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Ensure top-notch quality standards with our software QA testers. Our experts conduct a deep analysis to identify defects, usability, and performance problems to deliver reliable solutions. They implement comprehensive testing methodologies to validate the functionality and stability of your product, guaranteeing its seamless performance.

Whether you require testing on an hourly or full-time basis, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

We offer:

  • Proof of Work based timesheets (Powered by WorkstatusTM)
  • IP Rights & NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) protection
  • Flexible contracts, transparent pricing
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Our Software QA Testers Expertise

With comprehensive knowledge of testing methodologies, our experienced and reliable QA software testers ensure the delivery of high-quality software by identifying and resolving issues, improving functionality, and optimizing user experience. Their expertise includes:


Our dedicated QA developers ensure swift, precise, and productive results, reduced delivery time, and effective defect reporting.

eCommerce Testing

Our offshore software quality developers ensure smart, fast, and secure websites with systematic mapping & documentation.

Our mobile app testers ensure flawless performance, functionality, and compatibility across various devices and platforms, providing a seamless user experience for your app.

Through application testing, our experts ensure that software works as intended. They help organizations avoid costly and disruptive issues.

Web application testing ensures that the website is functioning properly. Our software QA engineers find and fix the problems before they cause major issues.

In security testing, we prevent possible violations, increase business continuity, and protect the reputation of the software testing company along with third parties.

Test Planning & Strategy

Our QA testers develop and implement a testing plan that includes defining test objectives, designing test cases, and identifying testing tools.

Test Execution & Reporting

Our quality assurance software testers are skilled in executing test cases and documenting test results. They can report defects and can communicate effectively.

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Why Choose ValueCoders As Your QA Testing Partner?

When you choose ValueCoders as your QA testing partner, you gain access to a highly efficient team that offers numerous business benefits. With our expertise, advanced tools, streamlined processes, and commitment to quality, we ensure thorough testing, timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced software performance, ultimately driving your business success.

Hire A Team Of Your Choice

You have the privilege of hiring quality assurance engineers of your choice. Later, if you want to make changes, we will provide you with replacements.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our software test engineer works on the latest technologies like IoT, Blockchain, AI, and AR/VR and delivers secure, scalable, user-friendly applications.

Zero Billing Guarantee

If our work does not satisfy you, we guarantee either we won’t charge or will give you a full refund.

Your Local Guy Costs More

We provide the perfect balance of competitive pricing and uncompromising quality and ensure to charge the lowest in our segment.

Integrity And Transparency

Your idea is safe with us as we respect your secrecy. Our teams work transparently and follow strict NDAs.

Free No Obligation Quote

When you share your idea, we listen & provide you with a no-cost estimate, usually within 24 working hours.

Our Expertise In QA Tools & Platforms

Hire offshore software testing engineers who excel in working with various tools & platforms for delivering bug-free, high-quality testing services for your business applications.


Web automation tool

  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • Cucumber
  • Webdriverlo
  • Protractor
  • Robot Framework

Mobile automation tool

  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Espresso

Langauage with selenium

CI/CD Tools

  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Gitlab
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • AWS

Reporting framework

  • TestNG
  • Extent Report
  • Test Case Management
  • TestRail
  • TestLink
  • Zephyr
  • Xray

Bug Tracking & Mobile App Testing

  • Mantis
  • Bugzilla
  • Redmine
  • Browser Stack

API Testing & Project Management

  • Postman API Testing
  • REST Assured
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Azure DevOps

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Hire our skilled developers and lead the way to innovation.

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How We Ensure Code Quality

At the core of our development process, we prioritize code quality, implementing stringent testing, detailed reviews, and industry-best practices to deliver software that excels in both functionality and longevity.


Upholding Coding Best Practices

  • Using descriptive variable names and in-code comments for better readability and maintainability.
  • Comprehensive documentation for every codebase, ensuring clarity and ease of future updates.

Unit Testing

  • Integrating continuous integration tools to automatically run unit tests on new code submissions, ensuring immediate feedback on code integrity.
  • Utilizing test-driven development (TDD) practices to encourage the creation of tests before writing code, leading to more robust and error-free components.

Code Review Practices

  • Incorporating automated code scanning tools to detect vulnerabilities and code smells before manual review, streamlining the review process.
  • Establishing a peer review culture where developers are encouraged to provide constructive feedback, promoting knowledge sharing and collaborative improvement.

Code Quality Metrics

  • Adopting complexity metrics to identify overly complex code that may be harder to maintain and test, aiming for simplicity and readability.
  • Tracking technical debt metrics to quantify the cost of rework associated with quick fixes versus proper solutions, guiding towards long-term code health.

Why Hire QA Testers From ValueCoders?

ValueCoders provides reliable QA engineers with faster turnaround times and better ROI. Hire software QA engineer who are well trained and experts in delivering error-free results.

  • WorkstatusTM powered Proof of Work
  • Top 1% developers, rigorously vetted
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Flexible contracts, transparent pricing
  • Zero hiring fee, quick onboarding
  • Comprehensive code documentation
  • Adherence to data security practices
  • Language/time-zone compatible staff
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From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development


From startups to big enterprises, development

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Hire a team of QA testers from ValueCoders and collaborate to build world-class web applications.

