Get More With Less

Get value for money resources from a growing economy. Get to choose from a variety of talent

Focus On Your Business

Outsource from the right talent pool and stay focused on your business

Better Pricing

Flexible workforce that save your time and money

Knowledge Economy

India is a hub of educated professionals

Scale Up Your Business

Outsource to improve efficiency and scale up your business

Manage Appropriate Staff Levels

Access the right professionals at the right time

English Speaking Workforce

Benefit from ease of communication and comfort level

Why ValueCoders?

Hire Full-time Dedicated Staff

Developers to work exclusively on your projects


A single monthly invoice, with no other hidden costs

Time Flexibility

Your team works in your timezone, rotational or standard

Save Time

Limited number of quality professionals to choose from

Take Control

Extensive reporting and timesheet analysis

Pay For The Work Done

No need to pay for leaves

Shared Development Manager

Get a shared Development Manager with your team

Save on Infrastructure Costs

No need of renting offices or buying any hardware or software

Value For Money Developers

Get expert teams at a cost effective price

High Standards of Performance

Performance benchmarks for all hired individuals