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Want to Outshine Competitors?

Do you want to create a mobile app, but are you not sure how to get it designed well to attract users? 

Indeed, a great app experience is a magic ingredient for your app’s success. Not only does it entice users to visit your application multiple times, but it also makes Android app development hassle-free by defining concise design boundaries. 

If you are striving to secure an application with a splendid look and feel, you can leverage various UX/UI design strategies that can make your app look hot and sour. 

In this article, we will look over some UX/UI design methods for android app development that can add crispness to your app design and can make it the biggest hit in the year 2020. 

UX/ UI Design – The Magic Ingredient 

Telling the importance of eloquent user experience design is quite difficult. Though, we can simply understand that UX design strives to fulfill the users’ needs in accordance with the look and feel of the app.   

Besides, users’ complete journey on your application depends upon the user experience. This is a simple roadmap that allows you to define the entry and exit of a user on your application. A concise and well-constructed UX /UI design is the major factor for the success of various business applications. 

Moreover, UX/UI design is all about how a person feels while interacting with your application. Is he finds it hard to use? Can he navigate through different features and options easily? Well! App design strategies usually consider these questions and aim for a positive impression.


How to create an incredible UX/UI design for your app? 

There are several things to consider while designing your mobile app. Here are some points that can help to strategize your design practice. 

    # Emphasize On App Experience 

An app comprises value when people find it and use it. Thus, engaging the target audience is the most prominent goal, and this you can achieve by creating something that people want to experience. Thus, software outsourcing companies always focus on the app experience. 

Modern users are looking for more ease and interactivity in apps, thus the use of Augmented reality is gaining significant traction. Making an enjoyable and delightful user experience can boost user app credibility and can steal the eyes. 

How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid?

While user experience is all about the users’ perception and interaction with the application. UX design combines visuals, sounds, actions, touch, social stigma, and emotions to create an outstanding user experience. 

The key is to “give users what they want and a bit additional”. With your application, offer your services effectively and efficiently, while compelling them to think, “Wow, this app is excellent”.

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Here are some points that you must be mindful of

  1. Never utilize inconsistent and wrong icons for basic functions like Edit, Delete, Share, Send, etc. The basic purpose of every icon must be defined and clear. 
  2. Always determine the accuracy and quality of your UI on different devices having indifferent screen sizes. 
  3. Never stuff the screen with too much content and icons. 
  4. Always use good quality graphics. Most should have common sizes. 


# Declutter 

The major recommendation in almost every design guide is “declutter”. Decluttering makes your interface look easy and lite. Remember, clutter is the biggest enemy of your app design. Thus, overloading too much information on your app screen can ruin your app look. 

Every icon, image, and button can make the app screen complicated, so choose wisely. Believe me; clutter looks worse on the mobile screen. So, be mindful of decluttering, and follow the given practice.

How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid? 

  1. Never show too much information to users. 
  2. Always keep content to a minimum. Focus on users’ needs. 
  3. Ensure to keep minimum interface elements. Design simple and make it extremely easy. 
  4. Progressive disclosure techniques can be helpful for showing several options. 

# Use Modern Design Trends 

With the arrival of many new technologies, UX/UI design trends also change. Leveraging design trends can help you stun the people. It will also help in attracting your target audience uniquely. 


Here are the popular design trends: 

  • Animated Illustrations 

Illustrations have evolved a lot in previous years and emerged highly impressive. Since illustrations are a significant design element, they add a natural feel and human touch to the UX of the application.

How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid?


Illustrations grab users’ attention instantly, and motion in these elements provides life to them. It captures the attention and keeps users hooked with the application. Animations are best for an effective and delightful app user experience.

  • Microinteractions 

Microinteractions are existing in various apps and websites these days. There are different types of micro-interactions available, such as the “Like” feature on Facebook. While opening the app, you can also witness micro-interactions.



How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid?

  • 3D Graphics 

Another trend is 3D graphics, mobile technology is adopting graphics. They allow designers to integrate the amazing 3D experience into the mobile interfaces. Creating 3D interfaces can entice users and make your app experience pleasant. 

How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid?


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  • AR/ VR 

AR and VR experience is also trending these days. They combine virtual reality and the existing environment to create a unique and unforgettable app experience. While VR cameras and Smart Glasses are major tools for constructing these experiences. 

How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid?

Apart from these, there are many other design trends that can help you create the desired app experience for more traction. Though, you need to hire a android developer with experience and skills who can understand your audience and construct incredible app experience.  

Surely, now you would have understood all UX/UI design importance and how you can improve your app experience. Ensure to create an unforgettable app experience for driving user acquisition and conversion.


How To Make Your Android App Visually Rich Splendid?

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