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Want to Outshine Competitors?

In modern times, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE IS CRITICAL!. Without that, it is difficult to stay firm in the cut-throat competition. Organizations are substantial about BI intelligence tools. Without the right analytics and information, it is next to impossible to drive business dynamics.

This is where key leaders are compelled to make choices against the backdrop of the right information.

“The global BI software market size was valued at USD 24.9 billion in 2018 and cross a CAGR of 10.1% from 2019 to 2025”.

Setting up an expository framework to break down information enables an undertaking to find valuable data, recommend conclusive directions and bolster decision-making. Microsoft has demonstrated its excellence in the field of innovation. 

The presence of a Business Analytics tool, Microsoft Power BI, and reporting tool permits businesses to investigate information to transform operations. Roping into Power BI consulting with years of expertise like ValueCoders, run your business in top gear.

Companies very much into BI solutions are likely to consider Microsoft Power BI for several reasons.

So, do you want to catapult your business using BI Tools? 

 Here are the key advantages of the  platform:

  1. Seamless integration

8 Data-Driven Benefits of Microsoft Power BI tool, which makes it A Blockbuster

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No matter how extensive your resources are, you will see a downwards curve if they lack integration. With the advent of Microsoft Power BI, businesses across the globe can integrate copiously in the existing business environment.

Any enterprise using  Microsoft tools (Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams) can look for Microsoft Power BI since it is ideal for integrating with advanced cloud services, including cognitive services, Cortana, or Bot framework.

Power BI is exceptional for drilling down and suppressing data for better business relationships, hierarchies & key metrics. Still, with native support for R scripts, users harness the advantage of business analytics, Machine Learning, predictive trends, and smoothing.

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  1. Personalized Dashboards 

8 Data-Driven Benefits of Microsoft Power BI tool, which makes it A Blockbuster

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With Microsoft Power BI, you can customize information dashboards, making them suitable for the business environment. These dashboards can combine with on-premises and cloud data in a single view dashboard.

You can monitor critical data throughout the organization.

This particular platform allows users to customize the dashboard and make it conducive for the business environment. Such dashboards combine with on-premise and cloud-based data in a single dashboard. It is helpful for businesses to monitor critical data throughout the organization.

     3.Q & A Functionality

8 Data-Driven Benefits of Microsoft Power BI tool, which makes it A Blockbuster

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GoogleMicrosoft Power BI enables you to use natural language to extract answers straight from the data using the Q&A feature. The Q & A visual will enable users to ask questions in natural language and get answers in visuals.

Using the Q&A feature, you explore insight by double-clicking on the blank part of the report canvas and using the “Ask a question box to ask questions related to data:” what were the sales of the quarter”?

POWER BI automatically lists related comprehensive queries with a preview of a chart of table visualization that represents the data you’re looking for. Another key feature is power BI services support voice recognition Q & A, making it possible to have information at your fingertips. 

It sounds like a gimmick, but Power BI’s natural language query engine is very intuitive and works exceptionally well – and with constant updates from Microsoft, it can only get better and more accurate as time grows. 

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  1. Minimal Technical support 

 Microsoft Power BI has a great knack for integrating seamlessly for easy analysis without relying on specialized technical support. It supports a natural language interface with the use of intuitive graphic designer tools.

  1. No memory/speed constraints

 Growing business channels and traffic can often cause both memory/speed constraints. And this is the last thing business stakeholders want. The cloud-based system of Microsoft ensures that Power Bi is a cloud-based system with no memory and speed constraints when operational; it ensures saving data is quickly retrieved and analyzed and fosters up-to-data data analysis. Such a huge asset for enterprise needs. Isn’t it?

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  1. Embed BI Tools into your custom power apps

Do you use Power Apps? If so, you can harness the advantages of Power BI custom visuals to embed Power BI tiles inside your app.

Power BI native integration with PowerApps and contextual data. It updates real-time as you make changes to Power BI reports, allowing end-users to access live data insight using in-house-built custom applications within the same interface.

