As organizations struggle to keep up with technological innovations and adapt to new practices, it’s not surprising that IT staffing needs are constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date on new technologies and finding professionals with the right skills to work at your company can be daunting.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can meet your staffing needs while ensuring those workers stay satisfied and engaged in their roles. One of the most effective methods is IT Staff Augmentation.

This e-guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Staff Augmentation Services, from what they are and how they work to choosing the best one for your business.

Before exploring or ready to make a decision, just go through some awesome stats on IT staff augmentation services:

According to a study by Deloitte, the global IT staff augmentation services market is expected to reach $88.9 billion by 2022. The study also found that the North American market for these services is growing at a rate of 5.6% per year.

As per a recent study by Market Research Future, the global IT staff augmentation services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2018 to 2023.

The United States is the largest market for IT staff augmentation services, accounting for more than 35% of the global market in 2019. Other major markets include Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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IT Staff Augmentation: A Brief

Staff Augmentation supplements an organization’s existing IT staff with additional personnel. We can do this in many ways, including hiring new employees, contracting with outside firms, or using temporary workers.

Many reasons an organization might choose to augment its IT staff. One common reason is to boost workforce capacity to meet the increased demand for Software Outsourcing Services.

Another reason might be to fill a skills gap within the existing staff. For example, if an organization is implementing a new software system, it may need to supplement its staff with personnel with expertise in that particular software.

Whatever the reason, IT staff augmentation can be a helpful way to meet an organization’s needs. It can provide flexibility and allow an organization to respond quickly to changes in demand. It can also help reduce costs by allowing an organization to use highly skilled workers on a part-time or project basis rather than hiring them full-time.

In staff augmentation, a company hires and takes advantage of employees’ talent from an outside staffing firm that provides services to meet your company’s needs.  

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Looking to increase productivity and reduce costs? Staff augmentation could be ideal for you!

Types Of Staff Augmentation

While many IT staff augmentations are available, we can categorize them into three types. Here’s a quick rundown of each category:


These are staff augmentation tasks that freelance contractors can easily and quickly handle. A quick search for a freelancer will turn up dozens of qualified candidates within minutes. There is no interview process to find the perfect person for the job. If you have one-time projects and need someone on your team to complete them, commodity staff augmentation is perfect.


Non-commodity IT staff augmentation tasks are more in-depth and require skills or knowledge that are hard to find. If you’re looking for a specialized skill set, such as someone who knows how to design websites, you’ll probably have to conduct an extensive search, even if it means hiring someone full-time.


Skill-based staffing is used when a business needs to fill an open position with a skill set it doesn’t currently have on its payroll. There are often high barriers to entry for these positions because these skills are hard to find, so staffing agencies may require potential employees to take tests or prove their qualifications before being considered.

Highly Skilled:

High-skilled staff augmentation falls into short-term and long-term categories. Short-term is what it sounds like, workers who come in for short periods (often weeks) while your regular team takes a vacation. Long-term hires typically stay on your payroll full-time, but you cannot handle 100% of their workload. They work as support while your regular team handles the heavier stuff.

Different Types of Staff Augmentation Models 

Staff Augmentation models can increase productivity and efficiency while providing access to skilled professionals who can help a company achieve its goals. Companies can improve their bottom line with the right model while successfully managing projects.

Staff Augmentation Models are divided into four main categories: Dedicated Team, Time and Materials, Project-Based Outsourcing, and Managed Services.

The Dedicated Team Model

It is the most commonly used Staff Augmentation Model. This model involves hiring a team of dedicated professionals to provide specialized skills and expertise to a company. This team is then managed as part of the internal team, with all resources and expertise provided by dedicated professionals.

The Time and Materials Model

It involves engaging an external service provider hourly to supplement a company’s in-house staff. The service provider typically provides the necessary infrastructure and professional services to accomplish the project.

The Project-Based Outsourcing model

It involves having a service provider manage and execute the entire scope of a project from start to finish. This typically includes designing, developing, testing, and deploying the project. The service provider manages all aspects of the project life cycle and can provide specialized resources as needed.

Managed Services

It is a Staff Augmentation model where the service provider provides managed services such as hosting, maintenance, and support to a company. This arrangement allows companies to focus on their core business activities without worrying about managing and executing IT projects themselves.

