Website development can be really challenging if the team does not fit completely into the business requirement. The functionalities of a website must be constantly tested rectified for any issues.

The WordPress Developer you hire must have a thorough knowledge of the platform and should be able to make changes and upgrades on the site in a smooth manner. Getting the right set of dedicated developers to work on your project can add great value to it.

Why Should You Hire WordPress Developers?

Website Must Fit Your Needs

A WordPress developer is always well-versed in many of the standard coding languages used to create most WordPress themes and plugins. He or she can further tweak your purchased theme so that it works exactly how you want, whether its colors changing on a per post basis, adding new widget areas where needed, etc.

In addition, when you hire WordPress programmer, he/she can craft a website from scratch based on how you envision it to look and work.

A lot of people don’t know that they have the power in their hands when choosing their own site design, which means there’s never been an easier time than now for entrepreneurs who want more freedom over what goes onto theirs!


Optimize Your Website For Search Engine

When optimizing websites for search engines, most business owners tend to focus on applying on-page SEO techniques like including targeted keywords within their web page content and tags.

Others would build include offsite strategies such as guest posting into the mix but what many have been unaware of is the third type — Technical Search Engine Optimization or “Technical Seo” for short which can be used in order to make your site architecture easier (and more readable) by making use structured data, so bots are able easily to navigate through them!

Technical SEO means more than just including keywords in your content and tags. It’s all about making sure the website architecture, structured data are optimized so search engine bots can easily “read” it!

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Easy Customization

Inevitably, you will think of ideas that need a developer immediately. For example: offering an online quiz on your site so users can determine which offer is best for them, and their needs could be easily created by one knowledgeable in this field.

If there isn’t already someone who knows how to do it when we find ourselves without developers at our disposal (imagine if they became unavailable), then all those plugins sitting idly just waiting until needed might as well stay where they’re put because once again-their performance impacts SERP rankings negatively anyway.

WordPress is the ultimate tool for WordPress web development, any business looking to quickly and easily create their own website. It has thousands of plugins that can be used in order to customize your site’s appearance, making it easy enough even if you’re not an experienced web designer.

However, there are chances when I do have clients who need help picking out just what they want because sometimes all these options confuse us more than anything else — which leads me back again to “paralysis by analysis.”

Improve User Experience

WordPress users are experts at optimizing the user experience for your site. They know that now, more than ever before, people want a simple and engaging website — which is absolutely what you can get from WordPress professionals! Search engines also reward sites with better rankings on these factors: dwell time (how long someone spends browsing) as well as page speed performance.

This means if you have an expert who has been trained in optimizing websites, so they rank higher by Google search algorithms, then trust them over any other company out there because this will give YOU credibility first hand instead of relying upon third party opinions or tools alone-even though those might be reliable too but getting personal feedback ensures 100% satisfaction guaranteed all round.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimize

WordPress management professionals and WordPress experts for hire possess the tools and expertise to improve your site’s search rankings. They are adept at implementing on-page optimization techniques for better SERP results, such as using keyword insertion in tags or meta description — all of which is possible with a little know-how from these SEO experts!

And you won’t believe what they can do next: spy on competitors by collecting their top sources sending traffic away from yours so that we may apply knowledge gained through this research towards helping our client rise higher up page one listings faster than ever before imaginable.

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Optimize For Mobile

Google made the mobile experience a top priority in 2018 and gave higher rankings for sites optimized for small screens. That’s why it’s extremely critical than ever to hire professionals who instinctively develop responsive websites, creating flawless experiences on both desktops and smartphones alike with their designs compatible across most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, or even Safari!

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How would you hire the right set of developers for your site? Here are some questions that you must ask the WordPress developer before having him on board.

Q. 1 Would you be using an existing theme or a custom theme to build a WordPress Site?

Ans. The idea here is to understand the developer’s ability to differentiate between the options for theming a WordPress site.

