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With years of experience and expertise, ValueCoders has established itself as a reputed B2B eCommerce solutions provider in India. Our various B2B eCommerce solutions help businesses manage their online sales operations more effectively and grow their online sales presence. Create digital business solutions for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and service providers and outperform your competition.

We cater to all types of businesses of varying sizes, whether a simple eCommerce solution or an enterprise-grade complex one.

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We help our clients find success through creative problem-solving. We use cutting-edge software and technologies, so you can focus less on your tech expertise while we do it all for you! Our B2B eCommerce solutions can be relied upon for :

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ValueCoders is a top-rated B2B eCommerce services provider company in India. We have worked with some notable companies from all over the globe and have become a partner to your B2B eCommerce needs.

  • 4200+ Projects Successful
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  • 2500+ Global Clients
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  • 650+ Full-Time Software Developers

Ultimate User Guide To Understanding Our eCommerce B2B Solutions

What is B2B eCommerce business?

B2B eCommerce is a business model that sells products or services to other businesses. The business model is growing in popularity because it allows businesses to sell their products and services directly to customers without a mediator.

B2B eCommerce companies are different from B2C eCommerce companies that sell products or services to consumers. B2C eCommerce is more common because it is more convenient for consumers. For example, when you buy a product online, you don’t have to contact the seller or go through any shipping processes.

B2B in eCommerce can be used for various purposes, including sales lead generation, product research, and supplier development. It can also be used to sell goods and services online to customers not located in your company’s geographic area.

If you are interested in starting a B2B eCommerce company, consult an expert before beginning your project. They can advise you on marketing, pricing, and customer acquisition strategies.

What are some of the best B2B eCommerce platforms?

The following are some of the best B2B eCommerce websites:

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a leading software company that provides customer support solutions. Their website offers a variety of products and services, including eCommerce solutions.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) company. They offer many eCommerce solutions, including managing orders, shipping, and fulfillment features.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the internet’s most popular B2B eCommerce platforms. It offers a wide range of features for setting up and managing your online store, including eCommerce solutions for shipping, ordering, and fulfillment.

  1. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is another popular eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of features for setting up and managing your online store. Their eCommerce solutions include features for shipping, order tracking, and fulfillment.

  1. Volusion

Volusion is another popular B2B eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of features for setting up and managing your online store. Their eCommerce solutions include features for shipping, order tracking, and fulfillment.

How do you create an effective B2B eCommerce website?

A good B2B eCommerce website must provide a rich user experience and a clear shopping process. It should also have easy navigation and a well-designed layout.

Creating an effective B2B eCommerce website can be difficult, but it is worth it. A good B2B eCommerce website helps increase sales and attract new customers.

There are many different factors that you should consider when creating your B2B eCommerce website. The most important factors include customer service, product availability, and pricing.

Make sure to design your website using latest technologies and best practices. Ensure that your website is user-friendly and looks professional.

What is the most common mistake made with B2B eCommerce websites?

One of the main mistakes that B2B eCommerce websites make is not considering the customer’s experience. They focus too much on the product and not enough on how the customer interacts with the website.

An excellent example of a website that does a great job of taking customer experience into account is Shopify. Shopify has built its entire business around making it easy for retailers to create and manage their eCommerce websites.

It’s essential to think about how your website can help your customers achieve their goals. You can do this by providing valuable content, making it easy to buy products, and providing excellent customer service.

If you want to improve your B2B eCommerce website, start by focusing on the customer experience and ensuring that everything works smoothly from start to finish.

How do you protect my B2B eCommerce website against common vulnerabilities?

There are several ways we help you protect your website from vulnerabilities. We help you pick a secure web host which protects your website from attacks that may exploit security weaknesses in your code.

We also develop a secure login system for your B2B eCommerce business to protect your users’ login information from being stolen by hackers. You can also encrypt the data transmitted between your server and the user’s browser.

Furthermore, we make sure that your website is updated regularly. It prevents any vulnerabilities from being introduced into your codebase.

What features should I expect on a B2B eCommerce website?

As a leading B2B eCommerce developing firm, we offer several features that make it easier for your customers to buy from you. Here are some of the features that you can expect on your B2B eCommerce website:

  1. A shopping cart that is easy to use
  2. A secure checkout process
  3. A wide variety of products and services to choose from
  4. An easy way to order your products
  5. A customer service team that is available 24/7

There are many different eCommerce platforms and service providers, so it is important to choose the best one for your business.


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Our Success Portfolio

Like other B2B eCommerce development companies, all our custom projects are covered under the Non-Disclosure Agreement. However, being a top B2B eCommerce services firm, we have taken permission from some of our clients to showcase their projects so that you can better understand our work.


eCommerce Web Solution

The e-commerce web solution fulfills the needs of startups, small businesses & existing merchants worldwide. The app understands the constantly...

Core tech
HTML, Jquery, MySQL, PHP
Learn More

eCommerce Web Solution

The website contained a number of product pages, multiple payment options, product reviews section, finance section, EMI calculator, customer/agent login, and more.

Core tech
React JS
Learn More

eCommerce platform for e-bikes

Here you will find your sustainable mobility - and that without technical filters, configurations, and endless research. Our intelligent algorithm will find the right, sustainable vehicle for you in a few minutes. Neutral and transparent.

Core tech
Learn More

eCommerce Platform For Home Equipment

This web application is an e-commerce platform focused on providing support for the house construction industry in the middle east.

Core tech
Google Nexus Server, Magento(PHP), MySQL
Learn More

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FAQs Related To B2B eCommerce Services

Here are answers to some questions related to B2B eCommerce Services that our clients frequently have in their minds

Why should I choose ValueCoders' B2B eCommerce solutions?

ValueCoder is a leading provider of professional B2B eCommerce services since 2004. Our eCommerce experts provide customized B2B eCommerce development services and solutions to meet your unique needs, whether you are looking for a full-featured platform or something simpler or more streamlined.

Our quick, secure, and user-friendly B2B eCommerce solutions ensure an excellent experience for your partner businesses.

Do you offer support and maintenance after launching my B2B eCommerce app?

Yes, we offer support and maintenance of B2B eCommerce apps and websites after launch. We provide various services, including app and website maintenance, security monitoring, and software updates.

We also offer consultations on how to improve your eCommerce store’s performance and incorporate new features. You can contact us to get a quote for the desired services.

How much does it cost to develop a B2B eCommerce app?

Developing a business-to-business eCommerce app is no easy task. Not only do you have to account for your target market’s specific needs and wants, but you also need to factor in all the costs of bringing a new product to market. 

An eCommerce app with all the mandatory features may cost between $10,000 to $50,000.

Also, it varies depending on the size and complexity of the app. Generally, the larger and more complex the app, the more it will cost to develop. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

For example, developing an app for a small business can cost less than a large business. This is because a larger company may have more resources available to them, such as staff who are familiar with app development.

Another factor that affects app development costs is the platform on which the app will be developed. 

Suppose the app is developed on a popular platform such as iOS or Android. In that case, the costs associated with developing the app will be higher than if developed on a less popular platform. This is because there are more developers available who are skilled in developing these platforms.

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