Time and Activity Management Application

WorkStatus is an employee tracking software made for businesses of all kinds. This time tracking software helps in tracking time and productivity throughout the day for enterprises, small businesses, and freelancers.It offers time tracking software with GPS tracking feature to track employees who are working on client sites, geofencing for employees at job sites, employee monitoring, project budgeting for setting up tight budgets for projects, task scheduling, and employee shift scheduling that lets you oversee every coordination task while sitting at your desk. WorkStatus is a product customized for businesses of all types like software developers, engineers, contractors, consultants, real estate, cleaning, landscaping, manufacturing, accountants, health care, agencies, remote workers, individual freelancers, and even enterprises.

Technology Used:
  • Angular

Key challenges

  • API Integration.
  • Angular – frontend development related issue.

Solution Implementation

  • Understood and reviewed the code and implemented API in the software.
  • The front end required some high-end design implementations which required complex code. We used the latest version of Angular and implemented them.


Time and Activity Management Application
Time and Activity Management Application
Time and Activity Management Application