Junior Software QA Testers

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Mid Level Software QA Testers

$2500 - $3500

3-5 Years Experienced

Senior Level Software QA Testers

$3500 onwards

5+ Years

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User Guide to Understanding Software QA

Key Roles & Responsibilities of a Software Testing Team

A software testing team plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of software products. The team’s responsibilities encompass various tasks throughout the development process.

Free photo an elevated view of businessman and businesswoman stacking each other's hand over the project

Key roles and responsibilities of a software testing team include:

Test Planning: Creating a comprehensive test plan that outlines the testing scope, objectives, resources, and timelines.

Test Case Design: Designing detailed test cases based on project requirements and specifications.

Test Execution: Executing test cases and recording test results for analysis.

Defect Reporting: Identifying and documenting defects, providing clear steps to reproduce issues.

Test Automation: Developing and maintaining automated test scripts to improve testing efficiency.

Performance Testing: Evaluating the software’s performance under different conditions.

Regression Testing: Ensuring that new code changes do not negatively impact existing functionality.

Collaboration: Working closely with developers and stakeholders to understand requirements and address issues promptly.

Continuous Improvement: Constantly learning and adapting to new technologies and testing methodologies.

Benefits of Having a Software QA Tester

Having dedicated software QA testers in a development team offers several advantages:

Improved Software Quality: QA testers focus on identifying and resolving defects early in the development process, leading to higher software quality.

Better User Experience: QA testers ensure that software meets user expectations, resulting in enhanced user satisfaction.

Reduced Costs: Early defect detection and resolution save costs by preventing issues from escalating into more complex problems later.

Faster Time-to-Market: Efficient testing processes accelerate product release cycles and improve time-to-market.

Increased Reliability: Rigorous testing instills confidence in the software’s reliability and performance.

Risk Mitigation: QA testers assess and mitigate risks associated with software development and deployment.

Compliance and Standards: QA testers ensure that software adheres to industry standards and compliance regulations.

Process Optimization: QA testers identify areas for process improvement, leading to streamlined development workflows.

Common Software QA & Testing Methodologies Used by Software QA Teams

Software QA teams adopt various testing methodologies based on project requirements. Some common methodologies include:

Waterfall: Sequential testing process with predefined stages and a linear flow.

Agile: Iterative approach that emphasizes collaboration and frequent feedback.

Scrum: A specific Agile framework with time-boxed iterations (sprints) for development and testing.

Kanban: Continuous flow approach that visualizes the testing process on a Kanban board.

Exploratory: Informal and simultaneous testing and learning, with no predefined test scripts.

Black Box: Testing without knowledge of the software’s internal structure or code.

White Box: Testing with knowledge of the software’s internal structure and code.

Regression: Verifying that new code changes do not impact existing functionality.

Smoke: Quick verification of major functionalities to ensure basic stability.

Best Practices for Building and Managing a Software Testing Team

Building and managing an efficient software testing team require careful planning and implementation of best practices. Key practices include:

Skill Diversity: Assemble a team with diverse skills and expertise to cover different testing aspects.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities: Define clear roles and responsibilities for each team member.

Continuous Learning: Encourage and support continuous learning to stay updated with industry trends and technologies.

Collaboration: Foster effective communication and collaboration between developers and testers.

QA Processes and Guidelines: Establish well-defined QA processes and guidelines for consistent testing.

Test Automation: Incorporate test automation to improve efficiency and reduce repetitive tasks.

Metrics and Reporting: Implement metrics to measure testing progress and report on test outcomes.

Feedback Loop: Create a feedback loop to learn from testing outcomes and improve the process continuously.

Knowledge Sharing: Encourage knowledge sharing within the team to build strong collective expertise.

Different Types of Software Testing Methodologies Used by Professional Teams

Software testing teams employ various testing methodologies to ensure comprehensive testing. Common types of testing methodologies include:

Functional Testing: Validating that software functions as intended and meets specifications.

Non-Functional Testing: Evaluating non-functional aspects such as performance, security, and usability.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Verifying that the software meets end-user requirements and expectations.

Integration Testing: Testing interactions between integrated software components.

System Testing: Testing the entire system as a whole to assess its functionality and behavior.

Performance Testing: Assessing the software’s responsiveness, scalability, and resource usage.

Security Testing: Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and security loopholes.

Regression Testing: Ensuring that new code changes do not impact existing functionalities.

Smoke Testing: Conduct initial tests to ensure basic functionality before comprehensive testing.

Top Reasons to Opt for Third-Party Software Testing Services

Choosing third-party software testing services can offer several advantages for businesses:

Expertise and Specialization: Third-party testing services provide access to highly skilled and specialized testing professionals.

Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing testing can be cost-effective, especially for short-term projects.

Scalability: Third-party services can scale resources based on project needs, allowing flexibility.

Focus on Core Competencies: Outsourcing testing lets businesses focus on their core activities.

