Forever Free Wallet And Reward App

One of our reputed clients that owns a crypto-rewarding app and deals with travel, whether public transport or holidays, contacted us to design and develop an app that grants exclusive access to customers to grow holdings of the new digital currency, ‘Diginaro’ This mobile app should allow customers to transfer their earnings ‌and exchange them for their local currency with just a tap. The app is designed for those who love to travel because the more you are on the move, the more money you earn! Also, it is an eco-friendly and forever-free wallet and reward app. Customers don’t need to spend money to earn with the PayTrip app.

Technology Used:
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs

Project Synopsis

The objective was to create a PayTrip Admin application with the following features:

• The project’s first phase was designed to scale the user base, serve as our ICO information channel, and help ad-fund further development and scaling network operation.
• A forever free application with no hidden costs involved.
• Users can earn some digital money by referring people to join.
• The admin can manage user status like it can activate/de-activate users accordingly.
• Admin can track all the users and their total number of referrals.
• Admin can send all the users or particular users notifications about any update or new things happening.

Collaborating with ValueCoders, the client expected a feature-rich, user-friendly, and interactive app that would allow travelers to earn big rewards for free. We did the same and created an app as required by the client. Our team worked on the project tirelessly to deliver the project laden with all the necessary features on time.

Project Requirements

The client wanted the following functionalities in the application:

• Client wants to track their users and manage their access
• He wants to send notifications to the existing users
• Removing front-end bugs
• Improving UI
• Add new modules to the web

Types Of Users

There are two types of users in the application :

  • Standard User
  • Gold Member User (For this user must purchase the subscription from the Playstore/Appstore)

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solutions
Hosting admin panel We deployed the admin panel successfully by using the suitable techniques.
Searching & Pagination We integrated searching and pagination with APIs and implemented them successfully.
Crash on 404 and 503 API error We had to check status and status code and then accordingly parse the response otherwise in case of not found error code was crashing.
Implementing in-app notifications on a regular interval Used Firebase notification at given regular intervals

Solution Implementation

In the initial phase, we gathered all the information about the project, like the features we have to implement and the services we need. We understood the project. Thereafter, we took a module-wise approach to implement the changes and features.


We implement the code structure for adding new features to the admin panel. We also designed some UI for new modules.


In the application for the admin panel, the search and notification features in the web app need certain APIs; we checked and implemented them successfully.

• Architecture

The project’s purpose is to implement an admin panel for the client, add features like ‘search’ users with a click, send users’ notifications, and deliver them phase-wise. The architecture is based on React JS.


We designed an app to let the users have exclusive access to grow their holdings of the new digital currency, ‘Diginaro’. We created an eco-friendly and forever-free wallet and reward app.
Users can win digital money every hour. The network takes care of automatic payouts to your crypto wallet, and your participation keeps our network active as we reward you.

Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App
Forever Free Wallet And Reward App

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