eCommerce websites and apps allow businesses to build a comprehensive customer base. Both websites and apps offer a chance to the shoppers to conveniently deal with online shopping with all sorts of handy devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. 

Old-Styled means of building eCommerce portals have been now replaced with advanced cart making software. The Shopify technology for online shopping applications includes multiple features and functionalities to enhance the user’s online shopping experience. 

Do You Know?  

1,409,539 live websites employing Shopify and 2,225,476 sites used Shopify historically.

4225 corporations reportedly utilize Shopify in their tech stacks, including CRED, Accenture, and Duolingo

When it comes to building eCommerce platforms, most eCommerce businesses prefer using Shopify as it is one of the best eCommerce Platforms. Reduced development time, physical server cost, development effort, and many more are a few benefits of using Shopify.

To know exactly how Shopify benefits your business, it is essential to know what is Shopify.

What Is Shopify?

what is shopify

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform containing everything one ideal eCommerce business requires. This secure eCommerce software is a full bundle for eCommerce website development and enables you to efficiently build diverse pages.   

  • Around 500 thousand sites use Shopify.
  • 88% of our users recommend using Shopify.
  • In testing, Shopify scored 4.7 / 5.  

shopify score

Why eCommerce Startups, SMEs, and Large Enterprises Prefer Using Shopify?

Shopify manages over 500,000 businesses across 175 countries. Well, there is a myriad of reasons why Shopify is the popular eCommerce platform. Let’s view the same.

Shopify Features
Shopify Features

Hosted Solution

For launching an online business, web hosting can be a real difficulty. Hosting a shopping cart requires some technical support and much spare time, which startups and SMEs cannot offer. However, Shopify is a cloud-based service and hosted solution where you do not require worrying about databases or servers.

With admin login details and an internet connection, you can access your store from everywhere. The most significant thing is that it supports you in managing the payment gateway; ultimately, this will make your work simple and seamless. 

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Shopify incorporates built-in marketing tools that reduce costs, and this can save eCommerce startups money. It empowers you to include meta titles, page titles, unique URLs, makes pages visible & invisible, meta description, and redirection of pages. 

Additionally, it also empowers you to optimize the online store based on your choice. With Shopify, you can integrate your online store into Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to boost product advertisements.

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Laudable Technical Support

You will require technical assistance while operating an online store with an eCommerce shopping cart. Shopify guarantees 24/7 professional support; hence, you can talk to customer care whenever any glitches occur, and for this, you can make a call or drop text.

Speed & Security

Speed is the essential factor for the victory of an eCommerce website as it accommodates to arouse your deals. The more agile your web page’s loading speed will be, the more your site will be liked by users. 

Shopify for online shopping also provides the best service in terms of salvation as well as integration with payment providers. With a built-in speed examiner, it facilitates the users to make payments at a minimal loading time.  

Lessens Errors & Data Duplicity Problems

In the case of inserting data in various fields and forms, the manual data listing maximizes the chance of errors and duplications. Moreover, issues emerge when the errors are not tackled properly. Shopify comes with automatic solutions to ease the data entry means and eject data duplicity.

Sometimes for non-technical people, it is hard to handle Shopify inbuilt tools and to resolve this thing you can hire Shopify programmers. The experts know everything about Shopify and this helps you in using appropriate tools at the right time. 

Advanced Functionality

Shopify renders superior functionality with a plugin/application form platform that entitles you to download, install, and customize the site. Additionally, it provides catalog management, accounting, and custom reporting. Shopify platform has the option to set email autoresponder integrations, which will help businesses send auto-generated replies to the customer’s emails.


Visually Attractive Online Store

Shopify is filled with a broad range of templates, which allows you to design unique and visually attractive online eCommerce stores. It includes various appealing themes. With the help of a theme kit, Shopify developers can develop the themes locally.

14-Days Free Trial

Shopify offers a free trial pack that you can use for understanding its features and functionalities. The only thing you require doing is generate an account by entering details (like name, email id, number, etc.) and answer a few questions about your action. After building an account, you will receive a 14-days free trial pack where you can examine all the Shopify features. 

On Shopify, you can add the build product curves, product, language support, build collections, store setup, modify storefront layout, product filter, and dashboard settings. The only work which is confined in free trial is publishing domain live. Moreover, Shopify gives its default chief domain in the form of “”.

However, Shopify experts have immense knowledge of Shopify features and functionalities and that’s why it is better to take experts’ help. This helps you get a reliable solution as per your business needs.    

Pros and Cons Of Employing Shopify

shopify pros and cons

In one person or anything else, some excellent and bad things are there which make it unique from one to another. Same like this Shopify also has a few pros and cons let’s view the same: 

Shopify Pros

  • Obtained the highest score for features and client satisfaction
  • Excellent inventory system to support you maintain your store
  • Retail across various channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon.  

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Shopify Cons

  • The only eCommerce platform to implement its own transaction fee unless you utilize Shopify Payments. 
  • Content does not automatically reformat when switching themes.  
  • Apps can instantly add extra features to your online store.   

Famous eCommerce Apps Build Using Shopify

There are so many eCommerce applications that are built using Shopify. Some popular apps developed with Shopify are mentioned below:


Urbana Sacs

ecommerce apps

ecom apps

This eCommerce site retails a sustainable paper that one can wash like other fabric. These totes sacs are built to hold sugar, salts, cosmetics, napkins, and much more.

Happiness Abscissa

Ecom App

Ecomm Apps

Image Source: HA

Happiness Abscissa is a fragrance shop that concentrates on an upbeat vibe. They produce scents that can raise a positive attitude and bring out your passions based on the investigation.

Press London

Ecomm App

Ecomm Apps

Image Source: Press London

Cold-pressed juices are made for a variety of applications. From cleanses to weight loss to “resets.” The owners are based in London, and that’s why the name of the site is similar to that. 


Wrapping Up

Shopify features (unlimited bandwidth, customizable website, product inventory, online store, etc.) and functionalities make this eCommerce platform popular worldwide. This is the reason why it is the first choice of eCommerce businesses.

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