Future of Mobile Application Development

Are you a startup? Or, a mobile app developer who wants to know about the future of mobile application development? If yes, then in this post you will find information on the future mobile app development trends that I have jotted down.

Future of mobile application development

Mobile app development technologies are changing at a fast pace and is certainly one of the actively growing sectors in the global app market. It’s true that mobile application development is driven by technologies and trends. Today businesses have a lot to gain from the latest mobile app trends this is all because of technology’s ability to boost mobile applications.

Also if you are thinking of developing a mobile app the first question that comes in your mind is the cost of application development. So, we have gathered a few details for you on the cost quotations:

mobile app development statsAccording to industry surveys in 2019, the cost of developing a mobile app ranges from $5,000 to $500,00.

An application with a minimum set of features costs in around $22,000, while the complex mobile app development cost starts at $110,000.

AppAnnie research on the mobile market has predicted that this is where the market for mobile apps will be by 2022.

mobile market sizeUltimately an effective app development strategy involves more than just technologies and trends. Below are some of the future trends to watch out for in the app development space:

1) Integration of Internet of Things and Cloud

Cloud IoT in mobile application developmentOne of the technologies that are a buzzword in today’s times is the Internet of Things. There are many ways in which IoT and Cloud can transform mobile app development. Today developers need to create apps that can run on multiple mobile devices that’s why they need cross-platforms to create such modern apps.

IoT and Cloud-enabled mobile applications are going to become a key trend in the coming years because of their capabilities to handle excessive data and connecting multiple devices on a real-time basis.    

In the future, the apps need to be more advanced, they will need to speak to you, in the same way, devices built on IoT communicate. The cloud ability to connect many things with APIs will also be essential in the future of mobile application development.

2) Artificial Intelligence in Future Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Application DevelopmentPeople use mobile devices for various purposes like gaming, entertainment, etc.  And expect a high level of features such as navigation, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Artificial Intelligence in the future for all the apps have almost everything.

In the future, most AI apps will be developed using technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. This will allow mobile app developers to deliver a more personalized experience in their applications and apps will be able to perform the functions such as analyzing the user behavior and alert them about any suspicious threats and breach of information.

AI in mobile app development will help in achieving the goal of translation for conversations in real time. The apps will be smarter and help you understand user behavior. The AI in mobile applications is changing the face of technology and will take the mobile app development to a whole new level. The rapid growth in the use of AI technology in the sphere of mobile app development has shown that this technology can be used to better the overall user engagement on your mobile application.

3) Swift The Language of Future Mobile App Development

Swift in mobile application developmentSwift programming language will play a greater role in future mobile app development and that’s why it becomes part of the future mobile trends that increase the speed of app creation whereas reducing overall cost.

Swift programming language is used to develop iOS applications and offers some ravishing features that have been never used by the developers using other native languages. The best highlighting feature of Swift is its Interactive Playgrounds with which you can make changes to any kind of coding without recompiling and fixing errors.

Some more highlighting features of Swift programming language for mobile app development are its inferred types and automated memory management. The interoperability between the Objective-C programming language and Swift is also allowed so developers don’t need to rewrite Objective-C applications for Apple iPhones and iPads. Moreover, Swift language undoubtedly of great significance in the mobile application development industry today and in the coming years.

4) Role of AR and VR in the Future Mobile App Industry

AR, VR mobile application developmentIn 2019 the mobile app development industry is aware of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). In the future, these technologies will become very advanced and will be part of the great revolution in developing gaming and entertainment mobile apps.

There are various VR-based games and applications developed like Pokemon Go, Sky Siege, iOnRoad, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and much more become a show stopper in the global gaming and entertainment industry.

So, the VR and AR technologies in mobile app development are continuously enhancing the performance and features with a rapid speed and in future, both the technologies will surely improve the way developers build gaming apps, travel apps, live streaming apps.

5) Cross-Platform Development for Future Apps

cross-platform mobile application developmentThe future mobile apps will be developed on cross platforms that are basically the apps which can be used on different mobile applications like Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, etc. The development of cross-platform mobile applications involves the process of developing the original application on a native platform or it can be in a particular environment that will be then sent to many different native platforms.

The Cross-Platform development tools playing a very important role in the mobile application development industry and in future they will play a more significant role in the process and help decrease costs and increase the speed of application development.

Moreover, these development tools are React Native, NativeScript, Flutter, Ionic Framework, Xamarin, and more. All these tools are based on common programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

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Xamarin simplifies mobile app development using C#. Develop cross-platform apps quickly and also get platform specific UI components.

Appcelerator Titanium

This is an important option as far as cross-platform development is concerned. The advantages include open source development and speed.

Final Words

Yet nobody can predict the future of mobile app development, the way app development is flourishing is similar to the way that traditional technologies has in the past. We can learn from past references to predict the future of mobile app development or what’s yet to come. What we can say for certain is that that future of app development will look bright and vastly different from the contemporary technologies. This will make developers and businesses to do well in the future.

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