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Reach a wider audience and tap into new markets by optimizing your B2C eCommerce process with ValueCoders. We will give you a significant competitive advantage over other competitors or brick-and-mortar stores.
We have specialists dedicated to delivering high-quality eCommerce solutions. We take your project from start to completion and beyond – covering everything about software design that will turn any e-commerce idea into reality!

Looking for advanced solutions in your B2C eCommerce design and development journey?

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Our Offerings For Apt B2C eCommerce Solutions

ValueCoders specializes in financial management consulting, solution designing & integration of multiple financial solutions needed for businesses to streamline their financial processes.

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Why You Should Shift Retail B2C Store To Online eCommerce

  • 24/7 Availability Save money on your business’s rent, utilities, and other overhead costs. Give your customers the convenience to shop from anywhere at any time.
  • Cost Savings B2C eCommerce allows you to shop from anywhere in the world and anytime. It offers the utmost convenience to busy people who don’t have time to go to a physical store.
  • Personalized Customer Service Build stronger customer relationships and loyalty by connecting with your customers more personally and providing the information they need individually.
  • Workflow Automation This process provides an edge for shipping products without losing unnecessary time. The stock levels are automatically adjusted and location is figured out rapidly.

Get Competitive Edge For Your B2C eCommerce Store

ValueCoders is the best source to get B2C eCommerce Solutions. You can trust our experts to deliver the highest quality solutions available. Here are some features that separate us from the rest:

Maximize Conversions

B2C eCommerce solutions are designed to optimize your website for maximum effectiveness. We offer various solutions to boost your website's performance and get more customers to click 'buy.' Whether you're just starting or looking to take your business to the next level, we can help you. So don't wait any longer, give our solutions a try today!

User & Payment Security

We know ‌cybersecurity is critical. Visitors need a secure experience at all times. We ensure everything looks good on the front end by using reliable coding practices in tandem with aesthetically pleasing design.

Fraud and Threat Prevention

Our B2C eCommerce Solutions can help you prevent the risks of fraud and threats. With our powerful tools and security features, you can rest assured that your site is safe from harm. Give your customers the peace of mind they deserve and protect your business with our B2C eCommerce Solutions.

Why Choose ValueCoders For B2C eCommerce Development

We are committed to providing the best B2C eCommerce development solutions for you and your business to reach its full potential. Our expert team can handle all projects, no matter how complex or simple they may seem; we only provide innovative solutions that are secure as well as high-quality!

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We Have Worked With Some Amazing Companies Globally

Our B2C eCommerce development company has had the privilege of working with some amazing companies from all over the globe. You can have a look at some of our prestigious clients here. We provide them with:

  • Top B2C eCommerce Development Team
  • Ongoing Learning & Development Programs
  • Quick Team Scaling
  • Best-In-Class Project Management
  • Global Quality Standards
  • Time-Zone Compatibility

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Choose From Our Hiring Models

With us, you can choose from multiple hiring models that best suit your needs

Valuecoders Valuecoders

Dedicated Team

(also known as product engineering teams)

It is an expert autonomous team comprising of different roles (e.g. project manager, software engineers, QA engineers, and other roles) capable of delivering technology solutions rapidly and efficiently. The roles are defined for each specific project and management is conducted jointly by a Scrum Master and the client's product owner.

  • Agile processes
  • Transparent pricing
  • Monthly billing
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Suitable for startups, MVPs and software/product companies
Valuecoders Valuecoders

Team Augmentation

(also known as team extension or staff augmentation)

Suitable for every scale of business and project, team augmentation helps add required talent to you team to fill the talent gap. The augmented team members work as part of your local or distributed team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers. This helps businesses scale immediately and on-demand.

  • Scale on-demand
  • Quick & cost-effective
  • Monthly billing
  • Avoid hiring hassles
  • Transparent pricing
Valuecoders Valuecoders

Project Based

(best suited for small-mid scale projects)
Fixed Price Model:

When project specifications, scope, deliverables and acceptance criteria are clearly defined, we can evaluate and offer a fixed quote for the project. This is mostly suitable for small-mid scale projects with well documented specifications.

