Earning Gaming Platform

It performs block verification by using our Proof of Travel (PoT) consensus mechanism. Our blockchain provides exclusive access for its users to enter our network. This means that every time you take a trip, you earn rewards on the go. Plus, with this mobile app, you can transfer your earnings any time and exchange them to your local currency with just a tap. The more you are on the move, the more money you earn!

Technology Used:
  • Blockchain
  • React Native

Key challenges

  • Handling private Key.
  • Crash on 404 and 503 API error.
  • Implementing in-app notifications on a regular interval.

Solution Implementation

  • Private keys can’t be stored on local storage. So we offered the user to not down or copy that key and store it somewhere offline.
  • I had to check status and statusCode and then accordingly parse the response otherwise in case of not found error code was crashing.
  • Used Firebase notification at given regular intervals.


Earning Gaming Platform
Earning Gaming Platform
Earning Gaming Platform