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Are you struggling to find the right IT staff augmentation services for your project?

ValueCoders has been providing IT staff augmentation services for over 18+ years. With a team of skilled and dedicated IT professionals, we can help lower development costs, scale as per requirement, reduce operational costs, and stay away from legal hassles.

Let us help you meet your project deadlines with our flexible, cost-effective IT staff augmentation services.

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How To Get Started For IT Staff Augmentation Services

With staff augmentation service, you get access to a wider pool of talent, flexibility in staffing as per project needs, reduced hiring cost and risk, increased scalability, and faster project completion. To get started, you need to:

Work With The Right Partner

For a successful partnership, you need to schedule consultation with staff augmentation companies, and filter out the ones that meet your criteria. Do consider the company's industry reputation, past work, hiring process, and experience.

Choose The Outsourcing Model

Perform an internal assessment studying your experience, capabilities, and weaknesses. IT staff augmentation services are fully customizable, so there will be a model that suits your needs the best.

Define Expectations From The Start

Your goals and expectations should be determined & communicated clearly. Additionally, numerous evaluations must be conducted throughout the process to identify progress and make necessary modifications before investing too many resources.

Prioritize Communication

Working with top IT staff augmentation companies requires establishing a clear line of communication and creating an effective feedback loop. This is a key factor for the success of any project.

Setup Infrastructure

If you are preparing for a software development project, you must also look into the infrastructure setup of a staff augmentation firm. If you have the required IT setup, you may use it or set up an offshore development center from a software development company.

Have A Plan

Top staff augmentation consulting companies prepare a maintenance plan according to your needs upfront to ensure there is a strategy in place. It will help phase out your increased staff and redirect your internal team once coding and testing are complete.

Let's Discuss Your Project

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Scale Up Your Existing Team
The Way You Need

We provide staff augmentation services customized as per your requirement. Whether you are looking to increase the size of your in-house team in minimal time or experts with a particular skill set to add more value to your project, we have got you covered.

  • Build Team from Scratch You can build your custom team with the varied skill set to convert your potential business idea into the most viable product from scratch.
  • Add Resources Grow faster by adding more resources to your existing development team. IT resource augmentation will enhance the efficiency of your ongoing projects.
  • Vendor Transition If you are facing issues with your ongoing software project development partner, we can help you in project transition with an agile transformation.

ValueCoders Covers You Against Staff Augmentation Challenges

As a leading augmentation services company in India with 18+ years of experience, we understand your challenges when you decide to start a project yourself.

Common Concerns of Companies

There are many common concerns that businesses face. Here are some of them:

  • Excess time taken for the development
  • Managing employee leaves and working space
  • Meeting users expectations
  • Cost of hiring in-house teams
  • Dealing with continuously changing technologies
  • Lack of data-driven decisions
Our Staff Augmentation Approach

We respond according to your common and specific challenges:

  • Fast response to changes and quick action
  • Work as an extended development team that’s easily
  • Adherence to specific guidelines for standardization
  • No hassle of hiring extended development teams
  • In tune with new trends i.e. IoT, AR/VR, AI, blockchain
  • Project change management ability

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Service

When you partner with ValueCoders for staff augmentation requirements, you can enjoy:

Lower Development Costs Lower Development Costs

Lower Development Costs

If you want to reduce development costs and increase the quality of work, staff augmentation services are the best option for you.

Zero Recruitment Headache Zero Recruitment Headache

Zero Recruitment Headache

Finding qualified candidates is a difficult task, time-consuming, and expensive. We eliminate the need for direct recruitment by the companies.

Reduced Operational Costs Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced Operational Costs

The cost of office space, utility bills, and office maintenance are high. You can lower this cost with staff augmentation services.

Less Legal Responsibility &  Paperwork Less Legal Responsibility &  Paperwork

Less Legal Responsibility & Paperwork

When companies use our IT staff augmentation service, we act as an official employer, meaning no stress about taxes, payroll, employee benefits, etc.

Direct Access to IT Specialists Direct Access to IT Specialists

Direct Access to IT Specialists

You can dip into a pool of talent that may be unavailable or scarce in your city, state, or country.

