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Nowadays, Blockchain technology seems to be striking up speed. This technology emerged in 2009 as Bitcoin and has now made a place in the mainstream technologies list. Blockchain is utilized in diverse industries such as banking & finance, healthcare, logistics, legal and more. Companies most prefer this technology as it is designed to make business processes more dynamic and transparent.

As per Statista, the worldwide Blockchain market is predicted to be $163 billion by 2027, which was valued at $1.57 billion in 2024.

Moreover, Startups, SMEs, and Big brands started using Blockchain apps; due to this reason, the demand for Blockchain platforms also increased. This growing need for developing a top-notch, multifunctional, and full-fledged application with blockchain platforms is everlasting. So to help you with this, here I have stated the list of top Blockchain platforms 2024 from which you can choose anyone to create blockchain-based applications securely and swiftly.

Here is the infographic showing 5 best and most reliable blockchain platforms of 2022-24:5 Reliable and Best Blockchain Platforms To Consider In 2024 [Infographic]

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How to Pick the Suitable and Top Blockchain Platform for Your Project?

Once after deciding the project use cases, you can pick the suitable Blockchain platform for your project, and for doing so, consider the below-stated factors:

Types of Blockchain platforms you require: Before picking the Blockchain platform for your application, know what you exactly require. Like if you require a permission network to approve participants before participating in the network, then you need to pick “permissioned Blockchain”; otherwise, choose a “permissionless Blockchain.”

Security: It is one of the crucial factors for organizations, especially if your business needs to handle sensitive information. Make sure a platform offers high-level security.

Languages supported platform: You need to pick a suitable language-supported platform to develop an application that can be operated on multiple cross platforms. 

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The list of Blockchain platforms available here includes the best platform from which you can choose anyone and can trust it blindly but all you need to pick the most suitable one matching your project use cases.  

If you are confused about choosing the adequate Blockchain platform for your application, get help from experts or avail of Blockchain development services with the best Blockchain software development company (ValueCoders). They will not only help you pick the best but will also help you in forming the topmost and in-class Blockchain-based application.

5 Reliable and Best Blockchain Platforms To Consider In 2024 [Infographic]

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