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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

In the digital age, business growth tactics are constantly evolving. In web development world, we have to deal with various algorithms, platforms and a number of initiatives. Unfortunately, these are not constant and change rapidly.

Hence, you may require to formulate a strong and successful web strategy to grow your business in this competitive era.

Therefore, you need some powerful web strategies that can take your business to the next level. In this blog, we will see some of these strategies that can help your company overcome today’s fierce competition.

1) Mobile-friendly websites

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Today mobile applications account for 89% of media time with 11% spent on individual websites. But as a marketer, you must need a smart move to design a strong web development strategy. And, adopting a mobile approach to this can help you out.

You can also consider the different types of mobile interfaces when you develop your website. But be sure it is suitable for phones. Moreover, it is good to include a lot of changes in the design of interactive material when your website is viewed on a mobile device that provides a better and smoother user experience compared to desktops or laptops.

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2) The great impact of using hero images

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you go to your browser and open the Nike or Samsung home pages, then the first thing that greets you is a big and bold image of happy faces with their products. As we know that the human brains process images much faster than text, so, why not take advantage of the same and create your business website around them?

The use of hero images that appear in the section of the home page of your website is, therefore, a trend that is here to stay. The same goes for large and bold geometric patterns and fonts.

If you want an even better effect, choose a slideshow format and fill that home page with three or more hero images! The same goes for the videos too. Videos help attract audiences faster and a few seconds of captivating content is enough to keep them hooked to your website for a long time.

3) Use RAIL strategy for UX

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Full-Stack web developers of the modern era are no strangers to the RAIL strategy. It allows them to guarantee an excellent user experience on the website. Amplify your RAIL strategy to develop a better perspective for users and define UX based on your findings.

For the uninitiated, the acronym RAIL means Response, Animation, Inactivity and Load (the four main functions that define UX in any website). Keeping RAIL focused is essential as it contributes to all of the following:-

-> RAIL offers specific objectives for each of the critical actions taken by the user
-> RAIL converts the UX into important actions for users (touch, scroll, drag, and “like”)
-> RAIL can be a good place to start thinking about the performance factors of your website

4) Amazing chatbots and interactive UI

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Live chats and chatbots are sounding in a new era in the conversational user interface. They make our lives simpler and take care of the automatic response functions with ease. Incorporating the same for your website can be one of the best ways for you to guarantee commitment and a better user experience.

Virtual assistants help users to buy and help them choose the products and address their problems or queries, which are the next big things in web development. It also helps users overcome the barrier of having to go through complicated navigation processes through their site by including an interactive function based on a simple chatbot on their website.

5) Fresh landing pages

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

The landing pages have gone through an endless process of transformation. Moving beyond landing page formats with a large amount of text, we have arrived at light landing pages that focus more on information that the user can easily access.

Since Internet users do not mind reading even a third of what you write as content, it’s best to keep the text to a minimum when it comes to designing your landing pages. Use riveted web design templates and features (and tons of CTAs) on your landing page to address the queries and simplified problems of your users.

6) Motion UI will stay long

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Create custom CSS transitions and animations using the motion user interface functions available in the SaaS library. With a more updated version that allows you to work on better transition options, animation queuing and flexible CSS patterns that work in any JS animation library, the motion UI is the next big thing in web development.

Playing with the motion user interface allows you to explore the navigation functions of a website when you are in a production environment and makes the creation of prototypes very easy. With a lot of aspects of the UI of movement in the current times, it is time to make sure that your website has a lot of resources to make it more attractive to users.

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7) Use static site generators

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

The dynamic content of the site can easily be converted to static using static site generators. This is the access tool for most bloggers of the modern era. It guarantees a low budget and a higher loading speed of the site, making its content accessible to users.

Security factors can also be entrusted to the use of static site generators, and you can convert plain text to creating websites using these site generators. Web developers who like to work on lightweight software that runs on all servers can greatly benefit from this trend.

8) JavaScript on high demand

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

2018 is the year of JavaScript with brilliant frameworks, technologies, and libraries. Riding the wave of JavaScript this year comes to the fundamentals that web developers need to get to the bottom. JavaScript functions such as Built-in, Closures, ES6, Pure Functions, Callbacks, RAIL, Promises, and Node have made web developers around the world realize this.

Since JavaScript also has the REACT library to create user interfaces, it can be the reference solution for all web developers who are worth their coding skills this year as well. Combine frames like Meteor with library resources, and pave your way to a better website interface in the future.

9) Nominal approach to web designs

Which Web Strategies Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

The white space and the vibrant splashes of color here and there are aesthetically balanced to create optimal comfort for the eyes. That is exactly what happens when it comes to the modern design of websites. Provide a respite to eyes exhausted by endless scrolling throughout the day and make sure your website has a minimalist approach when it comes to material design.

Less is more in the new era, and a look at Apple’s website will tell you that. Stay away from elaborate designs and complicated vectors: just a simple icon or picture of books to indicate the assignment help or a marker icon for contact information would suffice.

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So far we have seen the latest web strategies which can take your business to the next level. Hence, keep these web development strategies in your mind if you are planning to grow your business this year.

Now, if you are curious to develop your next project using the above-mentioned full-stack web development strategies, then it is the right time to start with. You can also hire skilled web developers from a reliable web development company like ValueCoders. The web development team at ValueCoders (a leading software development company India) are always at your disposal to cater all your project needs.

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