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How Is Augmented Reality Changing Industries?

How Is Augmented Reality Changing Industries?

In 2016, if there is something  taking the technological landscape to the next level that is Augmented Reality. In no time, this technology has gained immense popularity among the mass for it’s interesting and intelligent gaming applications like Pokemon Go. However, is this beneficial for only the entertainment industry? Certainly not!

The industry application of Augmented Reality is huge and it’s making inroads very fast. In a market research,  it is predicted that Augmented Reality market will reach 90 Billion worldwide by the year 2020. Moreover, the sales of Augmented Reality smart glasses are expected to be worth $1.2 billion in the next year 2017.

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Therefore, let’s discuss about the industries that are changing their workflows with Augmented Reality. First of all let’s start with Education Industry-

Teachers, engage students like never before:

When is the last time you developed interest in your physics book? Or had fun understanding the complex chemical compounds as a student? May be never. However, today’s students are lucky enough to integrate Augmented Reality apps with their studies.

The 3D visualization in Augmented Reality apps facilitates students’ understanding of concepts that are hard to interpret in 2D. These applications embed text, images, and videos, as well as real–world curriculum such a way that they become much more eye-catchy. This facility engages students with studies like never before.

Advertising and Promotion in a new way:

Advertising and promotion industry needs innovative ideas to catch people’s eye all the time. Augmented Reality is going one step ahead to do that.

Companies like Siemens, Northern Lighting and SEFT are using Augmented Reality in print media. Their specialized apps help customers to understand the product better with a 3D view. Now, it is lot more easier to understand a complicated technical product without consulting an executive.

No More head down flying

The data generally displayed to the pilot while flying, includes airspeed, altitude, and the horizon line in addition to other crucial data. These data are displayed via separate instruments set beside the steering and to see that, pilot has to look down all the time.

In air-force and defense the Heads-Up Display (HUD) is a typical example of augmented reality. The HUD is a transparent display that is placed directly in the fighter pilots view.  The term “heads-up” is called as the pilot doesn’t have to look down at the aircraft’s instruments to get the data they need.

Accurate surgeries and diagnosis with  Augmented Reality

The risk of a brain surgery always worries us and so do the doctors. Besides when it comes to the diagnosis of human brain, it’s always hard to get a clear picture. Let’s see how Augmented Reality is helping us in these.

Augmented Reality applications can reduce the risk of an surgery by providing the operator improved sensory perception. Moreover,  neurosurgery is at the forefront when it is about surgical applications of augmented reality. The ability to image the brain in 3D on top of the patient’s actual anatomy is very powerful for the surgeon to diagnose with a clear view.

Repair and Maintenance  with a straight-line view

From a mechanic’s perspective, it’s not easy always to remember every technical details of the parts of a motor or an engine. It would have been quite helpful for them if there was something that could guide them on a real-time basis.

By using a head worn display, mechanics  can see superimposed imagery and information in their actual line of sight while repairing an engine. The procedure is presented in a box in the corner and an image of the tool that they would use to illustrate the exact motion to be performed.

Hence, now you can see that Augmented Reality is far more useful than gaming. In-fact, not only these five industries are applying Augmented Reality in their workflow but also many others like financial, art, retail industries. Therefore, it is the future of mobile technology and it’s just the beginning.

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