No matter which type of Staff Augmentation Model is used, it is important to ensure that the chosen service provider is reliable and provides quality service. It is also essential to have a well-defined agreement in place that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership, as well as any other key details.  

With the right model in place, companies can reap the benefits of staff augmentation without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Ultimately, one should select a suitable Staff Augmentation model based on the needs of the company and its budget. By selecting a reliable service provider, combined with a well-defined agreement, companies can ensure that they can maximize resources and achieve their goals.


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Why Should You Hire An External Support Team?

Rely on an external support team for your IT needs when you need a more consistent and personalized level of service. When staff augmentation is in place, your company will be more productive because it’s free from responsibilities that take up valuable time and energy.

These Augmentation Services come in many flavors, but their commitment to the customer is their common denominator.

You can hire either onsite or remote employees. Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your business needs.

Onsite Staff Augmentation 

Onsite staff augmentation means working with IT support professionals in your company’s office space. It gives them a direct line of sight into what’s happening with your network and your technology infrastructure to address the issues quickly and immediately.

Onsite staff augmentation is more expensive, but it gives you direct access to your support professionals. You can also choose when and how you would like their assistance.

Remote Staff Augmentation

Remote staff augmentation means they work from another location outside of your office space, usually at home or in a co-working facility.

With remote staff augmentation, software outsourcing services are cheaper overall because there is no cost associated with office space or equipment that a contractor must use. However, these workers often require more oversight because they aren’t sitting in front of your company’s network daily.

How Do IT Staff Augmentation Services work?

There are a number of ways that IT staff augmentation services work. Typically, these services provide IT professionals to organizations on a contract basis. This can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing IT professionals to fill specific roles within an organization on a short-term or long-term basis
  • Providing IT support on an as-needed basis
  • Offering managed IT services to supplement an organization’s existing IT staff

IT staff augmentation services can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. For example, an organization may need help with a specific project or application. In this case, the staff augmentation provider would supply the necessary personnel to get the job done. 

Alternatively, an organization may need ongoing support for its IT infrastructure. In this case, the staff augmentation provider would offer managed IT services to supplement the organization’s existing staff.

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When To Opt For IT Staff Augmentation Services?

There are certain situations when opting for IT staff augmentation services makes sense. If your in-house team is already stretched thin and you’re facing an upcoming project with a tight deadline, augmenting your staff with outside help can be a lifesaver.

Another reason to consider staff augmentation is if you need expertise that isn’t available in-house. For example, if you’re planning a major website redesign, you may need to bring in a user experience (UX) expert or someone with specific design skills.

Finally, staff augmentation can be a cost-effective way to maintain a high level of quality control. If you’re working on a critical project, augmenting your staff with additional quality assurance (QA) resources can help reduce the risk of errors and ensure a successful outcome.

When deciding whether to augment your staff, it’s important to consider the cost and timeline of the project, as well as the skills and experience of your in-house team. You may contact a reputable IT staffing firm for advice if you’re unsure whether staff augmentation is right for your project.

IT Staff Augmentation

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Looking to increase productivity and reduce costs? Staff augmentation could be ideal for you!

Know The Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation Services

There are many advantages to IT staff augmentation services. By utilizing these services, businesses can effectively and efficiently manage their technology needs while reducing costs. Here are some of the key advantages: 

Access to a Wider Pool of Talent

When you partner with an IT staff augmentation firm, you will have access to a much wider pool of talent than you would if you were to try and hire internally. This is because these firms have established relationships with many different IT professionals, making it easier for them to find the right fit for your needs. 


One of the main advantages of Staff Augmentation Services is that they offer businesses flexibility. Businesses can scale their IT workforce up or down depending on their current needs. This is a major benefit for businesses that may not have the budget to hire full-time staff or may only need additional help on a project-by-project basis. 

Cost savings

Utilizing staff augmentation services can also help businesses save money. When you partner with an IT staff augmentation firm, you will only pay for your needed services. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses that do not need a full-time IT staff member but still require occasional assistance. 


When you utilize staff augmentation services, you can be sure that you are getting expert assistance. The IT professionals who work for these firms are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience. This means that they can provide your business with the best possible service. 