Increased Team Size and Productivity Increased Team Size and Productivity

Increased Team Size and Productivity

You can increase your team size and boost output without spending an absurd amount of money on new hires.

Valuecoders Valuecoders

Top Companies Trust ValueCoders For Staff Augmentation Services

We’re the #1 choice for Staff Augmentation Services as we focus on offering quality solutions to all sizes of businesses in any industry. Valuecoders has been delivering quality solutions since 2004.

  • 4200+ successful projects
  • 97%+ customer satisfaction rate
  • 2500+ global clients
  • 38+ countries
  • 650+ full-time software developers

Ultimate User Guide to Understand IT Staff Augmentation

What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a simple concept of “adding value”. It is a service designed to add additional talent to your team on an on-demand basis. This is a popular method across top staff augmentation companies in India to find the right fit for their team in a short time. Staff augmentation is an instant booster to enhancing scalability and efficiency for project development by quickly filling hard-to-find temporary positions in the team.

Being able to solve this problem, IT staff augmentation services are now accepted widely.

  • PR NewsWire report suggests that “The staff augmentation services market will register an incremental spend of about USD 81.87 Billion, growing at a CAGR of 3.53% during the five-year forecast period.”
  • According to Forbes “more companies are starting to adopt outsourcing, and the IT market is expected to increase by 7.7% from 2020 to 2027.”

Staff augmentation acts as an enabler/fixer to the rising gaps and addresses your most common challenges, like:

  • The challenges and expenses associated with hiring in-house specialists.
  • New staff recruitment is time and effort-consuming.
  • You cannot neglect the growing employee turnover rate.
  • The local talent pool remains quite limited.

Why do you need a flexible staff augmentation model?

Staff augmentation is a key element of modern business. It gives organizations access to specialized skills, technological expertise, and project resources when needed. A flexible staff augmentation model allows businesses to scale up or down on resources as needed without hiring permanent employees or using outsourced services.

Here are some key reasons why a flexible staff augmentation model is necessary:

  1. Cost Savings – Without the need to hire additional employees and pay salaries, using a staff augmentation service can save your company time and money in the long run. This allows you to focus more on core operations and other important activities that drive growth instead of worrying about staffing costs.
  2. Improved Efficiency – With the right combination of remote workers specializing in specific tasks, projects can be completed faster and with greater accuracy than if they were done internally by full-time employees who may not have had as much experience or knowledge regarding working remotely or efficiently completing certain tasks. Additionally, having access to experts for critical roles ensures that things get done quickly with minimal disruption from sick days or vacation requests from existing full-time employees.
  1. Access To Talent For Short-Term Needs – By engaging a team for short-term projects like product launches, marketing campaigns, etc., you gain access to highly motivated professionals. They focus on completing projects within the agreed timeline while leveraging their expertise.
  2. Testing Talent – Using flexibly augmented teams offers businesses an ideal opportunity for testing talent prior to committing them permanently. They can make informed hiring decisions by observing the performance of an individual over a pre-defined, agreed-upon period.

IT staff augmentation services – Benefits to businesses

IT staff augmentation is a brilliant way to instantly add value to your business. We at ValueCoders, offer several benefits for businesses with our IT staff augmentation services, including:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity as a result of having the right staff with the necessary skills in place.
  • Reduced costs as a result of not having to hire and train staff in-house and only paying for the services you need.
  • More flexibility to easily add or remove staff as required.
  • Access to specialist skills and knowledge that may not be available in-house.

What are the pros & cons associated with staff augmentation services?

Before moving forward, assess whether staff augmentation is the right solution for you. Understand the pros and cons associated with the solution.


  • Talent
    Get access to the best talent across the globe, and integrate them into your team to instantly add value to your project.
  • Fuss-Free Hiring
    Define skill sets, communicate expectations, and add experts directly. No more contemplation on talent acquisition.
  • Quick Solutions
    With an extended team’s expertise, smoothen any project roadblocks and minimize downtime.
  • Flexible Scalability
    On-demand teams allow you to increase or decrease the size of your development workforce as needed.


