Top 10 Advantages of HTML5 Development

HTML5, the latest version of hyper-text markup language has brought in a paradigm shift to web design and development industry. It has introduced many new features that allow you to make websites more engaging and interactive. Few webmasters are still in two minds for switching over to this new technology but it offers you a number of advantages over the previous versions. Here we’ll list the top 10 advantages of HTML5 development.

advantages of HTML5 development

HTML5 development

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Advantages of HTML5 development

1) Doctype- Did the codes and tags in the previous version give you much hassle? Don’t worry!  It’s plain and simple Doctype <!DOCTYPE html> in the new version and you don’t need to copy and paste the long and unreadable code as you have been using all the time. Apart from being simple it also works with all the legacy versions of major browsers including IE6.

 2) Improved Accessibility – One of the advantages of HTML5 is that it has improved the accessibility of websites. In HTML5 screen readers can easily access content and understand various tags such as <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, <aside> without a glitch. This not only improves the display but also eases the process of coding. This new improvement offers improved access to the users irrespective of the screen size, orientation and resolution of the device.

 3) Cleaner Code – “Keep the codes clean”, this is what every coding tutorial would tell you and now you can keep the codes clean with HTML5. This has been one of the major improvements in this new version of markup language as it allows you to write descriptive and semantic code cleanly. You also be able to separate style from the content without any special effort.

 4) Mobile Optimization – Mobile internet users have surpassed their desktop/laptop cousins and continue to grow and hence websites need to be mobile friendly. HTML5 is the most mobile ready tool and allows you to build websites and app for various mobile devices. You can design responsive websites that increase their reach and also cater to users irrespective of the devices they use.

 5) Cross Browser Compatible – In a multi-browser world, websites need to be cross browser compatible and this has been the core idea behind HTML5 Doctype. It supports all major browsers in the world including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari and even supports their legacy versions. Even for users who are stuck with IE6 simple installation of JavaScript allows them seamless access to the site.

6) Audio/Video Support – Using audio and video elements in the past meant using the Flash Player or other third party media players which made these elements accessible to only a few who had these players installed. One of the major advantages of  HTML5 is that it has introduced many new elements with <audio> and <video> being the most popular allowing you to add multi-media elements to the site without any hiccup.

 7) Geolocation Catering a customized version of the website is the order of the day. HTML5 Geolocation API allows you to detect the location of a user and cater content which are specific to them. This feature would however require a user’s consent to identify his/her location but makes web browsing much more easy and specific for the users.

 8) Intriguing Interface – Better interactions result in better marketing and more sales for the business and with HTML5 you would make the website more engaging. The new drawing element allows you to achieve animation and other features that keep the users engaged. It allows you to create rich internet applications that improve the penetration and conversion for your website.

 9) Game Development – You know the popularity and marketability to games among Internet users. Games can now be developed on HTML5 sing the <canvas> tag. Unlike your old school Flash games these are much more interesting and easy to develop.

 10) Improved Storage – In HTML5 you would enjoy improved storage feature which is a perfect synergy between cookies style storage and client-side database. It is better in terms of security and also allows storage simultaneously.

Hence, these are the advantages of HTML5 over the previous version. If you need dedicated development teams for HTML5 development, ValueCoders can help you.

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