Improved Productivity

Businesses can improve their productivity by utilizing staff augmentation services. These services can help businesses free up time and resources that would otherwise be spent on managing their IT needs. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and goals, which can lead to improved overall performance. 

IT Staff augmentation services can offer businesses several advantages. These services can help businesses save money, improve productivity, and gain access to a wider talent pool. If you require assistance with your IT needs, consider partnering with a staff augmentation firm.

Pros & Cons

What If Your Company Already Has A Strong In-house Technology Department?

If your company already has a strong in-house technology department, there is still good reason to hire an outsourcing provider. IT Staff Augmentation covers the unique skill sets required for specific projects or tasks. Still, it can’t be supported by an in-house IT team due to technical or logistical limitations.

When staffing increases during peak periods, you may need temporary staff to augment the existing team. Outsourcing providers allow your organization to utilize this increased availability with little overhead.

IT staff augmentation companies can provide you with highly skilled & experienced resources who know how to work with your systems and processes. Additionally, they can be contracted to bring on temporary staff when a significant workload increases. This gives you an agile technology team uniquely qualified to tackle projects of all sizes and scopes and allows you to concentrate on running your staff augmentation development company.

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IT Staff Augmentation Services By ValueCoders

Staff augmentation is a business strategy that involves hiring outside personnel to supplement your existing workforce. This can effectively get your needed skills and expertise without increasing your headcount or breaking the bank.

ValueCoders is a leading provider of IT staff augmentation services. We have a group of knowledgeable experts who can assist you with a range of projects, from the creation of websites to the testing of applications. Additionally, we provide a selection of adaptable engagement models that may be tailored to your unique requirements and spending plan. To fulfil the demands of our clients, we provide a comprehensive range of IT staff augmentation services.

These services include:

  1. Technical Support

We provide technical support to our clients on various issues, including hardware and software problems, network connectivity issues, and email and web hosting problems. The company also offers 24/7 telephone support to its clients.

  1. Training and Development

We offer training and development services to our clients on various topics, including web development, Offshore Software Development, and project management. The company also offers a variety of online courses to its clients.

  1. Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to our clients on various topics, including business process outsourcing, application development, and e-commerce. The company also offers a variety of online tools and resources to its clients.

  1. Staffing Solutions

We provide staffing solutions to our clients on a temporary, permanent, or contract basis. The company also offers a variety of online tools and resources to its clients.

  1. Project Management:

We provide project management services to our clients on various topics, including web/mobile app development, software development, and e-commerce. The company also offers a variety of online tools and resources to its clients.

Which Business Functions Will You Outsource?

When outsourcing IT functions, it is important to start with the tasks that will have the least impact on your current staff’s workload. But what if you need help from outside companies to understand which IT services are best for your company? Consider asking for a free consultation from ValueCoders Consultants.

Determine which IT Staff Augmentation solutions will have minimal impact on your current staffing. Look at projects that don’t need to complete immediately or tasks that can be delayed. Your outsourcing provider should have no trouble helping you identify and prioritize which applications you should handle internally vs. which ones you should outsource.

The distinction is easier when your company only has a few IT personnel, and there aren’t any pressing needs for new software or hardware. For example, outsourcing services make sense if your business doesn’t need video conferencing equipment until your needs change and expand.

Next is to make sure you always have an outside contractor to fall back on. This allows you to keep things under control in your business and take advantage of outsourcing when it makes sense for your company.

For example, if you need help installing a new database management system, you can contact an IT Staff Augmentation provider for assistance. Afterward, go back to handling database management internally by leveraging a remote cloud database server from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Be sure to research your options carefully and find an IT staff augmentation provider that you feel confident in. Each outsourcing agreement is unique, but all of them should offer a contract where you have complete control over when your company is on call for support and what happens when that time comes. 


IT Staff Augmentation helps companies reduce operational costs and enhance core competencies. Companies must outsource their IT requirements to reduce operating costs and enhance core competencies. They must thoroughly understand how it works and choose the right service provider before outsourcing any part of their business operations to save operational costs.

If you’re looking for an IT Staff Augmentation provider to support your business now and in the future, ValueCoders may be a good fit. We have assisted enterprises, startups, and SMEs with their digital transformation for over a decade.

What Is Staff Augmentation & How Does It Works? A Complete Guide

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