We have had an amazing journey since our inception in 2004 and have received lots of client testimonials, feedback, and suggestions. Here’s a few of them.

We have been working with Valuecoders for more than one year now. And completely satisfied with the resources provided. The developer onboarding process is very quick. For most of the project, we have onboarded resources within a week and started with the project work. The quality of developers is good. They are well versed with the concepts and have in-depth knowledge of the technology. The developers have corporate etiquette and are professional with communication. We consider value coders as a go-to supplier for any challenging projects where we need to pull in on-demand resources. The best thing about Valuecoders is the speed of onboarding the developers and the skillsets.

Ashutosh Arage

We were engaged with Valuecoders for roughly six months, and we were extremely happy with the experience. We were able to onboard the resources very quickly, within 2-3 days, and that is definitely a big plus. We found that the developers from ValueCoders were experts in their field. The developers are very easy to work with, they bond well with the rest of the team, and they are very committed to the success of the project. We have had instances wherein the developer from ValueCoder worked through the weekend to get the project to go live. Whenever we need to hire good resources quickly, ValueCoders would be our first choice. I think the best part is communication, it's really streamlined, and hence there is no confusion.

Mahesh Menon, MBO Partners

ValueCoders have been instrumental in the building of our new platform. They have sourced us a developer who really felt like a true extension to our team. Communication throughout the project has been excellent & confidentiality was respected from start to finish. The developer's knowledge was beyond expectations & they helped us overcome many problems we faced. We are looking at outsourcing more of our work in the future to ValueCoders.

Jae, Manning Stainton

ValueCoders has been able to establish the continuity of the development process. On balance, we can say that it was the right decision to outsource the development to India and that ValueCoders was the right choice. The cooperation with ValueCoders allowed us to develop our application at a higher speed with the same quality as before in Germany. For our company, this has been an important achievement.

Gerald Lindhorst

Our internal development team was looking to partner with full-stack experts that could lend a hand with a major project we were constructing. Value Coders is a great service and team of professionals that have proven to be knowledgeable and efficient in program development. Rohan S. was a key developer we worked with, highly skilled, providing recommendations to build out a production-ready program.

William Francis, Upthinity

The skillful SharePoint development team of ValueCoders provided a level of direction that was both disciplined and creative with some quick fixes and long-term solutions. I am happy to see their strategy of working. Thanks a lot.

Chris Watts

I am looking forward to working with ValueCoders in the near future. ValueCoders, through their exceptional service culture, has found a place in our provider list despite them being new to us. They took the least time to impress.

Eddie May

ValueCoders is a remarkable offshore IT company with highly skilled developers. They have provided me with expected outcomes for every project they undertook. I highly recommend ValueCoders to others.


Discovering a remote development company like ValueCoders is like fresh air for me. I am quite happy with the tweaks made by their smart developers on my SharePoint CMS website.

Kevin Patterson

In my opinion, ValueCoders is a stress buster. I have had the most peaceful time with ValueCoders by my side taking care of all my complicated website development. All I did was to wait for their prompt email updates in my inbox.

Cathy Wise

We are very happy and satisfied to have ValueCoders as our offshore development partner. They have developed a very good understanding of our vision and work-flow. They successfully complement our operations without any issues.

Jennie Moran

Thank you ValueCoders. I have to say that your assigned developer was awesome with the services. We are satisfied and are very happy to work offshore with you.

Fred Edwards

The dedicated Android developers from ValueCoders have done a marvelous job in designing our mobile app. This resulted in the development of a great app.

Casey Gordon

The professional CakePHP developers of ValueCoders provided services above and beyond our expectations. We are impressed with their follow-up and professionalism.

Sue Baldwin

Great job and customer-focused services. We are simply amazed by the performance of the web application developed by the dedicated CakePHP team of ValueCoders.

Danny Stone

ValueCoders has provided a scalable enterprise-level portal solution to meet our business objectives. Looking forward to working with them on our future projects as well.

Herbert Allen

They did their best to make the website look great and function perfectly. I am overwhelmed with their service ethics. I would highly recommend their services to those I know.

