In 2024, Augmented Reality is one of the most innovative technologies that will take the technological landscape to the next level. In no time, this technology has gained immense popularity among the masses for its interesting and intelligent gaming applications like Pokemon Go. However, is this beneficial for only the entertainment industry?

Certainly not!

The industry application of Augmented Reality is huge, and it’s making inroads very fast. As per market research, the prediction tells that the Augmented Reality market will reach over 26 billion US dollars by 2025. Moreover, the sales of Augmented Reality smart glasses are going to be worth $33.16 billion by 2027.Augmented reality developers, hire augmented reality developers, hire augmented reality developers india

Let’s discuss the industries that are changing their workflows with Augmented Reality.

First of all, let’s start with the Education Industry:

When was the last time you developed an interest in your physics book? Or did you have fun understanding the complex chemical compounds as a student? Maybe never. However, today’s students are lucky enough to integrate Augmented Reality apps with their studies.

The 3D visualization in Augmented Reality apps facilitates students’ understanding of concepts that are hard to interpret in 2D. These applications embed text, images, and videos, as well as real-world curriculum, in such a way that they become much more eye-catching. This facility engages students with studies like never before.

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Exquisite Gaming Experience:

Augmented reality is the next big thing in gaming. It takes conventional video games and immerses them into our physical world, letting you play realistically with real objects thrown right up on top! You’ll be able to feel like your character really exists as they appear out of thin air or jump onto someone else’s screen without warning.

It’ll make all those hours spent marathon-playing seem worth it when something actually happens besides just button-mashing (and maybe hacking). Imagine if every item had its own life lesson waiting for us just around the corner. Do you never know until YOU try? AR is a successful app as sain by one particular app i.e. Pokémon GO. It showed how fun being outdoors can sometimes get.

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Augmented reality is used in various manufacturing industries as well as for support & maintenance. Many different types of tasks require a high level of precision and time management, which augmented reality can help with!

For example: on an assembly line at Nike factories where workers need to be able to see how their work will look before they finish it or if there are any mistakes along the way; during medical trials by allowing researchers to view lab animals from afar so we know what tests might succeed or fail better etc.

Advanced manufacturing is making use of Augmented Reality in the form of head-mounted displays or HUDs that can assist with complex assemblies. For instance, industries manufacturing smartphones are reducing errors while simultaneously gaining precision through this technology by using AR everywhere from machine tools to final inspection stages — consuming less time overall on every job!

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Maintenance :

Maintenance of machines & equipment leveraged in the manufacturing industry is another important aspect where Augmented Reality has been applied. Since manual maintenance can be tedious, tiring, and time-consuming for workers, augmented reality helps them view current status without having to take off their eyes from the monitor or perform any type of hands-on task at all!

Mitsubishi Electric’s team developed an application based on 3D models which allow users to confirm order inspection details with AR display as well enter results by speaking instead of inputting it manually into computer screen ̶ saving both effort/time.

ThyssenKrupp, a company committed to innovation and technology announced Microsoft’s Hololens. They announced that their service technicians will use Microsoft’s Hololens in order to detect problems with elevators ahead of time. This is how AR tech can help industries grow as it benefits these businesses over the long term.

A leading German manufacturer for elevators says they plan on utilizing Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) capabilities through its new partnership between themselves and ThyssenKrupp.

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Advertising and Promotion in a new way

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The advertising and promotion industry needs innovative ideas to catch people’s eye all the time. Augmented reality is going one step ahead to do that.

Companies like Siemens, Northern Lighting, and SEFT are using Augmented Reality in print media. Their specialized apps help customers to understand the product better with a 3D view. Now, it is a lot easier to understand a complicated technical product without consulting an executive.

No More head down flying

The data generally displayed to the pilot while flying includes airspeed, altitude, and the horizon line, in addition to other crucial data. The separate instruments are set beside the steering to display these data. To see that, the pilot has to look down all the time.

In air force and defense, the Heads-Up Display (HUD) is a typical example of augmented reality. The HUD is a transparent display placed in the fighter pilot’s view. The term “heads-up” is also known as the pilot as it doesn’t have to look down at the aircraft’s instruments to get the data they need.

