Birthday Celebration At “ValueCoders”

Birthdays are always meant to be special events in everyone’s life. It is obviously a time for celebration. But due to today’s busy life schedule, a fine line has occurred between the celebrations fun especially birthday fun at the office.

For many companies, though acknowledging employees’ birthdays is a great way to make them feel recognized and special, it could be hard for the employees to take time away from their desks to truly get into the celebration. However, the picture is completely different for “Birthday Celebrations” at ValueCoders. Here our employees have the best birthday celebration of both their worlds.

Here’s how we had celebrated one of our employees “Rovin” birthday just a few days back.

Usually, we gathered into the large cafeteria of our company for such celebrations. So, we took this bday celebration at Cafeteria in the evening. The decoration was so mesmerizing and colorful that made the whole environment so refreshing and cheerful for us. We were now ready for further celebration process by keeping the gift cards ready in our hands.

The birthday cake was looking very amazing and delicious. So, we started the celebration with the cake cutting, birthday singing “Happy birthday to you-2…Happy birthday to dear Rovin” along with clappings. It was then distributed among all the team members and thus enjoyed a lot. Now, it was the party time and the best part of this celebration was to wear birthday party accessories. It added a great taste to the party itself.

Some other lovable activities took place at the party which we have listed below:

  • Card exchanging games
  • Birthday gift distribution
  • Food party
  • Photography Session


Among all of the above activities, Photography session was the last and best ending part of whole birthday celebration. We captured all such memories to cherish for a long time. Some of the team members threw jokes and had the gossip session with them. At last, we gave our blessings to “Rovin” and wished him a wonderful life ahead. That’s how we end the celebration with full enjoyment in that eve.

Have a glimpse of the birthday celebration pictures at ValueCoders:

Last Note:

This is how we celebrate the birthday of our employees at ValueCoders. You can also go through our other cultural blogs to see all live events and cultural activities happened in our company.

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