Bank Check-in Forms and Mobile App

We created a mobile app for a leading Brazilian bank that lets users check in with their location and photo and fill out forms that change based on their answers. The app, built with Dart and AWS S3, works on both Android and iOS.

Technology Used:
  • AWS
  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • S3

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Project Synopsis

The client needed a mobile app that allows bank customers to check in at branches using their location and a photo. After checking in, customers can fill out forms that change based on their responses.

Our team focused on solving language errors and making sure forms could be submitted reliably, even when the app was running in the background.

This app makes it easier for bank staff to handle forms and improves the customer experience by simplifying the process through a user-friendly app.

Project Requirements

The core requirements for the mobile app are:

Check-in Feature

  • Users can check in to the bank location by providing access to their device location services and capturing an image via the device camera

Dynamic Forms

  • After check-in, users are presented with custom bank forms
  • These forms adapt and change dynamically based on user input and data
  • Form logic and dependencies to be defined and coded

Form Submission

  • Once forms are completed, users can submit them directly within the app
  • Submitted form data should integrate with existing bank databases/systems

Check-Out Feature

  • Upon form submission or when desired, users can check out of the app, which will log their session

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

  • As a mobile-first application, the UI/UX should be intuitive for users
  • Follow best practices for app layouts, inputs, and minimal steps for key user journeys

Meeting these core requirements will result in an innovative mobile app that gives bank customers an accessible and easy way to complete and submit required bank forms accurately and securely.

Key challenges

Here are the key challenges:

Key Challenges Solutions
Error Handling Complexity Due to Portuguese Language Requirements The team worked closely with the client to analyze and translate error messages to ensure their correct meaning. They also implemented custom error and exception handling logic tuned for Portuguese apps.
Reliability of Form Submission Functionality Form submission worked only if the app was actively running. We implemented background services and checks for Android via Work Manager and iOS via a custom timer service. This enabled reliable form data transmission regardless of app state.
Location Check-in Usage Over Mobile Networks Leveraged native mobile OS capabilities to constrain location check-ins only to WiFi connectivity ensuring no unnecessary mobile data usage.
Dynamic Form Customization Created reusable templates and JSON schema for generating new forms through configuration vs. code changes. Allows easier form additions.


This covers the major challenges faced and how ValueCoders’ Flutter expertise helped implement tailored solutions to meet project needs.

Solution Implementation

To enable reliable background submission of form data, custom solutions were developed for each mobile platform:


  • Implemented WorkManager, a native Android API to handle deferred tasks that need to run reliably even when the app exits or the device restarts.
  • WorkManager was configured to handle form data submission at optimal times, even if the app is closed. This removed dependence on the app state.


  • Created a custom timer service that wakes up at regular intervals.
  • The timer service checks if any form of data needs submission and handles the transmission process reliably.
  • Removes reliance on the app’s active state for form submissions.

By leveraging native background execution capabilities, the reliance on the app lifecycle was removed. Now users can fill forms conveniently without the app actively running and transmission works reliably without manual intervention.

This showcases ValueCoders’ specialized expertise in building flawless app experiences using platform-specific APIs and services.


ValueCoders innovatively transformed lengthy bank forms into an accessible, user-friendly mobile experience. The Flutter-based solution increased customer ease of use and optimized processes using dynamic forms, reliable background submission, and biometric check-ins.


Bank Check-in Forms and Mobile App
Bank Check-in Forms and Mobile App
Bank Check-in Forms and Mobile App

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