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Inventory Control & Management

Clubbed with AI algorithms, AR/VR can improve the complex process of managing inventory databases. With this technology, workers are able to pick a product from warehouse shelves and match demand without having to locate it by location or register its existence in any way!

A person who is sporting augmented reality (AR) glasses should be guided well across every aisle. This is because it can happen if they visit looking for something specific while avoiding confusion about where exactly these items were stored at all times. It is the same as how you find your way around town thanks to AR landmarks.

Augmented reality development companies are leading the innovation in this space are guaranteeing full-fledged solutions that would reduce the workload and bring more productivity.

Accurate surgeries and diagnosis with Augmented Reality

The risk of brain surgery always worries us, and so do the doctors. Besides, when it comes to the diagnosis of the human brain, it’s always hard to get a clear picture. Let’s see how Augmented Reality is helping us in these.

Augmented Reality applications can reduce the risk of surgery by providing the operator with improved sensory perception. Moreover, neurosurgery is at the forefront when it is about surgical applications of augmented reality. The ability to image the brain in 3D on top of the patient’s actual anatomy is very powerful for the surgeon to diagnose with a clear view.

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A number of doctors use Google Glass fitted with AR technology. They use it to see where the clogged veins are so that they can remove them. This has made life-changing decisions easier. Because now, you don’t need a second opinion or an X-ray for confirmation before going in there and getting surgery done!

Google’s new product called Class enables people who have Google glasses (or any other kind of wearable display) to take pictures from their phone into these augmented reality apps without having possession over both devices at once which means its possible even if something happens mid procedure like dropping your device in water. It is all possible just because of augmented reality development!

The use of Microsoft’s HoloLens is changing the way that doctors learn and practice medicine. With this new technology, students can watch as their teacher performs a procedure on cadavers in order to give them an idea about what it feels like before performing these types of surgery themselves or when assisting another doctor during work hours.

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Better Interior Designing & Decorations

Designers and architects have come up with a new way to measure the surfaces of your home. You can now download free apps for iPhone or android that use inbuilt brochures from brands like IKEA, Wal-Mart, etc. These are placed on an object you want to see if it fits well into place. Hence, you need to just search “surface measuring,” then pick out one of those available.

I’m sure this will be useful when designing spaces. This is because we all know how important measurements sometimes get lost during construction. The reason maybe is if you get busy working instead. Moreover, as designers, it’s our job to make everything work together seamlessly in any way possible. But having accurate data helps us plan ahead better.

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The app allows customers to try out a piece of furniture or an item in their desired size without having to purchase it. The customer can then go ahead if they like to have what the app offers to them. Moreover, they can buy that specific product with just one tap.

Imagine if you could live in a virtual reality version of your dream home.

You would be able to virtually place any item that catches your eye and take measurements. The app then shows as part one’s input into an algorithm. This is designed for determining whether this furnishing or piece fits with what’s already there before deciding on its purchase eligibility.

The idea behind HomeStaging is simple. Instead of asking someone who has never set foot inside a house (a stager) rent furniture from them. In this way, they can make it look good enough.

The prospective buyer now accesses all available information about their potential property. It will be done through mobile devices while experiencing being “inside” each room except those inaccessible areas like attics where old wiring might still hang.

bathroom pipes.

This is a revolutionary idea that can transform the complete home decor industry. To leverage this trend, hire AR developers that can bring your idea into reality.

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Repair and maintenance with a straight-line view

From a mechanic’s perspective, it’s not always easy to remember every technical detail. Similarly, if we talk about the parts of a motor or an engine. It would have been quite helpful for them if there was something that could guide them on a real-time basis.

By using a head-worn display, mechanics can see superimposed imagery. They also got the information in their actual line of sight while repairing an engine. The procedure is presented in a box in the corner. An image of the tool that they would use to illustrate the exact motion to be performed.

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Hence, now you can see that Augmented Reality is far more useful than gaming. In fact, not only these five industries are applying Augmented Reality in their workflow but also many others like the financial, art, retail industries. Therefore, it is the future of mobile technology, and it’s just the beginning.

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