Even though you’re new, Power Apps implies an excellent enterprise tool to create business apps on web browsers & OS— android, iOS & Windows with a simplified interface that requires no coding experience, similar in usability to power BI.


With native integration between the services, it has become easier to share key insights with staff using in-house custom apps without needing access to Power BI itself. End-users can go extensive simply by clicking (or tapping, if on mobile) on the embedded Power BI tool to its dashboard, if public.

  1. Drag-and-drop functionality

The drag-and-drop functionality feature by Microsoft Power BI is quickly moving. It’s a part of the power on visual planner suite for power BI. In THE VISUAL PLANNER, when a user opens the power BI workbook, it is now enabled to write back. The admin allows users to edit the data.

Power BI’s drag-and-drop interface implies you no longer have to code or copy and paste anything to get started, and Power BI combines multiple files (i.e., Excel spreadsheets) and let you analyze the merged data in one report.

  1. Constant Innovation

“Innovation is the key to swim across all business channels.” While staying ahead of the competition, Microsoft Power BI constantly updates functions and features to facilitate data collection and business operations.

Microsoft Power BI is all about developing the habit of low cost and ease of use. The world across businesses is turning to this platform for data visualization and informed decision-making.

 Business benefits are always tempting. So to ensure you get all answers to all possible queries creeping in your head. I’ve kept these COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

What versions of Power BI are available?

There are some utility versions of Power BI consulting companies to choose from, depending on your budget, needs, and how you want to deploy it. This version comprises light use to comprehensive features, free to premium, so users can select the one for meeting requirements.

Enterprises use a Windows desktop application called Power BI desktop, an online SaaS( Software as a Service)—

Power BI service—- the mobile power BI app is available on iOS & Android phones & tablets on a premise version known as power BI report server. 

Also, it is called the white-label service for software developers.

8 Data-Driven Benefits of Microsoft Power BI tool, which makes it A Blockbuster

Here’s a quick overview of the available versions before we drill down further into each one:

Power BI Desktop — Free & ideal for small to mid-scale businesses.

Power BI Service

  • Power BI Pro —  Charged as a per-user license, suitable for advanced features, and gives you the ability to share reports.
  • Power BI Premium — Licenses by scale, intended for large businesses and enterprises

Power BI  (Mobile) — Comprising the device-based app for tablets and phones

Power BI (Embedded) — The  Independent Software Vendors (a white-level version) embed in their apps, other than building analytical features.

Power BI Report Server — The Power BI Desktop app for businesses(an on-premise version) keep their data and reports on their servers

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Who uses Power BI?

As per Kenneth Research, 2021, North America is the global embedded BI software market because of the rising demand and implementation of BI analytics tools among large enterprises.

The user-friendly nature of business intelligence products makes them versatile, used by various people when power BI consulting services create data models and reports shared throughout the organization in business. It’s true that not all business is data-driven. However, power BI is often used as a self-service tool by various branches to track progress and transform insight into a team’s performance.

Power BI tools give you the leverage of custom dashboards, depending on the relevancy of data and information you need access to.

The power BI multidimensional approach idealizes departments like finance, marketing, sales, human resource, IT & operations.


Going through such soothing BI tools benefits will get you an exhilarating experience. From this point, if you hire the services of the best Power BI consulting company, your tasks automate, and you no longer have to invest time in fault-finding techniques. Saving Time & Money are the pillars of business success, especially if it is data-based. 

A robust BI service will get you all agile business solutions and push you to emerge as rank holders in the respective business domain. If you’re looking for a well-established name, ValueCoders( 16 year-old company) bi services will facilitate your decision-making by bridging data gaps, deeper insight into operations with imperative data-driven workflows irresistible to business success.

Here you’ll get 

  • Enhanced business performance
  • Minimal risks
  • Accelerated decision-making
  • Effective Cost- Optimization



8 Data-Driven Benefits of Microsoft Power BI tool, which makes it A Blockbuster

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