To develop a WordPress site, you can use an existing theme, customize a theme, and create a new theme from the start.

An existing theme is inexpensive from the other options but provides less opportunity to customize the website. The design may also be commonly found on other sites as these themes are picked up by many other companies.

Building your own theme on the other hand has many advantages. It can be customized to specific business requirements and niches. This may cost more but offers options to develop a website with lighter code and one that’s more according to business requirements.

Customizing an existing theme is also an option but has challenges with respect to incorporating updates in the theme.

Try to decipher, whether the developer has clarity with respect to the above options and why would he suggest a particular option for your project.

Q. 2 How would you Simplify content management on my website?

Ans. Managing the content on a WordPress site is usually simple. But, you also need to ensure that your website should be developed in such a way that it can manage all content in a simplified manner.

Here are some things to know before developing a site that makes content management simpler.

1. Use Widgets to add content on the home page.

2. The Menus feature in WordPress for adding menus on the site.

3. The templates feature for maintaining the structure of the page.

 4. The Slidebar feature in WordPress must provide adding footer and sidebar content

Q. 3 What would be the basic plugins required while building a WordPress website?

Ans. WordPress provides a host of plugins for adding different functionalities to your website. This feature makes it one of the most sought-after CMS in today’s times.

Here is the list of some of the basic plugins to install when you are creating a website related to the following:

1. SEO Plugin

2. Caching Plugin

3. Anti-Spam Plugin

4. Contact Form Plugin

Q. 4 How would you make the website user-friendly for all devices, including the mobile phone?

Ans. The mobile device has become the most used device for reaching out to your target audiences. Or, you can make a website mobile-friendly only if it has capability to create a mobile version of itself. The second most common method is to create a responsive site that works well across devices.

Q. 5 What are the basics of hosting a WordPress website?

Ans. Here are the points to consider while choosing a hosting solution provider for your business

1. The disk space and bandwidth are according to the specific business requirements.

2. Reliability and quality of the solution provider

3. Third-party access to hosting settings

4. The geographic location of the host

Q. 6 How would you ensure that the site is secure?

Ans. You can prevent a WordPress website from hacking with the help of the following techniques:

1. Proper coding

2. Choosing the right vendors for themes and plugins

3. Updating the site regularly

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Q. 7 How will you manage the backup of the WordPress site?

Ans. Every WordPress website needs back up especially when you end up losing the data on your site. There are quite a few backup solutions available online, that help in backing up your website.

Q. 8 What will a developer do to improve the speed of my WordPress site?

Ans. It takes a lot to keep people interested these days. Even if you make your website as easy and intuitive as possible, they’ll still leave after 3 seconds of loading time- which is why it’s so important for developers or companies not only to understand how crucial fast page loads actually can be but also do everything in their power (especially on mobile) towards achieving them!

Q. 9 How would you ensure the security of my WordPress site?

Ans. You should definitely ask your potential developer or company whether they will be using the newest security measures to protect your website. If not, don’t hire them!

So many hackers are targeting WordPress sites because of their popularity in this industry — so you need someone who can keep it safe for you too. Moreover, you need to ask about their backup procedure as well. This is because things can go wrong at any moment with all these attacks constantly happening on various platforms like Facebook etc. Hence, It will give you no peace until user data get compromised again.

Q. 10 Will you be able to turn a WordPress site into an eCommerce store in the future?

Ans. Being an online store owner, you may be wondering how to take your WordPress site and make it into something that looks more like brick-and-mortar retailers. You’ll want to check with developers about whether they specialize in eCommerce development for WooCommerce specifically because this type of programmatic software is what powers many stores today!

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From above, it would be clear that why it is critical to hire top WordPress developers.

For today’s businesses, WordPress is the most common and popular CMS. Hiring dedicated WordPress developers from an experienced agency like ValueCoders is definitely the best option. The company provides handpicked developers, adept at handling a variety of WordPress projects.

Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring An Expert WordPress Developer

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