Time & Material Model:

Suitable for projects that have undefined or dynamic scope requirements or complicated business requirements due to which the cost estimation is not possible. Therefore, developers can be hired per their time.

B2C eCommerce Design & Development Case Studies

B2C eCommerce design & development solutions have always been our primary focus. We have gained a lot of experience and expertise in this domain. Here are some of our popular case studies for your reference:


New App For Financial Investments

Users can buy, sell, trade, or transfer funds between investment instruments within the application.

Core tech
Flutter, Java 8, React
Learn More

Finance Mobile Application

This finance mobile application is developed for fast and quick transactions and is also helpful in loan applications. This application is a secure and trustworthy way to borrow money for short-term emergencies.

Core tech
Learn More

Investment Management Portal

It's an investment management website where the admin panel includes several things such as - investing and trading plan that specifies users role, risk configuration, risk monitoring for the admin, and strategy building panel.

Core tech
HTML/CSS, Material UI, React Bootstrap, React.js
Learn More

e-commerce Application

This mobile application allows users to raise any issue and get a response from support as soon as possible.

Core tech
React Native, wordpress
Learn More

Our Latest Blogs

We at ValueCoders come up with write-ups that enhance your knowledge and give you detailed information about the latest happenings in the IT industry. Our experts constantly research new IT tools and make write-ups for our valuable customers.

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Why should I outsource ‌‌my B2C eCommerce development to ValueCoders?

There are many benefits of outsourcing B2C eCommerce development to an Indian company like ValueCoders. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Cost-effective solutions: Offshore companies like ValueCoders offer cost-effective solutions, which helps businesses save on their development costs.

2. Time savings: By outsourcing B2C eCommerce development to a dedicated team, you can save time and resources that would have been spent on recruiting, training and managing in-house developers.

3. Expertise and experience: Indian companies like ValueCoders have a team of experienced developers who are experts in various eCommerce platforms and technologies. This expertise can help you get high-quality, innovative and compliant solutions.

4. Improved quality – By outsourcing to an Indian company, you can be assured of receiving high-quality development solutions. Indian companies are known for their high level of skill and expertise in eCommerce development.

5. Faster turnaround times – In most cases, Indian companies can deliver projects faster than Western companies. This is because they have a larger pool of developers and can easily assign multiple developers to a project.

These are some of the added advantages of outsourcing B2C eCommerce development to an Indian company like ValueCoders. We perfectly understand the challenges and complexities of B2C eCommerce development, and have the experience and expertise to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

What all payment gateways can you integrate in my B2C eCommerce application?

We have extensive experience in fulfilling custom payment gateway requirements. We understand that every business is different and has unique needs for processing payments. That’s why we offer various payment gateway options to choose from, all of which are highly secure.
Whether you need a simple gateway for credit card transactions or a more comprehensive solution that supports multiple currencies and languages, we can provide the perfect solution for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our payment gateway options and how we can help you streamline your eCommerce operation.

Can you help me upgrade my existing B2C eCommerce platform?

Yes, we can upgrade your existing eCommerce platform. We are experts in migrating data from one system to another and can do so quickly and easily. We will work with you to understand your current platform and what improvements you would like to see. We can also help you redesign your website to make it more user-friendly and appealing to customers. Contact us today for a free consultation!

How much time does it take to create an B2C eCommerce website?

It depends on the complexity of the website. We can create a very basic eCommerce website in a few weeks, while a more complex website could take months to create. It’s also important to note that creating an eCommerce website involves more than just developing the website – you also need to set up the back-end systems and processes, configure payment gateways, and so on. So overall, it’s safe to say that creating an eCommerce website will take at least a few months.

What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

James Kelly Co-founder, Miracle Choice
Judith Mueller Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation
Kris Bruynson Director, Storloft
Mohammed Mirza Director, LOCALMASTERCHEFS LTD
Mr.Savarni Founder- sbspco.com
Jame Thompson edinstitute.com.au

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