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Needless to say, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. With an incredible set of features such as web servers and databases like MySQL and MariaDB, it unleashes great potential and eases web project development.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

However, the alternatives of PHP are also very powerful and competitive in nature. Therefore, it is hard for businesses and developers to decide whether either they should pick PHP or its alternatives.

To ease this dilemma, we will take a brief look at the comparison between PHP and its alternatives and understand how PHP stands out among them. So, stay hooked with this article till the end.

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What Are The Alternatives Of PHP For Web Development Projects?

Before we get into aspects that make PHP better than its alternatives, you must know what its major alternatives are?. Here are the top Alternatives Of PHP for web development projects.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

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#1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a language that makes user interaction seamless on the web. Moreover, Node.js is currently a hot topic in web development, and it allows you to use your favorite programming skill for server-side work with JavaScript.

It means you don’t need to go out into third-party software or write everything from scratch. But what really sets this technology apart? Asynchronous code: when executed properly by an expert programmer using node, asynchronous queries can boost performance significantly.

The synchronous ones have more distractions during processing time, which reduces the speed of servers for handling more requests/connections at once. That’s the reason PHP development is losing its charm, and the demand to hire PHP developers is declining.

Therefore, JavaScript with Node is the popular and most revered alternative of PHP in the current web development arena.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

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PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

#2. Java

Java is a well-known programming language that’s been around since 1991, and it reigns supreme as the king of software development.

The programs of this programming language are often fast because they’re strongly typed, which means you can write less buggy code with more confidence in your program’s functionality.

Besides, there aren’t any messy errors trying to get past an interpreter like JavaScript does when executed from inside a web browser. A lot of people use Java frameworks such as Spring or JEE for server-side work, thanks largely due to their type of safety.

Moreover, another reason for Java’s popularity as one of the potential alternatives of PHP is sleekness in application execution on machines. Indeed, PHP developers in India statistics are higher than Java, but it is a greatly sought-after language worldwide for web projects.

#3. Python

Python has overtaken PHP as the scripting language of choice for server-side development. Django combines all sorts of features into one easy package, which makes developing with Python seamless and also helps beginners to create solutions from scratch.

Moreover, developers also don’t feel too overwhelmed by complexity. Many organizations love using it because they can capitalize on security while scaling quickly. It doesn’t always happen with other platforms due to the concept behind the designing of frameworks.

That’s why Python is one of the top choices for developing complex & high complexity web solutions and is termed as a potential alternative to PHP.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

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#4. Ruby

Ruby has set a new standard for simplicity and productivity in the space of web development. It is easy to learn/understand yet powerful enough that even experienced programmers find it worth the time of day.

Therefore, it makes sense to recognize it as one of the critical alternatives of PHP, as you can do anything with Ruby. You can create very challenging solutions without too much trouble, from small one-off projects at home all up to large enterprise-level apps.

Moreover, Ruby on Rails brings incredible convenience and flexibility to web development and provides MVC-based development for higher application performance.

#5. C#

Microsoft’s web development technologies, such as C# or, might not be the first thing that pops into your mind. But! C# and are excellent options for those looking to get started with powerful features and performance.

ASP.Net Core is just one example of how Microsoft has continued making its popular framework even better by providing new capabilities. Now, the .Net framework has JavaScript support on top of traditional Silverlight technology (for those still using this).

Companies like XfinityTV use this technology. C# &’s robustness is a major reason these Microsoft technologies are one of the powerful alternatives of PHP.

It is true that you can hire dedicated PHP developers to carve incredible robustness within your solution!. However, it can take a great deal of time & cost to match the robustness of C# &

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

#6. Go

Go is an exciting new language that was created by Google. It’s simple, compact, and potent-not to mention concurrent! The IDE made with this tool also has some pretty cool features for developers, such as testing capabilities, concurrency support, static typing, and more.

It is a compiled programming language, and Google developed it. The company also stated that it is even simpler than Python. Moreover, It’s concurrent with the speed of C — which makes it perfect for web development!

The team behind Go also made one amazing IDE that helps you through every step in developing your application or website more efficiently.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

#7. Elixir

Elixir is a dynamic functional programming language that utilizes the Erlang virtual machine. It was designed for concurrency, scalability, and simplicity by an experienced Rails core member who has been in this industry since 2006!

Phoenix is a rich framework of Elixir that allows you to achieve great flexibility, such as higher scalability and access to a great number of users. Moreover, Elixir provides enough power that developers don’t have to make decisions based on limited information as it relates to their applications’ needs.

