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There are scenarios where people consume medicines without knowing any information about that medicine and doctors also gives them without knowing the adverse effects of that medicine. This medical app provides an overview of the exciting development which is currently taking place in the field of alternative drug delivery. It provides accurate medicines or drug information, including information like drug effectiveness, side effects and drug interactions.

Technology Used:

Key Challenges

The US firm wants to achieve its primary goal – developing a web based, medical online app through which drug enterprises could easily provide information on various drugs which drug effectiveness and most effective drug treatment.

The client has made a commitment to unbiased drug information by ensuring that the app subscribers can rely on their content to make the best decisions for their patients – without any influence of the pharmaceutical companies or any other commercial entity.

When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address to the following tasks:

  • Integrating all functionalities of their existing web app into iOS mobile app.
  • Fetching data for all medicines or drugs.
  • Developing iOS mobile app to be used in both portrait and landscape mode.

While developing, we faced various challenges including the following ones:

  • Accepting the challenge of the complexity of work, ValueCoders developer set the task of developing the iOS application.
  • Our solution provided for the business situation was explained with the help of the work-flow.
  • Integrating all the functionalities of web app to mobile app.

Our iOS app developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas and technical expertise.

Our Solutions

ValueCoders decided to accept the challenge of the complexity of work, our developers set their respective tasks of developing the application. Few group discussions were done among the developers resulting in a plan to develop the application keeping in mind the fact that the delivery need to be of the highest possible quality and the solution provided had to exceed customer expectations. Our solution provided for the business situation is explained with the help of the work-flow.

The client previously had an existing web-application and now wants to develop a mobile application in iOS operating system for a medical journal with all features of the web-app:

  • Target devices – aim for as much consistency as possible, use of native API and GUI controls for design consistency within the platform.
  • The screen orientation of mobile app should Vertical or Portrait for navigating all the app screens, however the articles can be read in either Vertical / Portrait or – Horizontal / Landscape orientation.
  • User need to have a Subscriptions and Login authentication for viewing the articles.
  • Only free content had to be made available to unpaid subscribers.
  • Web-services should be used for retrieving the project-content from server.
  • For Offline-caching and for saving username-password user settings should be used.

Here are some screens which were designed as per client’s specification.

  • Registration/Login – new user can complete registration or existing user can login.
  • Main menu – shows the list of available options.
  • Medical Journal – Objective, peer-reviewed evaluations of new FDA-approved drugs, and new information on previously approved drugs.
  • Therapy – Provides unbiased reviews of drug classes which is used to treat common disorders. Including the doses, side effects and the recommendations of expert doctors.
  • Pdfs/Articles – It can be used to view the articles in html/pdf format.

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