Marguerite Lyons

A great team of problem solvers. ValueCoders has solutions to every query of mine. We worked as a team, not as a client and vendor. Communication channel did not break even once. In the end, all culminated in an awesome Magento site.

Dave Hanson

ValueCoders is an efficient offshore staff augmentation company with excellent work and prompt services. They provide with world-class results for every project they undertake.

Lynne Newman

A great team of problem solvers. ValueCoders had solutions to every query of mine. We worked as a team, not as a client and vendor. Communication channel did not break even once. In the end, all culminated in an awesome WordPress site.

Heidi Wagner

My WordPress site was given a holistic makeover. The site featured the best in class features as well as scalability in view of future requirements. Initial responses pointed to my site is light and quick. ValueCoders scored high on all fronts.

Wesley Mendoza

I am very much impressed with the quality of the Drupal team working on our project. The team displayed a real understanding of the issues and came up with great suggestions and ideas which were really impressive.

Brenda Reynolds

4 in a row - is what I would call our association with ValueCoders. I had my 4th development project with ValueCoders and the experience has been steady throughout. 2 Drupal sites, a WordPress and a PSD to HTML, stands as a testimony of their excellence.

Alfredo Allen

ValueCoders is a unique team who understands the functional side of our needs pretty well. They really have an ear for their clients' core requirements as they base their solution on it. I think they realize that technology is just one side of the coin.

Aaron Obrien

ValueCoders is very professional and result oriented. Their developers are much better than any other service provider.

Myra Mcdonald

We are amazed by the AngularJS testing environment developed by the experts of ValueCoders. Very helpful indeed.

Bob Chandler

The expert developers at ValueCoders did some great work on my Node.JS project. I want to thank the team of ValueCoders who took care of my suggestions minutely. Excellent company. I will definitely work with them again.

Bradford Griffin

I want to thank the full Node.JS development team of ValueCoders for the excellent job they have done on our website. ValueCoders is really good.

Thomas Blake

ValueCoders has provided the highest degree of scalability, flexibility and service orientation for our largest business needs. Fully satisfied with their Mule solution.

Johnathan Howard

ValueCoders is truly the best option for me and also for those who are thinking about creating a niche on the web. I am satisfied with ValueCoders.

Blanche Delgado

It is great to work with the Hadoop development team of ValueCoders that responds to the customer's needs on time. It has been great, throughout the project.

Alex Gregory

Truly gifted Apache Hadoop developers and skilled technologists. The services are great and so are the results.

Ivan Vasquez

I believe that ValueCoders has the advantage of deep domain expertise. They proved their excellence by developing our enterprise database application.

Arturo Nelson

The Servoy team of ValueCoders is extremely creative with great visual and technical sensibility. They showed patience for allowing the development process to unfold organically.

Hannah Caldwell

ValueCoders is an outstanding offshore staff augmentation company which has a depth of technical expertise in delivering innovation. We are extremely happy with our working relationship and are looking forward to get engaged for future projects.

Joan Wood

This team of ValueCoders has been outstanding throughout the development! They worked for hours and days tirelessly even on weekends, to complete the project in time. Their work was excellent and to my surprise, the overall project management was easier and simpler than I expected.

Laverne Boone

I contacted ValueCoders with no clue as to what technology should be adopted to develop the website. I was clearly briefed on the various options and the relevance to my needs. This approach added great value to the service by making the client understand things. I was advised to employ HTML5 and I am happy with my decision.

Janis Gardner

Understanding the needs of customers is the key to any successful business. ValueCoders perfectly understand these needs and know how to make them applicable. They are world-class experts in this field and they are more eager than us to get the project done! They are exceptionally reliable and highly efficient.

Krystal Norris

Utilizing the service of an offshore company is a financial benefit but at the same time is a decision to make. There are many questions running through the mind like- Can we trust them? Will they be able to communicate efficiently? I decided to overcome my fear and decided to give ValueCoders a chance. They thoroughly met my expectations and I am very pleased with the results.

Percy Rhodes

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