So, these were the top competitive alternatives of PHP. However, there are other alternatives such as Rust, Erlang, C++, and more. Every programming language mentioned has its own set of perks that are irreplaceable and can’t be matched in several instances.

However, PHP gives tough competition to them and provides plenty of benefits. Therefore, PHP is the most frequently used programming language for web development projects, and every PHP app development company has heavy demand each year.

How Is PHP Better Than All Of These Alternatives For Web Development Projects?

PHP is a very powerful programming language when it comes to web development. PHP has been used to craft some of the largest and most popular websites in history, including Facebook, Twitter, Indeed, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and WordPress, just to name a few.

Therefore, PHP is one of the most sought-after programming languages of both developers and businesses engaged in web development. Here are some aspects that prove that PHP is better than its other alternatives for web development projects.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

#1. Ease In Hiring Developers

In 2019, there were 6.1 million registered PHP developers worldwide. And! This number is increasing every year to a great extent. Therefore, it is very easy for organizations (both large and small) to find & hire PHP developers at ease in any location.

However, when it comes to other programming languages such as Python, Go, Scala, Java, Ruby, or Rust, hiring developers for these programming languages is quite difficult. The major reason for the difficulty is finding a developer on budget with the required expertise.

Developers of these programming languages are quite expensive and also very less in number as compared to PHP or Java. PHP developers are easy to find, and you can hire them at a cost-effective hourly price.

#2. Cost-Effective & Swift

PHP web development is very cost-effective, as there are a number of PHP frameworks & plugins that provide ready-made features. Popular PHP development frameworks are WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and more.

These frameworks enable front-end development seamless and require less coding than any other programming language. Moreover, drag & drop features, ready-made website templates, plugins, and libraries available for PHP make web development swift that usually lasts for a couple of weeks.

Moreover, PHP web development companies provide a ready-made solution for current industry needs and the best quality support. It allows businesses to secure competitive web solutions in very little time to launch their business.`

#3. Open source, Free & Friendly

PHP is an utterly open-source programming language. Moreover, a worldwide developer community is maintaining it and infusing modern features. This means it stays relevant to current technological trends while being updated with the latest developments in tech, like other languages on this list.

PHP developers are the most sought-after professionals on this planet! You’ll want a team of them for your next project because no matter what kind of programming needs you have. You will always find someone with the skills to create complex features & solutions.

And don’t worry: these guys know how to keep everything cool and work together in harmony despite all odds. Therefore, it is always beneficial to hire dedicated PHP developers in instances when things ever go south during execution time.

The constant effort put into maintaining compatibility by the PHP community ensures that while new technologies come out, every day-you are never left behind without protection from changes happening too quickly.

#4. OS compatibility

PHP works on all major operating systems, including LINUX and UNIX platforms as well Windows computers, with ease. The cross-platform capabilities make this affordable option even more cost-effective than before.

It is perfect for those who want their sites accessible no matter what device they’re using. And! There won’t be too much hassle or headache.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

#5. Flexible & Secured

PHP is a highly secure language that offers great flexibility. Besides, you can customize your web development solution and infuse all required features with available libraries in PHP.

These libraries help you to write the code in an easy-to-use way. Developers make minimal effort while creating an application using PHP.

Moreover, the application made with PHP will refresh automatically without needing manual intervention from you/developer; this characteristic makes it perfect if security or speed are concerns.


We can’t say PHP is better than its alternatives in terms of technical compatibility because all alternatives of PHP are good in their own way. But, if you want to hire developers easily and your budget allows it, then PHP is the best choice for you.

It’s fully open-source, so there are no hidden costs when developing with this language. You’ll also have a lot of flexibility, working on any operating system that supports PHP development. Lastly, it’s easy to use and secure, which makes it perfect for beginners in programming languages!

If none of these features sound appealing, or you’re not sure about what type of web technology would be best suited for your company needs, get in touch with our team at ValueCoders today.

Moreover, you can also procure PHP web development services in India that provide ready-made solutions for eCommerce, blogging, or enterprise purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top alternatives of PHP for web development projects?

Top alternatives for PHP are Python, Java, and JavaScript. These programming languages are greatly sought-after, popular and give incredible efficiency in web development.

Why Should I opt for PHP instead of its alternatives?

PHP provides a lot of perks for web application development, such as greater efficiency, swift development, better performance, and more. But! The best is cost-effective development accessible to both small and large businesses with ease.

What are the top companies to hire for PHP web development in India?

The top companies for PHP web development services in India are ValueCoders, PixelCrayons, and Appinventiv.

PHP Is Incredibly Better Than Its Other Alternatives For Web Projects

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