ECommerce portal for Fabrication Machines

It is an online platform that caters to manufacturers in the mechanical industry. It aims to do so through an eCommerce platform wherein various manufacturers can buy and sell all types of products required in manufacturing processes. Apart from eCommerce,It also doubles up as a discussion forum, blogging space and a platform to avail manufacturing solutions online.

Technology Used:
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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Key challenges

This project was a rather ambitious one from our client, thus there were a few challenges on the way of our development team:

  • We had to build a feature that allows suppliers to calculate the time & cost of machines to be purchased by consumers for rent.
  • Another challenge was to build a feature to digitally sign contracts for renting machines between suppliers and consumers.
  • MachSteel is a full-fledged eCommerce portal for manufacturers in the mechanical engineering industry. However, our client also wanted this platform to help visitors avail post-sales services such as training, consulting, programming, application and service .
  • Aside from the requirements mentioned in the above point, our client also wanted this to be a platform for manufacturers to connect with each other through discussion threads, blogging, and creating goal-oriented communities.

Solution Implementation

We leveraged our 14-year expertise to meet our clients’ requirements for the MachSteel eCommerce platform. The project required integration of a diverse variety of features, and we found a neat way to arrange all of them into a functional eCommerce portal.

  • First, we coordinated with the remote backend team to understand the flow of the website. This helped us integrate the backend to the front-end and completely change the website design for good.
  • Once we had an understanding of the website design and layout, our development team built an eCommerce portal at the core.
  • Then we proceeded to implement other features such as blogging, discussion forum, among other sets of features which facilitate social connections between manufacturers.


After implementing the solutions, here is everything that the development team of ValueCoders achieved for the project:

ECommerce portal for Fabrication Machines
ECommerce portal for Fabrication Machines
ECommerce portal for Fabrication Machines

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