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Covid-19 Update: Our entire team is working remotely. We expect no disruptions in our services.

Covid-19 Update: We expect no disruptions in our services.

Watch Scanning Application

This application is mainly for the watch lovers and provides accessibility to AI-based marketplace. The users will need to register themselves to discover the real-time features of the platform. The users can scan the watch and it will show up all the details, specification, reviews & rating for the same watch. The users may add their reviews and rate the watches with history. Through this app, users discover and purchase watches based on their scanning, rating and purchase behavior and community recommendations, making watch discovery fun, accessible, and easy to understand for watch lovers of every level of expertise.

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Technologies Used

  • .NET-MVC Framework
  • Android(Java)
  • iOS (Swift)
  • IoT

Key Challenges

  • The biggest challenge was to implement the scan functionality of watches. Scanning & reading was a challenging task to implement in the application.
  • Client-side should be strong and able to manage diverse requirements promptly

Our Solutions

  • We did POC for this feature and researched on how to implement it.
  • The solution we implemented was Tensorflow. By using TensorFlow, scanning of images & saving is quite easy in development.

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