Platform for cloud backup & recovery services

The client is required to develop a platform to manage subscription module-based services related to BaaS -Backup as a Service, DRaaS -Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Office365 Backup Service. Since for every company these services are essential for the safety and security of data, New Cloud Networks had an objective to deliver the same with ease and have role management for defined users to carry out the process effectively. 

Technology Used:
  • Angular
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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Key challenges

  • Access in Closed Network.
  • Slow VDI Issues.
  • Firewall Issues.
  • Poor Documentation and support of 3rd Party APIs integrated in the project.

Solution Implementation


  • This is the very first step in project execution. It basically includes Information gathering from stakeholders and documenting the same. Final prepared document is based on SMART rule which stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.
    After documentation Wireframes is created which act as a blueprint defining look and feel of the platform with respect to all functionalities.

Designing Phase:

  • After wireframes get finalized, UI developer design every single module along with theme colour. Every module is interlinked with functionality having some dummy data in use.

Execution Phase:

  • As per designs, the backend developer develops all the initials APIs and frontend developers developer integrate all available APIs with best practices making dynamic to all the screens.

Client Request Based Project Delivery:

  • Developers are involved in discussion with clients on a daily basis and follow their suggestion and in case of any feasibility challenge developers giving the alternative solution. And trying clients to be on the same phase. Clients also mention the Jira and assign the task to developers as per the priority. This process helps us to meet the client’s expectations in the best possible manner and ensure the timely delivery of the tasks.

The Deployment Phase:

  • After integration or completion of any task that is mentioned on JIRA, we are doing unit testing on a local machine and merge with develop branch and deploying to dev server and test deployed task on dev server by developer. Then send PR (pull request) for the main branch that will be deployed on the live server after review. We are using AWS servers for all kinds of deployment.


Delivery of successfully developed bug-free application with all implemented features as per scope of work. As a final complete product, it serves as a platform to manage subscriptions module based services related to BaaS -Backup as a Service, DRaaS -Disaster Recovery as a Service and Office365 Backup Service with defined user role management. Following are the features:

Entity Management

  • NCN
  • End-Customer
  • Guest Partner Admin
  • Partner/Reseller

Subscription Management

  • New Customer Subscription
  • Existing Customer New Subscription
  • Update Subscription
  • Suspend/Reactivate Subscription
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Move end Customer from Partner A to Partner B
  • Pricing Updates
  • Monthly Billing sent to Pax8

Platform for cloud backup & recovery services
Platform for cloud backup & recovery services
Platform for cloud backup & recovery services

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