Independent Assessment: Third-party testing provides an impartial evaluation of the software’s quality.

Access to Latest Tools: Testing firms often have access to the latest testing tools and technologies.

Faster Time-to-Market: Outsourcing testing accelerates product release cycles and reduces time-to-market.

Risk Mitigation: Expert third-party testers identify and mitigate risks early in the development process.

Latest Trends in QA Engineers Hiring

The hiring landscape for QA engineers has evolved with the changing technological trends:

Automation Expertise: Demand for QA engineers with strong automation skills continues to grow.

AI and ML Testing: QA engineers proficient in testing AI/ML-based systems are highly sought after.

Performance Engineering: With an increased focus on performance, QA engineers with performance testing expertise are in demand.

Agile and DevOps: QA engineers familiar with Agile and DevOps practices are preferred.

Security Testing: As security concerns rise, QA engineers specializing in security testing are valuable assets.

IoT and Mobile Testing: QA engineers with expertise in IoT and mobile testing are in demand.

Test Data Management: Knowledge of test data management and data privacy regulations is gaining importance.

You may also have a look at the complete guide of “Latest trends in hiring QA engineers”.

Cost-effective Options for Enterprises Looking to Hire Software QA Teams

Enterprises seeking cost-effective QA teams can explore the following options:

Top view of business items with growth chart and hands giving thumbs up

Offshore Outsourcing: Hiring QA teams from countries with lower labor costs can be cost-effective.

Nearshore Outsourcing: Partnering with QA teams in neighboring countries can offer cost advantages and easier communication.

Managed Testing Services: Opting for managed testing services can reduce costs as the vendor takes care of resource management and infrastructure.

Freelancers and Contractors: Hiring QA freelancers or contractors for specific projects can be a cost-effective option.

Part-Time Resources: Employing part-time QA resources can help save costs for smaller projects.

Cloud-Based Testing: Leveraging cloud-based testing services can reduce infrastructure and maintenance expenses.

FAQs On Hiring Quality Assurance Testers

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

Why should I choose ValueCoders as my software QA tester hiring partner?

ValueCoders is an excellent choice for a certified software quality assurance tester hiring partner because of various reasons:

  • We effectively communicate in both written and verbal forms.
  • Our experts are detail-oriented and possess strong problem-solving skills.
  • We hire experts with extensive experience in software quality assurance.
  • We are well-versed in the latest testing tools and methodologies.
  • We check for expert competence with relevant tools and technologies.

Which is the best QA software testing service provider in India?

To find such a firm, you need to see their experience and work in that domain. However, some of the leading QA service providers in India include:

  • ValueCoders: Known for their expertise in software testing and QA, ValueCoders offers comprehensive testing services to clients worldwide.
  • QA InfoTech: With a focus on quality assurance and testing, QA InfoTech provides a wide range of testing services.
  • Cigniti Technologies: Cigniti Technologies is a global leader in independent software testing and QA services.

Is there any hidden cost for independent software testing and QA services?

No. A reliable service provider will provide you with a comprehensive proposal or agreement that outlines the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and costs involved. This transparency helps you make informed decisions and avoid any surprises or unexpected expenses.

At ValueCoders, we discuss your website’s requirements with you before deciding on the price quotation. Once you place an order with us, we comply with the price quotation strictly.

With what kind of clients have you worked?

Most of our clients are ISV, SMEs, digital agencies, and companies. We also have software clients in education, finance, health, media, automotive, and retail. In addition, we provide services to companies with technology that develop customized software for your business to use internally as a competitive advantage.

Does every startup need software quality tester and QA services?

Absolutely, Yes.

Startups often face resource constraints and tight timelines, making it crucial to ensure that their software is of high quality and free from critical defects.

Software quality testers and QA services help startups identify and fix bugs, ensure the software meets functional requirements, and enhance the overall user experience.

At ValueCoders, we can minimize the risk of software failures, improve customer satisfaction, and build a strong foundation for growth.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

The Project managers took a lot of time to understand our project before coming up with a contract or what they thought we needed. I had the reassurance from the start that the project managers knew what type of project I wanted and what my needs were. That is reassuring, and that's why we chose ValueCoders.

James Kelly
Co-founder, Miracle Choice

The team at ValueCoder has provided us with exceptional services in creating this one-of-a-kind portal, and it has been a fantastic experience. I was particularly impressed by how efficiently and quickly the team always came up with creative solutions to provide us with all the functionalities within the portal we had requested.

Judith Mueller
Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation

ValueCoders had great technical expertise, both in front-end and back-end development. Other project management was well organized. Account management was friendly and always available. I would give ValueCoders ten out of ten!

Kris Bruynson
Director, Storloft

Huge thank you to ValueCoders; they have been a massive help in enabling us to start developing our project within a few weeks, so it's been great! There have been two small bumps in the road, but overall, It's been a fantastic service. I have already recommended it to one of my friends.

Mohammed Mirza

James Kelly

Co-founder, Miracle Choice


Judith Mueller

Executive Director


Kris Bruynson



Mohammed Mirza


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