  • Missed Perspective/Vision
    When a project exclusively requires very specific knowledge of the company’s culture and context, a bird’s eye view from the extended team might fail to fully understand and reflect on it.
  • Integration and Setup with Internal Processes
    Flawed internal processes might reflect strongly on your augmented staff.
  • Workflow Integration
    Integration with an external staff might take up some time and energy from you.

Staff Augmentation vs Dedicated Teams

IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is the process of hiring a temporary or contracted worker to fill a role within your IT department. This can be a great solution for companies that need specific skills for a short period of time or that don’t want to hire a full-time employee. As an IT staff augmentation company, we provide several benefits for organizations, including:

  • Reduced costs: Temporary workers can be hired at a lower cost than full-time employees.
  • Greater flexibility: Contract workers can be brought on board quickly to address specific needs or crises and then released when those needs are met.
  • Increased efficiency: Having additional personnel available to help with projects can speed up their completion.
  • Easier recruitment: When staffing needs to change, it can be difficult to find qualified candidates for open positions. Contract workers can help fill short-term gaps in staffing.

Dedicated Teams
An IT dedicated team is a group of autonomous experts specializing in a particular area of technology. The team is typically composed of a project manager, software engineers, and quality assurance engineers. This type of team allows for greater specialization and expertise, which can lead to better outcomes for the company. Additionally, by having an IT dedicated team, the company can free up other employees to work on other tasks that may be outside of their area of expertise.

How to hire an IT staff augmentation team?

When you partner with ValueCoders(a leading staff augmentation company in India), you have to follow only a few steps to avail of our staff augmentation service. We follow a simple process that defines the right skill set for your project. This includes:

  • We meet and understand your project scope, goals, and vision to know and understand the right fit for you.
  • Next, we help you pick the staff based on your requirements inside our talent pool.
  • We align you with our employees after sharing resumes to take interviews to match your needs.
  • You can start working immediately.

Our in-house team of 50+ recruiters brings onboard talent from around the globe. So that you get access to the best talent in just one place. When you partner with ValueCoders, you get:

  • Convenient team setup
  • A more diversified pool of talent
  • 100% commitment
  • Value addition from day one

Let's Discuss Your Project

Get a free consultation and let us know your project idea to turn it into an amazing digital product.

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Q. Why should I hire ValueCoders for my IT staff augmentation services needs?

Ans. You should partner with ValueCoders(one of the leading IT staff augmentation companies in India) for staff augmentation needs for the 18+ years of experience we have in serving businesses like yours, as well as for a huge pool of pre-vetted tech talent. We have:

  • Top 1% of talent
  • Strict recruitment process
  • Expertise in the latest technologies
  • Well-defined process

Q. How soon can I add the experts to my team with ValueCoders?

Ans. ValueCoders has a large pool of pre-vetted experts with 650+ in-house developers. This is why we are able to commit a quick scaling with a maximum of 2 weeks period required to add new team members to augment your team as you may need.

Q. What technical expertise does ValueCoders offer to augment my in-house technical team?

Ans. We offer you experts in almost all technologies for frontend development, backend development, cloud development, full-stack development, mobile or website application development, staff augmentation services in India, and even the most advanced technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, serverless development, OTT development, and much more.

We have experts for numerous platform-based solutions for your eCommerce and CMS needs too.

Q. How much do IT staff augmentation services cost?

Ans. The cost of IT staff augmentation services can vary depending on factors such as project scope, complexity, and level of customization. ValueCoders offers cost-effective IT staff augmentation services that are tailored to clients’ specific needs and budgets. They provide transparent pricing and flexible engagement models to ensure affordability and maximum value for their clients.

Q. How do I find the best IT staff augmentation services?

Ans. To find the best IT staff augmentation services, consider their experience, expertise, reputation, and client feedback. Look for a company that has a proven track record of delivering successful IT projects and has a deep understanding of your industry. ValueCoders is a reliable option that has been recognized for its quality work and expertise in IT staff augmentation services. They provide customized solutions, transparent communication, and a client-centric approach to ensure maximum satisfaction.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

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