The competition between MEAN and MERN stack is pretty close enough as both development stacks include robust features and offer reliable solutions to build the leading web apps.

Now the question arises Which One Will Win The MEAN Vs MERN Race???

Well, to identify the best one among MEAN and MERN here, I have made a comparison by taking various factors like stack popularity, benefits, components, and more. These factors will help you choose the best one for your upcoming project.

The MEAN Vs MERN War Begins

What is MERN Stack?


The MERN stack is a JavaScript stack that’s created to offer a smoother development process. MERN comprises four open-source components that are MongoDB, React, Express, and Node.js. Moreover, it empowers developers to work on the back-end and front-end without any stoppage in the process.

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MERN Stack Components

  • ReactJS: It is a library that helps to build the user interface elements of single-page web apps. 
  • NodeJS: It is a runtime context proficient in running JavaScript.
  • ExpressJS: It builds on top of NodeJS that takes care of the website’s back-end functionality and structure.
  • MongoDB: It is a No-SQL data store.

Benefits of Choosing MERN

  • The MERN stack embraces the entire development cycle from Front-end to Back-end utilizing JS
  • It supports a model view controller (MVC) architecture for the uniform development process.
  • It empowers developers to know JS and JSON for the development
  • An extensive set of testing tools.

What is MEAN Stack?


MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for creating leading web applications and websites. The vital components of MEAN stack support programs written in JavaScript. MEAN applications can be written in a single language for client-side and server-side execution environments.

MEAN Stack Components

  • AngularJS: Allow to run code in the user browser.
  • NodeJS: It is the runtime operation that executes Javascript on the back-end web application.
  • ExpressJS: It is the back-end application that operates on top of NodeJS.
  • MongoDB: It is utilized to collect the data of back-end applications as JSON files.

Famous Companies Using MEAN


Benefits of Choosing MEAN

  • MEAN is cost-friendly, and that’s why startups and SMEs can make use of this stack.
  • This technology is simple to switch between client and server.
  • Excellent for real-time web applications.

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MEAN or MERN: Which One Is Popular?


The demand for Angular Vs React driveways the popularity of MEAN Vs MERN stacks, respectively. Angular has been a very famous development stack for a long time. However, React is now taking the position of Angular in recent years. But the first position is still not fixed as it changes as per the market demand and type of the project.

According to the 2018 HackerRank Developer skills report, in 2018, Angular was the most famous web framework as 30% of developers stated that they knew it. However, 26% of programmers stated that they knew React, and this placed React in the 2nd position.

The same report in 2019 found that 30% of programmers desired to learn the React development stack. The corresponding number for Angular drained to 20%, which means that React is earning more prevalence than Angular.

The absence of backward compatibility between Angular 2 and Angular 1 adversely influenced the reputation of Angular. Additionally, StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2020” also supports the summing-up that React is winning the development stack popularity race; this means MERN is at a leading position in terms of popularity.

It confirms that React is the most used web framework, as 35.9% of developers prefer to develop using it. The analogous number for Angular is 25.1%, which places it in the 3rd position.


Hence, it proved that in terms of popularity the MERN Vs MEAN war winner is MERN. So, now let’s move further to analyze the final result of the MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack war.

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MEAN Vs MERN: A Detailed Comparison Between MEAN and MERN

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As I have already told you that; the chief variation between MEAN Stack and MERN stack is the usage of AngularJS and ReactJS, respectively. 

Now let’s view the positive and negative characteristics of MEAN and MERN stacks.

  • Security and Scalability

Both MEAN and MERN stack offers top-level security, so in terms of security, you can go with any of them. But in terms of security, MERN wins the MEAN Vs MERN race as it is more scalable than MEAN.  

  • MVC Support

If you are going to create an enterprise-level app like LinkedIn, you need to maintain a complete architecture. For this reason, you should prefer the MEAN stack over the MERN stack. Choosing this will help you get Model-View-Controller architecture support. But if I talk about managing the code in a simple manner, then you can go with MEAN.

  • Advanced and Simple UI

To get an advanced and simple UI for your application, go with MERN technology. This stack generates a frame and presents it on the screen in very little time, guaranteeing a constant user interaction.

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  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD)

MERN stack enables you to build and enlarge a CRUD application from start to finish. The usage of React simply handles rapidly changing data and also offers an impressive user interface. MERN is an ideal framework for developing a single-page application or a mobile app.

  • Third-party Support

Utilizing third-party libraries is another best factor to contemplate when working on developing enterprise-level applications. MEAN has Angular, which has built-in features to support HTTP calls and unite to the back-end. However, ReactJS has supplementary libraries to bring in the corresponding functionality. 

MEAN takes care of 3rd party extensions in a plug-and-play manner, whereas MERN requires extra configurations to perform the same thing.

  • Learning Curve

Express.js, MongoDB, and Node.js are very famous, and they have wonderful documentation. You won’t see any noticeable difference in the learning curve of MERN and MEAN. However, your learning curve will alter between Angular and React. 

Angular is a framework that uses Typescript and templates. You may see a steeper learning curve with Angular, whereas the React framework doesn’t have much learning curve. 

Therefore, no single framework can be an all-rounder. You have to examine the features and functionalities to get a better outcome and to meet the business goals. 

MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack: Difference Between MERN And MEAN

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Let’s view the difference between MERN and MEAN; this will help you in finding the uniqueness of both development stack.

  • Includes MongoDB, Angular, Express, and Node components
  • Includes MongoDB, React, Express, and Node components.
  • JavaScript development stack
  • Open-source JS library
  • Utilizes Typescript language
  • Utilizes JavaScript, JSX
  • Component-based app architecture
  • None
  • Regular DOM
  • Virtual DOM
  • Steep learning curve is steep
  • Better documentation
  • Bidirectional data flow
  • Unidirectional data flow

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MERN Vs MEAN: Comparison Table

Below the MERN, Vs MEAN comparison table is mentioned; this will help you analyze the final outcome of the MEAN Vs MERN battle.

ARCHITECTURE Upgrading and managing the code Smooth UI Rendering
PRODUCTIVITY Better Productivity Low Productivity
THIRD-PARTY SUPPORT Provides different ready to use features Require additional libraries for supporting similar requests
FEATURES Moderate Level High Level
SECURITY High Medium



In this MERN Vs MEAN neck to neck war, it is really difficult to tell which stack will win the war as both MERN and MEAN includes top-level features and functionalities. But, if you want to build a dynamic web app then you can choose MERN or MEAN as per your business needs. 

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MEAN Vs MERN Stack: Who Will Win The War?

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