● Starter: $9

● Team: $12

● Premier: $24

● Enterprise: Call for pricing

14. Vericlock

Vericlock is a time management software that helps you keep track of the time your staff works and how productive they are. Freelancers and independent contractors can also use this program!

You may use Vericlock to keep track of who’s working where and when simply.

What to look for-

● Get the required data to run projects efficiently

● Monitor labor costs in real-time

● Easy to view employees clocking in and out


● $5/user

$10/month account fee

15. RemoteDesk

RemoteDesk is a fantastic tool for employers who need an app to keep track of the time spent by one or more people. It has adaptable management panels, making it easy for business owners to administer the system from their mobile devices. Admins may also generate reports on productivity and labor hours.

What to look for-

● Identity verification of employees

● Monitor desktop activity through screen capture

● Tracks links, applications, and browsers visited by employees


● Contact for the pricing details

16. WeWorked

WeWorked is a fantastic time tracking program for freelancers, consultants, and distributed firms. It allows you to track real-time activity and supports four distinct project categories to record projects.

What to look for-

● Email reminders

● Project templates

● Get detailed reports


● 3 users: $12.50/month

● 10 users: $25/month

● 25 users: $50/month

● 100 users: $83.33/month

17. Scoro

Scoro is a billing and time management software that’s designed for bigger commercial enterprises. Although small businesses can use it as a timesheet program, it was initially developed for larger professional organizations. It may be used to bill clients, plan projects, produce invoices and handle customers.

What to look for-

● Tracks projects, sales, and daily activities

● An easy-to-use collaborative platform

● Comprehensive-time management


● Essential: $26/user/month, min. 5 users

● Work Hub: $37/user/month, min. 5 users

● Sales Hub:$37/user/month, min. 5 users

● Ultimate: Contact for pricing

18. Replicon

Replicon’s time and payroll software is ideal for organizations of all sizes. It has a time clock component that includes a mobile app to assist managers in keeping track of staff hours when they’re on the move. Replicon comes with several tools that may help you run your company more efficiently.

What to look for-

● Easy to visualize critical metrics

● Track time and costs to bill clients accurately

● Simple to record hours spent on any task


19. Timecamp

TimerCamp is a popular time tracking software that has won several awards. It features a user-friendly and clutter-free design. It also includes a calendar view to see your team member’s activities for any particular day.

What to look for-

● Easy and insightful reports

● One-click timesheet approvals

● Track project profitability


● Free: $0

● Basic: $5.25/user/month

● Pro: $7.50/user/month

● Enterprise: Contact for pricing

20. Avaza

Avaza is a free timekeeping program that’s both powerful and user-friendly. It has features such as GPS, clock-in/out times, absence management, and more. Avaza supports a wide range of businesses — large and small — in several sectors, including service providers.

What to look for-

● Online invoicing

● Track time on projects for accurate billing

● Expense management


● Free: $0/mo

● Startup: $9.95/mo

● Basic:$19.95/mo

● Business: $39.95/mo

21. actiTIME

actiTIME is a time tracking software with reminder notifications and web and mobile apps. It has a user interface that is easy to use, which helps you manage your timesheets.

You may complete your task in a few seconds using this program, and you can quickly see your daily, weekly, or monthly productivity reports.

What to look for-

● Organize workloads in line with business objectives

● Analyze income, team performance, and expenses in depth

● Calculate revenue and costs with time tracking data


● 1–3 users: Free

● 1–40 users: $6

● 41–200 users: $5

● 200+ users: Contact for pricing

Have a look at the video below:

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant ActivTrak alternatives in 2021. These tools were chosen based on their simplicity of use and value to customers.

If you’re looking for a way to get more done at work or want to track your remote employees, these tools will help you get more done than ever before.

We hope that our list will help assist you in choosing the best task manager for you!

We recommend Workstatus, Time Doctor, Clockify as excellent alternatives to ActivTrak to help you manage your demands effectively.

Well!! That’s it for today.

Thanks for reading!!


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